Wednesday, May 18, 2022

North Korea - Corona Outbreak - Latest News

(平壤17日综合电)朝鲜冠病疫情延烧,朝中社周三报道,当地过去一天新增23万2800宗发烧个案,再多6人死亡,累计个案增至超过171万宗,62人死亡,仍约69万人正接受治疗。 ..... 官方报道又指,近3000名军人进驻平壤数百间药房,启动24小时报务,协助寿措医疗物资和供应。近500个机动防疫组和治疗组,亦在全国展开诊断和治疗工作。

On [May] 17, a comprehensive report from Pyongyang informed that North Korea's coronavirus epidemic continues to spread. On Wednesday [May 18], the North Korean Central News Agency reported 232,800 new cases of 'fever' having emerged the day before. Six more people died, bringing the total to more than 1.71 million cases [of infections], with 62 deaths and about 690,000 people still receiving treatment.
Official reports also stated that nearly 3,000 soldiers are stationed in hundreds of pharmacies in Pyongyang, reporting every 24-hours, in order to assist life saving measures with medical supplies and [direct] response. Nearly 500 mobile epidemic prevention teams and treatment teams are carrying out diagnosis and treatment work as well across the country.

[星洲网 A Chinese language news center from Malaysia on May 18]