Thursday, December 28, 2006

Brave New Media World 2007

Its a new media world where blogs have made journalism a public affair
and where private video production has found its entry to the sphere of
public entertainment.

And even the world of professional journalism has changed since CNN,
a pacemaker on the field of TV news, got a new and powerful competitor:
AL-JAZEERA International TV, the English service of the Arabic station
in Qatar, now broadcasting from Washington and Kuala Lumpur as well
as from Doha and other places, has added a strong Asian note to the
more U.S. based agenda of CNN.
Nevertheless, the Arabic station in Qatar remains an important source
of information when it comes to the development of the Middle East.
As their website already showed, the Arabic service is by far more
specific than the English service which had been established only two
years ago. Opinion polls on the Arabic website not only use different
questions on the same subject but attract a different kind of people as
well; Arabic speaking Muslims with strong roots in the region. Such,
the Arabic service still deserves being observed !

Whatsoever, BLUEPRINT magazine will continue to track any source
of information that seems reliable enough to deliver accurate facts on
the crucial subjects BLUEPRINT is dealing with.

Wolfgang Wiesner, the editor of BLUEPRINT magazine
who wishes you a Happy and Peaceful New Year 2007.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

a new era rising - es una nueva época

"The people of Venezuela celebrating an overwhelming victory of
Hugo Chávez Frías, candidate of the Bolivarian Revolution. All of
Venezuela united in the celebrations." (Live transmission by Cuba-
vision TV on December 4, 2006)

Hugo Chávez, just having won the elections in Venezuela
with an overwhelming majority, is now able to continue his
strategy based on a socialist draft and directed against
that special kind of imperialism which has been triggered
off and conducted by the Bush administration. Seen in the
frame of a political landslide towards socialism, now to
be observed in other countries of the Latin-American
sphere as well, there is undoubtedly a new era rising.