Thursday, October 19, 2006

Guantánamo Again !

While Al-Jazeera is reporting about a righteous doctor from Afghanistan
who has finally been released from Guantánamo, German media are
presenting a German detainee, Mourad Kurnaz, who had been held in
U.S. custody in that same prison, despite everyone knowing about his
innocence. As high-ranking members of the German military staff seem
to be involved, now being accused of having hindered Mourad's release,
a parliamentary showdown is likely to make its way. Furthermore, accu-
sations launched by Mourad himself have it that German KSK special
troops lent a hand in his torture. Even though there is strong evidence,
all that still needs to be proven in detail.

Update Oct. 23, 2006:
The "Extremists" Fighting Terrorism

While the Bush administration is looking at some Latin-American coun-
tries as the strongholds of extremism in that part of the world, those
countries are now developing their own strategy to fight terrorism. In-
cited by Cuba, the parliamentary assembly of Latin-American states
discussed the draft of a framing law, dealing with the fight against
"This draft exposes the double standards of antiterrorism. Its point of
view is to analyze the nature of [terrorist] actions and their reasons.
Therefore, the Latin-American assembly watches carefully the double
increase of offenders in the prisons of its countries... A United Nations
observer considered that in the "Al-Qaeda prison" of Guantánamo Bay
human rights are violated and humanity is endangered. ....."
[ People's Daily online, Chinese edition, Oct. 22, 2006 ]

Thursday, October 12, 2006

North Korea - Welcome to the Club !

"Yesterday the Devil came here,
right here. And it still smells of
sulphur today."
(H. Chavez after the inauguration
speech of U.S. president G. Bush,
opening the new round of sessions
of the U.N. general assembly.)

After North Korea entering the club of nuclear lunatics ....
What the world needs now, seems to be a decent nuclear weapon's "test",
launched by our special friend George Bush and directed against North
Korea or the Islamic Republic of Iran or Cuba (as long as Castro is still hospitalized) or, let's say, Venezuela (to punish president Chavez for hav-
ing smelled the Devil in the United Nations assembly). At least, everybody
should know that there's only one single gentleman on earth entitled to
pull the trigger. If its not for Holy Oil it might be for the benefits of a
Holy War against terrorism. Therefore, hurry to buy your share in the
weapon's business to be among the guarantied winners !

As to this subject, here's a special offer that reached me by email:


GOING PUBLIC Tuesday, OCT. 9th, 2006


DEFENSE DIRECTIVE (ticker: DFSE), a major manufacturer of
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pany has important long-term government contracts to furnish the
U.S. military with DFSE's equipment.
Talk about a company with products that's in high demand! DFSE's
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This IPO is certain to generate massive interest from the investment
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turmoil in the Middle East.


Now have a nice day (it might be your last),