Saturday, August 30, 2014

ISIS - News from the Front Line

Last UPDATE: August 31

The following "bits of news" have been translated from an Arabic text site published by Al-Sumariya News, an Iraqi TV station. The news were collected between August 28 and 30 and should represent last minute information. Further news from Al-Arabiya TV in Dubai have been added.

ISIS Unit (obviously including women)

مسلحو "داعش" يختطفون شيخين بكركوك

Abduction of Sheikhs by armed [fighters] from ISIS in Kirkuk district.

In an interview with Al-Sumariya News some security source from Salah al-Din told that Sheikh Sadam Hamad Said, Sheikh Mahmud Hasan Salah and others should have been abducted by ISIS fighters in Kirkuk district at noon today [August 30].

[Source: Al-Sumariya السومرية, Baghdad, on August 30, 2014]


ـ"داعش" يعدم 200 جندي سوري اثناء محاولتهم الفرار من محيط مطار الطبقة شمال البلاد

ISIS killed 200 Syrian soldiers when they tried to flee from the precincts of a [=> military] airfield in the Northern part of the country.

[Source: Al-Sumariya السومرية, Baghdad, on August 28, 2014]


مقتل 36 عنصرا من "داعش" في عملية أمنية شرق الفلوجة

36 ISIS partisans died in a security operation east of al-Faluja.

[Source: Al-Sumariya السومرية, Baghdad, on August 30, 2014]


مقتل قادة سوريون و عرب و أجانب ب"دعش" بقصف جوي استهدف مواقعهم في دير الزور

Syrian, Arabic and foreign ISIS commanders died in an air raid while being exposed in their [positions] at Dir al-Sur [=> Syria].

[Source: Al-Sumariya السومرية, Baghdad, on August 28, 2014]


العراق.. قصف مواقع لـ"داعش" قرب أمرلي المحاصرة

Iraq - Bombing of ISIS positions near the besieged [community] of Amrali.

قصف طيران الجيش العراقي مواقع لعناصر تنظيم "داعش" في ثلاث قرى بالقرب من بلدة أمرلي المحاصرة منذ أكثر من شهرين، بحسب مصادر أمنية.ـ

According to security sources an air raid targeting positions of ISIS organization was carried out by Iraqi forces on three villages near the [community] of Amrali, which has been under siege for more than two months.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية, Dubai, on August 29, 2014]

UPDATE for August 31:

تحرير آمرلي من داعش Liberation of Amrali from ISIS

[Source: AL-ARABIYA on August 31, 2014]

In addition, Al-Arabiya TV is quoting a source within Iraqi police as saying that 10 persons died during two explosions that took place in al-Ramadi.


Peshmerga Unit

البيشمركة تدخل ناحية زمار غربي الموصل و تشتبك مع "داعش"ـ

Peshmerga [Kurdish militia] is entering the region of Samaar, west of Mosul, and engaging with ISIS.

[Source: Al-Sumariya السومرية, Baghdad, on August 30, 2014]


مقتل ضابط بالبيشمركة و إصابة أربعة عناصر بانفجار في كركوك

One officer from Peshmerga [i.e. Kurdish militia] died while four [fighters] were wounded in an explosion that took place in Kirkuk.

A source from within regional security of Kirkuk district told Al-Sumariya in an interview that one Peshmerga lieutenant died and four [other] fighters were wounded in the [probably accidental] detonation of some explosive about 10 km north-west of Kirkuk [township] on Thursday [August 28].

[Source: Al-Sumariya السومرية, Baghdad, on August 28, 2014]


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

History - The Last Caliph

This short lecture on history is about the fall of the once mighty caliphate of Baghdad when Mongolian horsemen invaded and destroyed its capital and killed the last ruler of the Abasside dynasty.

In the 13th century, the Mongols finally decided to repel the Muslims who had been making incursions from Kazakhstan into Western Mongolia and China for six hundred years.

In 1257, Hulagu, a grandson of Mongolia's famous leader Ghengis Khan, asked the Abasside Caliph al-Mutasim, the 37th of his dynasty, to recognize Mongol sovereignty or perish. Hulagu's claim was based on an ancient agreement between al-Mutasim's predecessors and the Seljuk Turks who were of a clan distantly related with the Mongols. That agreement comprised supremacy of Seljuk rulers over the Abasside caliphate in Baghdad.

The Caliph who called himself "prince of the faithful" sent word to Hulagu Khan that any attack on his capital would mobilize the entire Muslim world from India to north-west Africa. Not in the least impressed by his enemy's overconfidence, Ghengis Khan's successor announced his intention of taking the city of Baghdad by force. It was in 1258 that Hulagu and his huge army of Mongolian horsemen finally succeeded in overrunning the caliphate's defense.

The cruel death of Caliph al-Mutasim and the downfall of his empire, comprising far more than Iraq and Syria, showed repercussions everywhere in the Islamic world and led to a temporary decline of Islamic culture.

In 1258, Mongolian horsemen didn't need the U.S. Cavalry.

Mongolia - The Art of War


Therefore I say: Know your enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles without peril. If you are ignorant of the enemy and know only yourself, you will stand equal chances of winning and loosing. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you are bound to be defeated in every battle.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Iraq - Latest News

مقتل العشرات من مسلحي "داعش" بينهم مسؤول الدفاع الجوي بقصف طيران الجيش في الفلوجة

Tens of militants from ISIS were killed in al-Faluja during an air raid of the [regular] army. Among them was the [ISIS] responsable for air defence.

From Anbar province:
On Tuesday, a reliable source in the command of operations [of Anbar province] informed that it was possible for army aviation to kill tens of followers of Daesh [ISIS] organization in al-Faluja, among them being the organisation's responsable for air defence.

The article is referring to an air raid directed against some headquarters of ISIS organisation near [al-Karma],13 km east of al-Faluja, and which should have taken place this morning, August 26. The ISIS responsable for air defence who died together with his companions is known by his nickname Abu Abdallah.

[Source: Al-Sumariya السومرية, Baghdad, on August 26, 2014]

The extremist organisation ISIS storms and captures many areas in Iraq and Syria.


Iraq - An ISIS attack on the Bayji refinery was beaten back.

[Source: China Central TV - Channel 13 news from August 25, 2014]


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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Western Alliance Fighting ISIS

تقرير يكشف عن دعم واشنطن للأسد عبر المخابرات الألمانية و برلين تنفي

Report reveals Washington assisted Assad with the help of German intelligence and which is what Berlin denies.

A British press report revealed the United States assisted the regime of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad in its confrontation with the organization "Islamic State". They acted in cooperation with Germany's reconnaissance apparatus (BND) while rejecting [ultimate] Syrian support with [related] knowledge.

The Arabic source is referring to an article published by the British daily The Independent two days before on August 22.
That article describes the current military situation in Syria and mentions a covert passing of U.S. intelligence to Syria about the exact location of jihadi leaders while using a BND channel. The intelligence business was brought to the attention of British journalists by some source that remained unnamed in the British article.

..... The German reconnaissance apparatus rejected that Syria [had been informed] at any time, and a speaker on behalf of the reconnaissance [agency] told the external of German News Agency (DPA) that " such report is faulty and missing any substance ".....

[Arabic source: Al-Sumariya السومرية, Baghdad, on August 24, 2014]


المانيا تؤكد موقفها لمساعدة العراق في بناء دولة مدنية متطورة

Germany confirms its position to assist Iraq in the building of a developed civil [or: secular] nation.

On Sunday, Germany's ambassador to Iraq [confirmed, once again, the determination] of his country in its assistance of Iraq and the territory of Kurdistan in their fight against "Daesh" [ISIS] organisation, while assuring [his country's application to work for] the creation of a civil nation that should be modern and developed.

The Arabic article is referring to Ekkehard Brose, the German ambassador to Baghdad and whose picture is shown above.

[Arabic source: Al-Sumariya السومرية, Baghdad, on August 24, 2014]

In the following days, Germany's parliament "Bundestag" is poised to discuss the federal government's decision in favour of weapon deliveries to Iraq that might help to stop the advancing militants from ISIS organisation.
Such military aid has already been approved within the European Union. Even though the German government is not obliged to call for parliamentary support on this matter, it has been decided to summon an extraordinary session of parliament on Wednesday, August 27, to create a broad basis of support for the government's decision.

[From different German news sources on August 24, 2014]


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Registered Terrorists Keep ISIS Running

المدرجون على قائمة الإرهاب.. دورهم في داعش والنصرة

Title: Those enlisted as terrorists ... are hanging around with [ISIS] and the Al-Nusra [front].

أدرج مجلس الأمن التابع للأمم المتحدة، أسماء 6 عناصر من داعش على قائمة الإرهاب

The Security Council of the United Nations registered the names of six elements of "Daesh" [ISIS] in [their] terrorism list.

The Arabic article mentions the names of six ISIS members together with their photos and some further information. In addition to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, the following names are provided:

- Abu Mahmud al-Ednani, 37, comes from Idlib, Syria, and is responsible for information.

- Abdulmahsin ash-Sharikh, 29, comes from Saudi-Arabia and is nicknamed Sinafi an-Nasr.

- Abdulrahman al-Jehani, who should be in his fourties, comes from Saudi Arabia and is nicknamed Abu Wafaa.

- Hajaj al-Ejmi became known from the financial group of the Al-Nusra Front.

- Hamid al-Ali is acting as a rigorous follower from Kuwait.

- Wahid Erif [whose photo is not available] fled from house arrest in France.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on August 16, 2014]

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ISIS - Loss of Reputation for Bin Laden

ديلي ميل : العثورعلى رسالة في مخبأ بن لادن حذرته من وحشية "داعش"ـ

Daily Mail: The discovery of a letter in Bin Laden's hide-out which is warning of ISIS brutality.


On the occasion of the Bin Laden killing, U.S. special forces allegedly found a letter making part of Bin Laden's personal belongings and that comprised an internal evaluation of Abu Bakr's affiliate organization. That letter, written by one of Bin Laden's senior officials, stated increasing fears that ISIS could damage Al-Qaeda's reputation because of unreasonable cruelties Abu Bakr's militia practised against peaceful Muslims. The document went to list some of the acts of barbarism committed by ISIS, including using chemical weapons, destroying mosques and massacring the congregation of a Christian church.

It was the British "Daily Mail" that came with the news only two days ago on August 10. Meanwhile many Arabic papers quoted the British article. Even People's Network in Beijing reported.

وثيقة في مخبأ بن لادن تحذر من داعش

A document in Bin Laden's hiding-place is warning of Daesh [i.e. ISIS].

Al-Arab Al-Yawm

本拉登遗言:ISIS太残忍 基地应与之切断所有联系

Last words from Bin Laden: The ruthlessness of ISIS
made Al-Qaeda cut off [an existing] relationship.

People's Network

توزيع منشورات لتنظيم "داعش" وسط لندن

Distribution of pamphlets on behalf of Daesh [i.e. ISIS]
in the center of London. [Al-Arabiya, August 14, 2014]

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