Sunday, December 24, 2023

A Palestinian Christmas 2023
عـيــد الـمـيـلاد الـفـلـسـطيـني

Christmas Eve - Deadliest Day in Gaza War

Israel on Monday Dec. 25 intensified its attack in Gaza, killing more than 100 people at Maghazi refugee camp, with Palestinian authorities saying some 250 Palestinians have been killed over the past 24 hours. Christmas Eve in Gaza was also marred by heavy bombardments from the Israeli military in its continued fight against Hamas which led to the levelling of buildings and injuries to over 500 people. With temperatures dropping and poor weather conditions, Palestinian refugees are struggling to keep themselves warm during the winter season. The New York Times reported on Sunday Dec. 24 that frigid winter conditions combined with rain have left tents utterly useless, with many seen only with thin blankets to keep themselves warm.
[Arirang, South Korea's National TV on December 25]


Voices from Mainland China:


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Urban street fighting in Gaza: Hamas's tenacity versus Israel's challenge
2023-12-23 20:37 Posted in: Fujian Province

Urban street fighting in Gaza continues to rage, and the Israeli army faces a protracted and fierce conflict. The Hamas militant group has demonstrated excellent tactics and tenacious will to confront the powerful Israeli army, fully demonstrating the actual combat capabilities of homemade weapons on the battlefield. This bloody, brutal, tense urban street battle has further complicated the situation in the Middle East as a whole.


In the current tense situation, the challenges and dilemmas of the fighting between Israel and Hamas remain to be resolved. Peace and stability can be brought to the region only through the joint efforts of all parties, including internal and external coordination. We hope that both sides will reach a lasting solution in a rational and pragmatic manner to keep innocent people out of the shadow of war.

[搜狐 on Dec. 23]







Flooding Gaza City !
Israel poured water into the Hamas tunnel, and this was the last big show bet

The Wall Street Journal quoted U.S. officials as saying that the Israeli military has begun flooding the vast network of tunnels of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the Gaza Strip with seawater. The Israeli military has not responded to the report, saying the attack on the tunnel was a classified operation. According to the latest Israeli military counts, 135 hostages are still being held in the Gaza Strip, and it is unclear whether they are inside the tunnels.

When asked about the "submersion plan", US President Joe Biden only said that he was "uncertain" about the situation of the hostages in the tunnel. In addition, experts are concerned that flooding the Gaza Strip's underground tunnels with seawater could create additional potential hazards for Gaza, which is already facing serious water challenges.

It is therefore that current Israeli flooding of the Hamas tunnels with sea water is nothing more but a desperate choice after exhausting all options. Since the Israeli military has not previously used the method of submergence, the effectiveness of this plan remains to be seen. The [Israeli army] might encounter great difficulties: First, the lack of information about the details of the tunnels and how the sea water flows, as well as the possibility of drainage facilities in the Hamas tunnels making it difficult to assess the effect of inundation.

A second [difficulty] is that the Hamas tunnels are not fully interconnected, and it is unlikely that Israel's military will flood all of them. A third [problem] is that the Gaza Strip is located in a desert environment with unique geological conditions, and Hamas tunnels may be inherently permeable. Some seawater may seep into the soil, potentially triggering a geological hazard in Gaza and affecting the effectiveness of inundation. Finally, the vertical shafts (entrances and exits) of the Hamas tunnel are numerous and hidden. When a Hamas tunnel is flooded, they may have escaped earlier or through a different vertical shaft after encountering a flood.

[腾讯网 on Dec. 21]

Latest death toll of the Gaza conflict,
data published by BBC on Dec. 21:

Counting the dead is a challenge in any war zone, and doctors in Gaza say the death toll is likely to be significantly higher, as it does not include bodies buried under the rubble of destroyed buildings or those not taken to hospitals. [Quotation from BBC on December 21]

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