Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bush on the Edge of Dying ?

Even "defunct"
Cuban leader
looking better !

Fidel Castro
with Brasilian
Lula da Silva
(Jan. 16, 2008)

Friday, January 11, 2008

US-Iran: Recession Fuelling Political Tension

Update March 26, 2008:
With consumer's confidence in the U.S. lowest since 1974 and jobs harder to find than ever, an even deeper recession is expected to come.
source: BBC business report March 26, 2008

War on Iran is
looming while
economic reces-
sion in the U.S.
is already under
way. The naval
conflict of Janu-
ary 2008 could
become an ex-
cuse for hostile
to be
taken immedi-
ately by a des-
perate Bush
even before the presidential elections to come.
While Goldman Sachs and Merril Lynch still disagree
about the actual state of a U.S. recession, not about the
fact itself, 3000 fresh troops are to be sent to Afghanistan;
troops to pacify that secret base of action against Iran
and to ensure logistic support for those bomber squadrons,
expected to deliver the first blow against Iran's capital of
President Bush who eagerly described the U.S. as being
"addicted to oil" and the Republican's most promising
candidate McCain who recently volunteered in a public
"singing out" of that old Beach Boys' tune in its moder-
nized version "Bomb, Bomb Iran !", both are now very
close to their goal.
Political tension abroad and economic recession at home
have always been the perfect mix to trigger off a global