Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saudi Arabia's Gift for Europe

Position of King Abdulaziz Al-Saud Mosque in Marbella, Spain.

At the time when world leaders are gathering in Riyadh to mourn former Saudi King Abdulaziz Al-Saud, his follower King Salman proudly presents a rather tiny mosque erected in Spain and that should be seen as a sign of peace between the world of Islam and the West.

Andalusía in southern Spain, where in mediaeval times the mighty Caliphate of Cordoba left its architectural traces, seems to be the perfect region to establish a link to some modernized and peaceful Islam. This, however, might be seen by some parties as a provocation of Europe's rather secular communities where a rising militant Salafist movement has already triggered off much aggression among locals despite extended demonstrations in favour of religious tolerance. A steady growth of Islamic communities in most European countries has continually raised the fears of those who are now opposing the more tolerant mainstream in their countries.

Only to mention the population of France where Islamic influence has steadily increased during the last decades, due to immigration from former French colonies in Africa and from neighbouring territories (Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Chad etc), while the above mentioned historic background in southern Spain had already provided a certain amount of Muslim descendants long before legal and illegal immigration from North Africa started to build up a Muslimic population of 200.000 (by 1981). In contrast, the xenophobe movement "Pegida" in Germany and which came into being only recently can be seen as an answer to a long-standing and unrestricted Muslimic immigration, especially from Turkey and which has already entirely changed the appearance and population of certain urban areas. However, that German movement is obviously inferior to the numerous and more tolerant mainstream in most parts of the country.

Whether or not the Saudi present might turn out to be a Trojan Horse rather than a present of peace will become clear sooner or later. At least, it should be mentioned that Saudi Arabia's Wahabism is seen by some western experts as the expression of an orthodox and less tolerant variety of Islam and which should have much in common with the ideas of Salafism and the Jihadi warriors that a U.S. centred alliance is just fighting in Iraq and Syria.

الملك سلمان شيّد أول مسجد بإسبانيا منذ سقوط الأندلس

King Salman built the First Mosque in Spain since
the Fall of [Spain's Historic Caliphate in] Andalusia.

قبل 33 سنة، عاد الإسلام مجددا إلى الأندلس، ولأول مرة منذ طرد المسلمين بأكثر من 500 عام من هناك.. أعادهم ذلك الوقت سعودي كان أميرا للرياض، من دون أن يشن حربا أو يحرق سفنا أو يهرق دما، بل عبر مسجد بناه على نفقته في مدينة ماربيا الساحلية بأقصى الجنوب الأندلسي، المقابل للجانب الآخر من مضيق جبل طارق، حيث المغرب قريب 14 كيلومترا فقط.ـ

..... Modernized Islam returned to Andalusia and for the first time after more than 500 years since the expulsion of Muslims from there ..... at that very time returned to them a Saudi [who happens to be] Emir of Riyadh, without declaring a war or burning ships or spilling blood, and who even more erected a mosque at his expense in the coastal town of Marbella, in the extreme south of Andalusia and which is facing the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar where [Arabic] North Africa is only 14 km away.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on January 24, 2015]


Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in Morocco, seen as a factory for Jihadists.

Abu Bakr getting Frozen in Alaska ?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Belgium after Jihadist Attack

بالصور.. مدبر اعتداءات بلجيكا "داعشي" معروف في سوريا

On pictures ..... The ISIS manager of violence in Belgium is known to be in Syria.

أكدت وسائل الإعلام السبت أن العقل المدبر للخلية التي ضبطت الخميس في بلجيكا قبيل انتقالها إلى مرحلة التنفيذ الفعلي، هو متطرف بلجيكي مشهور ذهب إلى سوريا وأصدر أمراً بشن العملية من اليونان أو من تركيا.ـ

On Saturday, information sources confirmed that the [acting brain] in the cell and who was in control of [preparing it for] the execution of the practical phase in Belgium on Thursday, a known Belgian extremist, went to Syria and gave the order to launch the operation either from Greece or Turkey.

وذكرت صحيفة "درنيير اور" أن "المحققين يبحثون عن زعيم الخلية المتطرفة" عبد الحميد أباعود (27 عاماً) بمساعدة مكتب التحقيقات الفدرالي "أف.بي.آي"ـ

And the journal "Dernière Heure" pointed out that [the authorities] are searching for Abdelhamid Abeoud (27), the leader of the extremist cell, in cooperation with the [U.S.] Federal Bureau of Investigations FBI.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on January 17, 2015]

Abdelhamid Abeoud

طفل "داعشي" من أصل مغربي يثير صدمة في بلجيكا

ISIS child of North-African origin is shocking Belgium.

أسابيع فقط بعد الصورة المرعبة للطفل الاسترالي خالد، ذي 7 سنوات، وهو يحمل مبتسما رأسا مقطوعة ﻷحد ضحايا جماعة "داعش" في سوريا، انتشرت بسرعة البرق صورة جديدة لطفل بلجيكي من أصل مغربي، يدعى يونس أباعود، ذي 13 ربيعا فقط، وهو يحمل سلاح كلاشينكوف في يده اليسرى ويرفع سبابة يده اليمنى إلى الأعلى، معلنا انضمامه إلى أكبر وأخطر جماعة ارهابية.ـ

Only weeks after the alarming picture of a seven year old Australian child [became unforgettable] and who is carrying with a smile [the cut-off heads of] some victims of ISIS organization in Syria, a new picture is rapidly propagating [by electronic means] and which is showing some Belgian child of North-African origin, Junis Abeoud, [at the time when he was 13 years old], carrying a Kalashnikov in his left hand and lifting the index of his right hand to announce his affiliation to the Great [Allah] and to inform the terrorist community.

[Source: Channel Al-Alam قناة العالم, Iran, on August 28, 2014]

Editor's Note:

- Junis Abeoud seems to be a relative of Abdelhamid Abeoud as he is mentioned with a similar photo in the above cited article of Al-Arabiya. A related video is known to exist on the internet.

- According to the latest news from Brussels on January 18, the extremist cell leader Abdelhamid Abeoud should still be at large while a group of four persons arrested in Athens on Saturday, January 17, does not comprise the "right person".

- In the frame of police raids directed against extremists, some 13 persons were arrested in different regions of Belgium.

- Both jihadists that could be killed at the place of a bloody attack in Verviers on Thursday, January 15, came from Molenbeek, Belgium.

[Main Source: Dernière Heure, Brussels, on January 18, 2015]

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paris - Historic March against Extremism

- Different Updates Included -

On January 11: Masses assembling on Place de la République, Paris.

Today, reality is outdating even the online headlines: It's not 40 but almost 50 world leaders who really joint "La Marche Républicaine", the Republican March of solidarity against extremism and religious terrorism. And it's not any longer 700.000 but more than three million people (3,7) that participate in the march all over France, some 1,5 million citizens in Paris alone. No wonder, the saying is spreading today that Paris has turned into the "capital of the world".

On January 11: World Leaders join Historic March against Extremism in Paris.

News UPDATE on January 11, 2015,
at the end of recent terrorist attacks
on civilian targets in Paris, France.

With explosions and gunfire, security forces Friday (Jan. 9) ended three days of terror around Paris, killing the two al-Qaeda-linked brothers who staged a murderous rampage at a satirical newspaper and an accomplice who seized hostages at a kosher supermarket to try to help the brothers escape. During the proceedings, the accomplice shot all of his hostages after having already shot a policewoman.

Al-Qaeda's branch in Yemen said it directed the attack against the publication Charlie Hebdo to avenge the honor of the Prophet Muhammad, a frequent target of the weekly's satire. [=> Al-Qaeda statement towards Associated Press AP]

The attackers had ties both to each other and to terrorist activities that reached back years and extended from Paris to al-Qaeda in Yemen. The Yemen connection could be partly confirmed by a CNN team that met with an eye-witness in Saana. [=> CNN report on January 12]

The death toll of both incidents comprises at least 19 people, including the three gunmen. Chérif and Said Kouachi, the Charlie Hebdo assassins, were trapped and killed in Dammartin-en-Goele, near Charles de Gaulle airport. Amedi Coulibaly perished in the grocery store near Porte de Vincennes, Paris.

A fourth suspect, Coulibaly's wife, Hayat Boumeddiene, is still at large and now probably in Syria. Boumeddiene is thought to be armed and dangerous.

Link to an Istanbul airport video showing Hayat Boumeddiene
at the time of her passport check. [Al-Arabiya on January 12]

A Muslim employee of the targeted grocery store in Paris is being hailed as a hero for hiding several customers in a walk-in freezer to save them from being killed in a violent attack. Lassana Bathily, 24, led the others into the basement of his workplace when Amedy Coulibaly burst into the store just hours before the Jewish Sabbath began and killed four people in what President François Hollande called "a terrifying anti-Semitic act."

All over France: Now it's already 3,7 Million that Take to the Streets.
(Photo showing an earlier demonstration in Marseille on January 9/10.)

[Main Sources: AFP / ABC News Australia / Al-Arabiya / AP / CNN / XinHua on January 9-12]


Qur'an Surat Al-'Ahzab (The Combined Forces) 33:7


Recent visitors coming from Paris, France; the visitor from
Paris-Vincennes being directly related to the actual events.

Other visitors from France, Nigeria and Senegal interested in related subjects.

Link to the latest development in the Boko Haram attack on Baga in Northern Nigeria
that took place on January 3 and might be the bloodiest attack of that jihadist group.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Russia Building Arctic Stronghold

The following news are fitting with earlier reports on Russia's intention to bring certain areas of the North Pole region under its control. It's about territorial claims but, as well, about exploration of oil and natural gas.


Russia's Northern Fleet is going to accustom itself to
special training [during] operations in the polar region.

中新网1月9日电据俄媒9日报道,俄罗斯北方舰队新闻办公室主任 瓦季姆·谢尔加日前透露,俄罗斯北方舰队海军陆战队2015年将为 适应在北极地区的行动接受特别培训。

On January 9 and referring to a Russian media report from the same day, China News Net quoted the director of the news office for Russia's Northern Fleet [Vladimir ..... ] as having revealed the day before that, in 2015, the marine corps of Russia's Polar Fleet is going to accustom itself to the special training [required for] operations in the polar region.

报道称,该训练计划针对最北部海岸和其他北极地区的条件, 旨在提高人员的培训水平。

The report says this training program needs to be aiming at the requirements of the North Pole coast and other arctic regions for the purpose of raising the personnel's level of training.

[Source: China News Net 中国新闻网 on January 9, 2015]

When it comes to the arctic region, special technologies are required for the exploration of natural resources like oil and minerals. Yet, it is an accepted fact that Russia has already gained much experience in the application of modified technologies for an efficient exploration of oil or natural gas under extreme climate conditions. Furthermore, Russia owns some of the most powerful ice-breakers in the world to guarantee almost steady access to their remote arctic stations. => You are invited to read another related blogspot of mine: Russia's Plannings for the Polar Region


A Russian visitor to "blueprint news" who came
from "Lavochkin", a Russian aerospace company.

NPO Lavochkin or "Lavochkin Scientific and Production Association (Lavochkin Association)" in Khimki, Moscow, is a Russian aerospace company that enjoys a long tradition.

Founded by Semyon Lavochkin in 1937, NPO Lavochkin specialized in aeronautics and the construction of space equipment and weapons. An exhibition in the company's nearby museum retraces the whole history and activity of that manufacturer from the beginning to the present: Fighters, cruise missiles, ground-to-air missiles, etc. NPO Lavochkin also participated in the development of Russia's carrier rockets Soyouz and Proton.

Nowadays, Lavochkin is a major player in the Russian space program, being the developer and manufacturer of the Fregat upper stage, as well as interplanetary probes such as Fobos-Grunt. Furthermore, it is involved in joint satellite programs together with foreign partners.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Paris - Islamist Attack Kills 12 - Arouses Millions

Breaking News UPDATE on January 8:
A female police officer has reportedly died of her injuries after she and a colleague were shot in southern Paris this morning, less than 24 hours after the gun attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. At the same time disturbing reports of apparent revenge attacks on Muslim targets appeared from different parts of France. [Source: The Independent on Jan. 8, 2015]

Screenshots from a video that could be recorded at the time of the "Charlie Hebdo" incident.
According to latest news, 12 persons died in the shooting and 12 were injured including four
in grave conditions. French police is now tracing three suspects, two of them being brothers.
In the frame of a nationwide search, a spectacular raid was reported from the town of Reims.

Cherif Kouachi, 32 (left), convicted terrorist and French-born orphan of Algerian parents, is one
of three suspects in the Charlie Hebdo incident. His role is considered as essential in the terror
attack. The other suspects have been named as Cherif’s brother, Said Kouachi, 34 (right), and
Hamyd Mourad, 18, who has allegedly turned himself in to the authorities.

On January 7 and the following day, tens of thousands of French citizens assembled in huge
demonstrations directed against terrorism and in favour of free speech. [Source: France24]

French citizens taking to the streets.

The Great Magician predicts: "In 2015 I'll lose my teeth, in 2022 I'll celebrate Ramadan."

The latest edition of Charlie Hebdo is featuring a new book written by Michel Houellebecq
and where the author describes how an Islamist party succeeds in winning the general
elections in France while other political forces are locked in their eternal disagreement.
Houellebecq's book is named "Submission" and should appear on the market today, the
date of a hideous terrorist attack on the magazine's staff. Caricatures of Charlie Hebdo
are famous for never sparing anybody from making fun of him, neither a disputed Michel
Houellebecq and his predictions nor those Islamic fanatics with a blockheaded attitude.


Sunday, January 04, 2015

ISIS Bird Twittered Location of Secret Hide-Outs

داعشي "يكشف خطأ" مواقع سرية للتنظيم!ـ

Member of ISIS "leaks by mistake" hide-outs of the organization.

منذ بداية 2015، ضجت وسائل الإعلام الأجنبية، لا سيما الصحف، بخبر الداعشي النيوزيلندي الذي كشف بالخطأ مواقع سرية للتنظيم في سوريا. فالمقاتل النيوزيلندي، مارك تايلور، الذي غير اسمه منذ التحاقه بصفوف داعش إلى "أبو عبد الرحمن"، كشف عبر تغريداته عن أماكن تواجده إلى جانب عناصر التنظيم في سوريا، وتنقلاته بين منطقة وأخرى، من الطبقة السورية وكفر رمان إلى معرة النعمان وغيرها من المناطق السورية.ـ

Since the beginning of 2015, foreign sources of information, especially the press, made much noise of being informed about [an ISIS member] from New Zealand who leaked by mistake the organization's hide-outs in Syria. [It seems that] Mark Taylor, the warrior from New Zealand who changed his name into "Abu Abad al-Rahman" when joining the ranks of ISIS, leaked information while "twittering" with other followers of the organization in Syria and moving between different regions. ..........

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on January 3, 2015]

The original article shows different twitter notes and pictures related to Mark Taylor as well as satellite images enabling the identification of ISIS locations in the north-western part of Syria between Latakia and Ar-Raqqah.

On the same day, France Info reported that Lebanese authorities have intensified border crossing controls. From now on, Syrian citizens passing the border into Lebanon will need a visum.


Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Here we go ! - My "time machine" that helps me pass from one year to the other.


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