Sunday, April 30, 2023

China - Learn to Know Your Citizens !

Cameras by Hikvision and drones from DJI are being used to thoroughly survey most citizens of mainland China. But cameras and surveillance systems from Huawei and ZTE can be found outside China as well. Reportedly, there are still up to one hundred countries using Chinese equipment and software. Even after US president Trump announced his ban on Chinese technology, many rural communities in the USA are still relying on hardware from Huawei and which is the only way to guarantee their desperately needed highspeed broadband connection.

However there seems to be one poblem with the cameras and which has been recently discovered by experts: They are vulnerable to hacking which could enable illegal remote access to their video data. Reports came from Pakistan where lots of Hikvision cameras were being installed especially in the capital of Islamabad to make it a "safe city". It is not quite clear whether such vulnerability has been "overlooked" intentionally, even though Pakistan is being regarded as one of China's most important partners in the frame of some kind of alternative connection with Africa via sea cable from Pakistan to Djibouti (former French Somalia) where China maintains its only foreign naval base. Here is a video dealing with the problem:

By the way, there is a German song for children dating back to the years of my own childhood. It deals with three Chinese persons and their double bass sitting in the street and talking to each other, quite a strange scene at that time. Therefore police immediately rushed in to have a look. I gave the scene a fresh look when I transferred it to modern China where a security drone detected the group and advised them to comply with public behaviour by returning home as quickly as possible.

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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Taiwan - Deutsche Außenministerin in Peking

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Ein Bericht der Pekinger Volkszeitung zum Besuch
der Deutschen Außenministerin Baerbock in Peking

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Taiwan - Symbols of Conflict

In the frame of PR China's encirclement of Taiwan, the air forces of both countries recently met at close distance.

On the occasion, Taiwanese pilots operating their home-made JingGuo fighters wore badges on their uniform that are showing the symbols of the conflict: A Taiwanese black bear holding the flag of the Republic of China in his left hand, and Winnie the Pooh's honey pot expressing five stars that symbolize PR China's flag. The word "Scramble (= emergency lift-off)" is written in English below.

It should be added that Winnie the Pooh has become the inofficial symbol of Communist China's leader Xi JinPing.