Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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مقتل العشرات من مسلحي "داعش" بينهم مسؤول الدفاع الجوي بقصف طيران الجيش في الفلوجة

Tens of militants from ISIS were killed in al-Faluja during an air raid of the [regular] army. Among them was the [ISIS] responsable for air defence.

From Anbar province:
On Tuesday, a reliable source in the command of operations [of Anbar province] informed that it was possible for army aviation to kill tens of followers of Daesh [ISIS] organization in al-Faluja, among them being the organisation's responsable for air defence.

The article is referring to an air raid directed against some headquarters of ISIS organisation near [al-Karma],13 km east of al-Faluja, and which should have taken place this morning, August 26. The ISIS responsable for air defence who died together with his companions is known by his nickname Abu Abdallah.

[Source: Al-Sumariya السومرية, Baghdad, on August 26, 2014]

The extremist organisation ISIS storms and captures many areas in Iraq and Syria.


Iraq - An ISIS attack on the Bayji refinery was beaten back.

[Source: China Central TV - Channel 13 news from August 25, 2014]


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