Thursday, February 01, 2007

Castro soon back in office ?
古巴的 Castro 近再来 ?

"Live" from Caracas and Havana on October 15, 2007.
Castro now even better in shape than before.
When will he resume power ?

Now, even CNN took notice of the fact that Cuba's leader Fidel Castro
is far from dying. In a "round table interview", transmitted by Cuba's
National CUBAVISION TV, he appeared healthy enough to stand the
questions of his counterpart (June 5, 2007).

The neighbouring pictures
have been extracted from a
video, transmitted on Jan.
31, 2007, by Cuba's TV.

Another visit by Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, and Fidel Castro
on his feet again and even smiling. Could it be that his return to power
is merely a question of time ?