Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Taliban on the March

Only shortly before the presidential elections in Afghanistan, the Taliban staged an assault on ISAF headquarters in Kabul center. According to Western media, about 70% of the country are already under Taliban control.
I am using that opportunity to propagate further news on recent Taliban activity in Pakistan as has been reported by ARTE TV on August 6, 2009.

The Taliban commander of Northern Pakistan stated in an interview that further attacks by Pakistani troops would only lead to a seize of power by the Taliban in Peshawar and other places. He said that U.S. president Obama who is in charge of any U.S. bombardment in the region would be looked at as an enemy and would be dealt with sooner or later.

"In my language we have a saying: The black dog is the white dog's brother. And Barack Obama is still an infidel. If its Allah's will, we'll get rid of him very fast."

As the ARTE report proved, Taliban activity is even spreading to Southern Pakistan. Such, an Islamic school in the slums of Karachi is obviously engaged in preparing children to join the fight against Pakistani military. One of the Taliban instructors confirmed that children are most useful tools in their fight.

"The children come with us because they enjoy our weapons. At the beginning they don't use the weapons.They simply follow us as they are still too small. If we are decided to fight, Allah is providing the means. Children are the tools to fulfill the will of Allah."

At the same time, General Gul who is in charge of security for Pakistan's nuclear arsenal says that his country's nuclear weapons are safe. As we already know from Al-Qaeda's No. 3 (*), his organisation would not hesitate to use such weapons against the U.S. if they fell into their hands.

* => refer to an earlier blog-post Al-Qaeda: News from the Underground