Tuesday, April 02, 2013

North Korea - Declaration of War - Part II

朝鲜宣布将重启核反应堆 通过法律巩固核国家地位

North Korea declared to restart a nuclear reactor and adopt
a law intended to consolidate its position as a nuclear power.

[Source: China News Network on April 2, 2013]

The reactor facility of Yong Byong shown on a satellite image dating back to 2003 has been partly disabled in 2008 when a cooling tower was blown up in order to show "good will" in the frame of an international community opposing North Korea's nuclear ambitions. That facility should be able to provide plutonium which is important for the development of advanced nuclear weapons. Now it will be reopened.

Here is what Hong Lei, spokesman for China's ministry of foreign affairs, said in today's [April 2] regular press conference:


We have paid attention to [what is] concerning North Korea's expression of its standpoint and feel regret for it. Realizing nuclear renunciation on the peninsula, safeguarding the peninsula and stabilizing peace in North East Asia is a precious position for China.

The peninsula's actual situation being sensitive and complex, we call on all parties concerned to [remain] calm, exercise restraint and return to the track of [consultative talks] again as soon as possible in order to search together for appropriate means to solve [that] problem.

[Source: china.com on April 2, 2013]

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