Friday, April 26, 2024

Gaza - Universities Against War

Students and academic personnel at US universities are taking to the streets in favour of the Palestinian victims in Israel's war on Gaza. They are calling for a cutting of military and economic links with Israel in the frame of a genocide that is happening under the eyes of the world.

The protests are even swapping into Europe where students at Paris university Sorbonne are taking to the streets of Paris while similar activities have been reported from Italy as well.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Iranian Attack - The Price Israel Paid for its Defence

The Minister Plenipotentiary [for Trade], Dr. Mongi Badr, an expert in international relations and a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Association for the United Nations, said that if Iran continues its attack on Israel as a response to Israel's bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, this will be considered a change in the rules for the countries of the region.


وأوضح «منجي» أن بعض صحف إسرائيل أشارت إلى أن تل أبيب أنفقت ما قد يصل لنحو 1.35 مليار دولار، خلال ليلة واحدة من أجل التصدي لهجوم إيران، باستخدام مئات المسيرات والصواريخ الباليستية، وأن التكلفة تشمل فقط التصدي للمسيرات والصواريخ دون إدراج الخسائر الميدانية، والتي أعلن الجيش الإسرائيلي أنها طفيفة وأن كل صاروخ من نظام آرو الذي يستهدف الصواريخ الباليستية يكلف نحو 3.5 مليون دولار، بينما تدفع إسرائيل نحو مليون دولار لكل صاروخ في نظام مقلاع داود الخاص باعتراض صواريخ كروز، إضافة إلى تكاليف تشغيل الطائرات المكلفة باستهداف المسيرات بالإضافة لحدوث ضرر طفيف في قاعدة نفاطيم الجوية في بئر السبع جنوبي إسرائيل

Mongi explained that some Israeli newspapers indicated that Tel Aviv spent what may amount to about 1.35 billion dollars, during one night, in order to confront the Iranian attack, using hundreds of drones and ballistic missiles, and that the cost includes only confronting the drones and missiles without including field losses, which The Israeli army announced that it is minor and that each missile from the Arrow system, which targets ballistic missiles, costs about $3.5 million, while Israel pays about $1 million for each missile in David’s Sling Shot system for intercepting cruise missiles, in addition to the costs of operating the aircraft assigned to target the drones, in addition to causing minor damage at Nafatim Air Base in Beersheba, southern Israel.


Mongi added in statements to Al-Watan that Iran's direct attack on Israel for the first time in history would change the rules of the game in the region, especially after the success of a limited number of Iranian missiles in hitting a military airport in the Negev, from which the planes that struck its consulate were launched. As well as another military site, Ramon Airport and the Natim base.


The Minister Plenipotentiary explained that the Gulf markets suffered severe losses following the Iranian attack on Israel last night, and the Gulf indices turned red, amid declines exceeding 1% at the opening, while the Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain stock exchanges are not operating, and the value of the Iranian riyal has decreased against the dollar, international airlines are also suffering from tension in the region.

[Al-Watan, Egypt, on April 15 at 06:00 AM local time]

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Iran & Israel - First Direct Confrontation

From now on, the world is going to change !
About 300 hundred drones and rockets of different types were deployed by Iran. Most of them could be intercepted by Israeli and US forces. A military basis in southern Israel and the region of Dimona, hosting Israel's nuclear capabilities, have been targeted.

فيما ذكرت وكالة الأنباء الإيرانية "إيرنا" أنها استهدفت قاعدة جوية إسرائيلية بنجاح في النقب بصواريخ خيبر.
وأضافت الوكالة، أن القاعدة الجوية المستهدفة في النقب كانت منطلقا للهجوم على القنصلية بدمشق

The Iranian news agency IRNA reported that it successfully targeted an Israeli air base in the Negev with Khaybar missiles. The agency added that the targeted air base in the Negev was the starting point for the attack on Iran's consulate in Damascus. [Al-Dostor الدستور published at 09:00 AM local time]

وقال رئيس هيئة الأركان المشتركة اللواء محمد باقري إن “عملية الوعد الصادق نفّذت بنجاح بين ليل أمس وصباح اليوم (الأحد)، وحققت كل أهدافها”

وأشار إلى أن الضربات استهدفت موقعين عسكريين هما “المركز الاستخباري الذي وفّر للصهاينة المعلومات المطلوبة” لقصف القنصلية الإيرانية في دمشق، إضافة إلى “قاعدة نفاطيم التي أقلعت منها طائرات إف-35” لشنّ الضربة في الأول من نيسان/أبريل. وأكد أن الموقعين أصيبا بأضرار بالغة

من جهتها، أكدت اسرائيل “إحباط” الهجوم وأنها اعترضت مع حلفائها، غالبية المسيّرات والصواريخ قبل بلوغها أراضيها. لكنها أقرت بسقوط بعضها وإلحاق أضرار “طفيفة” في القاعدة الجوية الواقعة في النقب

And the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri said “Operation True Promise was carried out successfully between last night and this morning (Sunday), and achieved all its objectives.”

He pointed out that the strikes targeted two military sites: “the intelligence center that provided the Zionists with the information required” to bomb the Iranian consulate in Damascus, in addition to “the Nafatim base from which F-35 planes took off” to launch the strike on April 1. He confirmed that the two sites were severely damaged.

For its part, Israel confirmed that the attack was “thwarted” and that it, along with its allies, intercepted the majority of the drones and missiles before they reached its territory. But it acknowledged that some of them had fallen and caused “minor” damage to the air base located in the Negev.

[Akhbar Alaan أخبار الآن on April 14, 17:00 local time]

Included videos below were published shortly after the Iranian attack began:


Friday, April 12, 2024

Israel - Awaiting Iranian Retaliation

Developing News on April 13 further down !

Latest 13-04 22:00 - Latest 13-04 22:00 - Latest 13-04 22:00
Israeli Military IDF: Iranian drones will take hours to arrive.

Latest 13-04 22:00 - Latest 13-04 22:00 - Latest 13-04 22:00

After bombing an Iranian consulate building in Damascus, thereby killing some high-ranking Iranian commanders, Israel is now awaiting Iran's retaliation. An Israeli army spokesman put it like that: "The coming days are complicated". Israeli cocerns come at the same time when Hezbollah launched 50 rockets at northern Galilee.

The Yemenite paper Al-Ayyam doesn't allow its article from April 12, 2024, to be copied.

Further News of the Day:
Israeli settlers in the occupied Westbank set fire to a Palestinian village, killing one Palestinian and wounding 25. [Al-Jazeera]


مع اقتراب رد إيران على إسرائيل.. القصة الكاملة لهجوم القنصلية

تحبس منطقة الشرق الأوسط أنفاسها، ترقبا لهجوم إيراني محتمل للرد على ضربة جوية إسرائيلية طالت قنصليتها في دمشق.

وقد أسفرت الضربة عن مقتل محمد رضا زاهدي أبرز القادة العسكريين الإيرانيين، فهو المسؤول عن فيلق القدس التابع للحرس الثوري في سوريا ولبنان، ورغم أنه ليس الأول الذي يقتل هكذا، لكنه الأرفع بين سلسلة عسكريين إيرانيين استهدفتهم تل أبيب.

وتحدثت تقارير أمريكية عدة، خلال الساعات الماضية، عن تحريك إيران طائرات مسيرة وصواريخ كروز، استعدادا لهجوم انتقامي هو الأكبر ضد إسرائيل, التي لم تعلن مسؤوليتها رسميا عن هجوم القنصلية. 100 مسيرة وعشرات الصواريخ.. سيناريو جنوني لرد إيران على هجوم القنصلية

As Iran's response to Israel approaches...the full story of the consulate attack

The Middle East region is holding its breath, anticipating a possible Iranian attack in response to an Israeli air strike that targeted its consulate in Damascus.

The strike resulted in the killing of Mohammad Reza Zahedi, the most prominent Iranian military leader. He is responsible for the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard in Syria and Lebanon. Although he is not the first to be killed in this way, he is the highest-ranking among a series of Iranian military personnel targeted by Tel Aviv.

During the past hours, several American reports spoke of Iran moving drones and cruise missiles, in preparation for the largest retaliatory attack against Israel, which did not officially claim responsibility for the consulate attack. 100 [guided missiles] and dozens of rockets ... a crazy scenario for Iran's response to the consulate attack.

من كتابة العين الإخبارية • 59 دقيقة
AL-Ain Al-Akhbariya, 59 minutes ago

published on April 13 at 08:00 AM


الحرس الإيراني يؤكد سيطرته على سفينة مرتبطة بـ"إسرائيل" (شاهد)

كشفت وكالة الأنباء الإيرانية الرسمية، أن الحرس الثوري سيطر على سفينة "مرتبطة بإسرائيل"، مشيرة إلى أن القوات الإيرانية استخدمت طائرة هليكوبتر اعتلت السفينة وسيطرت عليها

وقالت مصادر إعلامية غربية، إن السفينة المحتجزة ترفع علم البرتغال وتديرها شركة زودياك المملوكة لرجل أعمال إسرائيلي

وكانت هيئة عمليات التجارة البحرية البريطانية السبت، تلقت تقريرا عن استهداف سفينة قبالة السواحل الإماراتية.

ولم تكشف الهيئة عن طبيعة ما جرى للسفينة، أو الهجوم الذي تعرضت له، لكنها قالت في بيان، إن السلطات الإقليمية سيطرت على السفينة على بعد 50 ميلا بحريا شمال شرقي الفجيرة الإماراتية، دون تفاصيل إضافية.

والثلاثاء، قال قائد القوة البحرية في الحرس الثوري الإيراني، إن الوجود الإسرائيلي في الإمارات يمثل تهديدا لطهران وإنها قد تغلق مضيق هرمز في حال الضرورة، وتقع الفجيرة على الجانب الشرقي من مضيق هرمز.

Iranian Guards confirm seizure of Israel-linked ship (Witness)

The official Iranian news agency revealed that the Revolutionary Guards took control of a ship "linked to Israel," noting that Iranian forces used a helicopter that boarded and took control of the ship. Western media sources said the seized ship was Portugal-flagged and operated by Zodiac, owned by an Israeli businessman.

On Saturday, Britain's Maritime Trade Operations Authority received a report that a ship had been targeted off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. The authority did not disclose the nature of what happened to the ship or the attack it suffered, but said in a statement that regional authorities had taken control of the ship 50 nautical miles northeast of Fujairah, without further details. On Tuesday, the commander of the naval force of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said that the Israeli presence in the UAE posed a threat to Tehran and that it could close the Strait of Hormuz if necessary, as Fujairah is located on the eastern side of the Strait of Hormuz.

[Arabi 21, London, on April 13, 11:00 AM]

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

@ Ukraine - Russian_Missile_Defense @

@ The following information is based on Chinese media information from the day before:

@ Last year, a Storm Shadow missile launched by Ukraine fell into the Russian-occupied territory with almost no damage and was picked up by the Russian army as a trophy. The reason was not clear at the time. Now photos taken by the Russian Navy show that, It may have been shot down by the armor close-in defense system (Pantsir-M).

Navy Recognition reported that the Storm Shadow missile was targeting a military target near the coast of Crimea. However, the Pantsir-M close-in defense system of the light frigate Taifun detected it early, intercepted it and destroyed it.

Pantsir-M System

The Taifun belongs to Project 22800 and the Black Widow Class (Karakurt Class). This is a light frigate with a displacement of 860 tons. It has 4 ultra-small phased array radars (unknown shape and number) and 3D radars. It is known as "The world's smallest Aegis warship."

Its firepower is also quite powerful. It has a vertical launch system and can launch Kalibr-NK cruise missiles and may also launch P-800 "Oniks" supersonic anti-ship missiles. For short-range defense, they installed the maritime type "Pantsir-M" (CIWS Pantsir-M) after the Russo-Ukrainian War, which has proven its effectiveness in recent incidents.

Oleg Ryazantsev, general manager of the Russian State-owned Military Complex (NPO), said that this shooting down incident should be the first actual combat demonstration of the Pantsir system.

The Armor system is a hybrid missile-quick artillery close-in defense system. Eight missiles can intercept air targets at a distance of 20 kilometers. Two 30mm cannons can destroy air targets within 4 kilometers. The gun's rate of fire is as high as 10,000 rounds per minute, which significantly improves the ship's survivability. @


Another article from the same day deals with new activities regarding the cooperation between North Korea and Russia:

North Korea's official media KCNA established a new category on its website on the 9th, "DPRK-Russia Friendly Relations Ushering in a Historical Turning Point." This category published a total of 148 articles, including the April 2019 summit between leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin. talks, as well as a delegation sent by the Ministry of Education to visit Russia on the 6th of this month.

The South Korean media "Joongang Ilbo" analyzed that it is rare for the Korean Central News Agency, the window for North Korea to express its position to the outside world, to create a new category focusing on North Korea's relations with a specific country. The Korean Central News Agency has previously disclosed the visit of Sergei Naryshkin, director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), to Pyongyang from March 25 to 27. It is also very inappropriate to publicly report the foreign visits of the leaders of the intelligence agency in a secret form. Ordinary.

Analysis pointed out that the KCNA was intended to demonstrate the friendly relations between North Korea and Russia that include all-round cooperation in the fields of military, tourism, culture and other fields, and to pave the way for President Putin's future visit to North Korea.


Regarding the timing of his visit to North Korea, the Kremlin has recently stated that it is very unlikely that Putin will visit North Korea before the Russian presidential election in March, so the visit may be scheduled shortly after his trip to China. Putin is expected to make his first overseas trip during his fifth term in May and hold leadership talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping.


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Thursday, April 04, 2024

The Arabs and Adolf Hitler - own report -

Urban Arabs are following some of the same trends people in the West are following. As an example, the reading of books has already given way to electronic entertainment to a great extent.

Nevertheless, there are still many opportunities to buy printed media in a densely populated city like Amman, the capital of Jordan. On my way to the touristic sights there, I found booksellers offering each and every kind of literature one could imagine.

When I gave a closer look at the bookshelves, however, I was really astonished to find three different newcomers dealing with a man whose book My Combat كفاحي is still a no-go for readers in his own country where its reprinting is forbidden and access to it is only granted for academic research: Adolf Hitler, the German 'Führer' who once had triggered off World War II, seems to have become really popular in Jordan and in other countries of the Arab sphere probably as well.

Marx - Hitler - Atatürk

Some guy I met, told me: "I would even invite Hitler into my home." This was somebody who had already told me that his relatives are still living in the Westbank of river Jordan and had allegedly been badly treated under Israeli occupation.

Another Arab put it that way: "The Holy Quran has it that Jews are eating pigs and monkeys. Maybe that has formed their character." He thereby remembered Israeli remarks about the Palestinian attackers of October 7, 2023, being considered by Israel as 'human animals'. By quoting the Holy Quran, he referred to a metaphor used in Sura 6:60 and which mentions the transformation of big wrongdoers into pigs and monkeys on behalf of Allah. Shortly before, we spoke about food and diet during Ramadan. At least "any human being is what he/she is eating" (German proverb).

While 70% of Jordan's population can be regarded as being of Palestinian origin, including high-ranking members of government and the Royal Court, there is much potential for an anti-Israeli attitude, even though most Jordanian citizens are rather peaceful and friendly according to my limited individual experience.

As Hitler's extermination of six million European Jews had led to a mass immigration of Jews into Palestine, already starting around 1938, existing problems between Arabs and Jews in the region intensified and led to a civil war that finally resulted in Israel's declaration of independence and the wars that followed.

Therefore and in a certain way, Hitler was at the starting point of an Israeli-Palestinian conflict where Jews changed from the victims of persecution to the initiators of a genocide and which could even lead to the decline and fall of Israel.

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Syrian Refugees to Europe - own report -

On April 1st, international media reported about 240 migrants from Syria having reached the coast of Cyprus.

On that very day, I happened to pass a giant camp for Syrian refugees in the Jordanian governorate of al-Azraq. Alongside Highway 30 and in the middle of a desert, I met with the disturbing view of an extended area covered by tents that are currently hosting some 40.000 refugees from Syria. My driver told me there was another still larger camp in Zaaria, hosting another 80.000 refugees. When checking the facts, I learned that these are indeed the official numbers for 2024 as published by UNHCR, the United Nations Refugees Organisation.

Azraq Camp is neighbouring the Syrian border which is only some 50 km away and near to the historic site of Azraq Castle. Azraq and Zaaria, however, don't host the total of Syrian refugees, as less than 20 percent of such refugees should be currently living in such camps.

Therefore, the European Union should consider themselves lucky not to be flooded by further Syrian refugees when they are now saying that 240 migrants starting on their boats from Beirut was the biggest group of refugees up to now from Syria.