Monday, October 31, 2011

Libya - Winners and Defeated

محمد نصر الحريزي
عضو المجلس الوطني الإنتقالي الليبي
Mahmud Nasr al-Kharisi, member of Libya's National Transition Council (NTC).

Treatment of the Defeated

هيومان رايتس ووتش تتهم ميليشيات في مصراتة الليبية بترويع سكان تاورغاء القريبة
Human Rights Watch accuses militias in Misrata al-Libiya of terrorizing inhabitants [belonging to the] neighbouring Tawargra [tribe].

Mahmud Nasr al-Kharisi, a member of Libya's National Transition Council (NTC), has to reply to accusations of Human Rights Watch saying that rebel militias in Misrata are terrorizing neighbouring inhabitants who happen to belong to the same tribe as Gadafi's family clan.
At the same time, Mabruk Eyis, being in charge of prisons in Tripoli, is questioned by Al-Jazeera about treatment of prisoners of war.

مبروك عيس
آمر سجون طرابلس
Mabruk Eyis, responsible of prisons in Tripoli.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

China's Opinion on Iran and Libya

Here are two interesting articles that were published in China's semi-official daily :

[Ahmadi] Nejad : Iran's last president ?

People's Network [People's Daily Online] report from October 27 : Iran's Supreme Leader [Ayatollah] Khamenei dropped a hint that Iran's presidential government would probably be abolished. This is being considered by the outside world as a clear warning directed to president [Ahmadi] Nejad.

Update of recent proceedings in Iran :
President Ahmadi Nejad has been summoned by the Iranian parliament because of a $ 2.6 billion fraud and that has led to the impeachment of Nejad's economy minister. As Nejad only recently had a quarrel with the Supreme Leader over the sacking of his intelligence chief, it is widely understood that the Iranian president is currently under pressure and fighting for his political survival. [Source: Al-Jazeera on October 31]

Nejad delivering a speech at the National Assembly of Iran.

Foreign mediators disclosed Gadafi's real cause of death :
Having in his hand a lever [against] very many foreign leaders.

In fact, Gadafi knew too much. Once captured alive, he could be sure of being handed over to the international criminal court. During the last ten days of June, the law court had raised charges against Gadafi, his son Saif [Al-Islam] and [his] brother-in-law for crimes against humanity, and also [against] the chief of military intelligence, Abdullah Sanussi whose whereabouts are unclear at present. One could imagine that he would take the initiative to cause a kind of sensation at Den Haag. There, it could not be avoided that he would expose the [intensive] relations to president Sarkozy of France and Britain's prime minister Blair, his government and Western intelligence agencies in [their] fight against terrorism, or limiting the infiltration of immigrants from the Libyan coastline together with the European Union, or manifold cooperation granted to significant contractors of large-scale Western oil companies and construction firms.

[Source: People's Network, the online edition of People's Daily, Beijing, from October 27, 2011]

Gadafi on the 16th summit of the Arab League in Tunisia.

The confidential file of an investigating member for Human Rights Watch shows: During the fighting to resist Holy War [i.e. fighting against so-called terrorism], Gadafi frequently declared that it was necessary to concentrate on establishing [mutual] relations with Paris or London like Washington does. In case he possibly meant being [related to] [joint operations] of intelligence [agencies] with ..... Military Intelligence MI6, [he would] even more seek refuge with his own clan. According to reports from British [defence intelligence], as early as September [2001?] , [Marc Ellen] the chief of an anti-terror unit of British foreign espionage organization Military Intelligence MI6 [reported] being involved in secret talks and that should urge Gadafi to do without such personnel critical to the [use of] weapons of mass destruction. In 2004, after having failed to become head of department for MI6, [Ellen] entered a survey group and became a senior adviser. In fact, this happened because Gadafi's huge capital was put into building a consulting firm, such giving himself a global image. Moreover, [Ellen] also helped in research for Saif [Al-Islam]'s doctoral thesis at the London Institute of Economics. At the same time, working as a consultant for British Petroleum, [Ellen] gave assistance [to the] oil magnate to obtain a large quantity of contracts from the hands of Gadafi's regime.

[Source: People's Network, the online edition of People's Daily, Beijing, from October 27, 2011]

No, this is not Gadafi and his assassin, even if it might look like that ! It's a picture from the above cited Chinese article showing a wounded Gadafi fighter while being questioned by a soldier of the rebel army.

What news in the street stalls called a friendly tête-à-tête of Gadafi and Rice. A photo of Rice found in Gadafi's home. Gadafi even made a well-known Libyan musician compose a piece of music for Rice and which was named "Black Flower of the White House". Rice found this rather surprising, yet not of wretched appearance.

[Chinese legend of a photo of Condoleeza Rice, adviser to former U.S. president Bush and chief of State Department, together with Muammar Gadafi, published in another article of People's Network on October 26, 2011. Supposed thoughts added by Ulysses.]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tunisian Elections - First Official Results

نتائج اولية في 5 دوائر: النهضة 15 مقعدا من 39 و المؤتمر من اجل الجمهورية 6 و العريضة الشعبية 5
First results from 15 departments : Al-Nahda [Movement of Renewal] holds 15 seats of 39
[i.e. 38.5% of all seats in parliament]. The Conference for the Republic 6 [seats] and the [Platform] of the People 5 [seats].
[Source: Al-Jazeera, October 25, 20:00 GMT]

Both minor parties might be known under a more popular name like Annahda or Al-Nahda which is in fact a popular abbreviation for the Movement of Renewal. Furthermore, there are about 60 parties registered for this election. Some of them might be prevailing in Tunis, others in rural areas. In addition, the Modern Axis of Democracy seems to be a union of at least four independent parties or movements. Final results might be necessary to present a clearer view of tendencies within such second-ranking parties and possible coalitions for a new Tunisian government.

Above: Parties and movements composing the Modern Axis of Democracy.

For further information on the General Elections in Tunisia, please, refer to a previous blogspot of mine and which was updated until yesterday.


لماذا انتخب التونسيون النهضة ؟
Why did the Tunisians vote for Al-Nahda ?

عوامل مساعدة
Helpful Factors

الشرعية النضالية من العوامل التي ساعدت على فوز النهضة التي استفادت أيضا من فشل النماذج القومية و اليسارية التي أتت بعد الاستقلال و أنتجت أنظمة مستبدة
The [constitutional] legitimacy of Al-Nahda is one of the factors that helped to the victory of Al-Nahda [and] which took profit as well from the defeat of national models and the leftists who came after the independence and [founded] autocratic organizations.

[Source: Al-Jazeera, Arabic website, October 26, 2011]

A Remarkable Week

Past days were characterized by remarkable events, beginning with the death of Muammar Gadafi and the final defeat of his regime. One might be annoyed by the circumstances of Gadafi's death, and a closer look at the proceedings of his capture should be taken. For the time being it might be sufficient to say that he had found the fate he deserved. Imagine Gadafi as the principal actor starring in an international courtroom where he could give his final performance as the well-meaning but misunderstood statesman.

Furthermore, first democratic elections in Tunisia after the beginning of the Arab Spring marked another event that should be kept in memory, even more as the Tunisians achieved a 90% participation which is breaking all records in free and democratic elections anywhere in the world.

In addition, the stunning victory of Christina Kirchner in her reelection as President of Argentine should be mentioned as she harvested more than 50% of all votes which makes up for another record figure in the democratic reelection of a political leader in a country, not so long ago shaken by economic problems.

I can't help comparing the results in Tunisia and Argentine to recent elections in Germany where local participation is steadily declining, sometimes even reaching the 50% margin, because people are fed up with the hypocrisy of leading politicians whatever party they might present.

Here now are the weekly visitor statistics of my blog. Once again, it should be noted that these statistics only collect visitors whose addresses are carrying a country identifier. In order to get an idea of the total number of visitors, including those who use a ".com" or ".net" address, the actual visitor numbers should be multiplied by an estimated factor of three.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Elections in Tunisia - انتخابات في تونس

General Elections in Tunisia

انتخابات عامة في تونس

Today, Tunisia experiences its first general elections after the ousting of president Ben Ali. There are 4.4 million voters and first reports, received at the end of the day, are hinting at a 90% participation of all voters (refer to image below !). Here are some of the most remarkable parties and their political programs as far as available [Source: Al-Jazeera, Arabic channel].

حركة النهضة
Movement of Renewal (Annahda)

The predicted winner according to latest media news on October 24, 19:00 GMT.

The moderate Islamist party is expected to receive about 40% of all votes, and they seem to have many female supporters [October 25, 04:00 GMT].

3عقود من الحظر
3 terms of prohibition [i.e. this party was excluded from three foregoing elections under the rule of former president Ben Ali].

شعارها: من أجل تونس الحرية و العدالة و التنمية
Its slogan: For Tunisia's liberty, justice and development.

البرنامج و الأهداف
Program and goals :

التأسيس لنظام برلماني جمهوري
لتحقيق العدل و الحرية و الاستقرار
دعم قيم الحداثة
تعزيز حرية المرأة
إقامة علاقات جيدة مع الغرب

- Creation of a parliamentary and republican system.
- For the realization of justice, liberty and stability.
- Support of modern values.
- Enforcement [or: support] of woman's liberty.
- Establishing good relations with Western [countries].

الحزب الديمقراطي التقدمي
The Party of Progressive Democracy


التكتل الديمقراطي
The Democratic Block

البرنامج و الأهداف
Program and goals :

نموذج تنموي جديد
بنية تحتية اقتصادية
توفير مناخ ملائم للاستثمار

- A new model for [development].
- An economic infrastructure.
- A prospering climate favourable to investment.

القطب الديمقراطي الحداثي
Modern Axis of Democracy

البرنامج و الأهداف
Program and goals :

الفصل بين السلطات
استقلالية القضاء
حرية الإعلام و الفكر

- Separation of powers [i.e. governmental,
judicial and parliamentary power].
- Autonomy of justice.
- Freedom of information and opinion.

الاتحاد الشعبي الجمهوري
The People's Republican Alliance

حزب جديد و صفير
A new and small party [probably presenting about 2.000 people].

الهيئة العليا المستقلة للانتخابات
The Independent Election Committee Ali.

[i.e. followers of ousted president Ben Ali]

Docket of a ballot box indicating election ward "Tunis 2".

الانتخابات التونسية تشهد إقبالا كثيفا فاق نسبة 90% من إجمالي المسجلين
The Tunisian elections witnessed a massive [participation] of more than 90% of all [voters] registered.

[Source: Al-Arabiya, October 24, 2011]

According to the large number of ballots to be counted, final results should not be expected earlier than Tuesday.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

LIBYA - End of War النهاية الحرب

قتل القذافي

Gadafi Killed

لحق به نجلاه سيف الإسلام و المعتصم
Together with him his son Saif Al-Islam [in] a hiding-place.

صور متتالية تعرض لحظات سقوط القذافي حيا و ميتا و غارقا في دمائه
A picture after being exposed in the moments of defeat :
Gadafi living, [gesticulating] and smeared with his blood.
[Source: Al-Arabiya on October 20, 2011. Text referring to below photo]

Above photo: The corpse of Gadafi after being shot some time after his capture.

As to former leader Muamar Gadafi, reports of his death are already confirmed. There is a video showing him alive when being captured in Sirte where he was hiding in a sewer tunnel. Later he was shot in what the rebels named a crossfire. Gadafi died before reaching a hospital in Misrata. His remainings are kept there in a mosque. Gadafi's eldest son Saif Al-Islam was captured with him and seems to be hurt.

Above photo: U.S. foreign secretary Hillary Clinton getting the news of Gadafi's death.

The Day After: CNN visiting remains of Gadafi's last convoy that ended in a hell of flames.

The Day After: CNN visiting the drain pipe where Gadafi tried to hide after succeeding to escape from the annihilation of his convoy.

النهاية الحرب
The End of the War

المدينة سرت تقعت على الثوار
The Town of Sirte has Fallen to the Rebels

This morning, an ultimate attack of the rebel army and that was lasting not longer than 90 minutes freed Gadafi's hometown of Sirte from its last pro-Gadafi fighters. Bani Walid, another Gadafi stronghold was already freed some days ago.

According to a goal the National Transitional Council NTC of Libya has set, the war should now be declared as being over and preparations for general elections in order to form a regular government could be considered as the next steps for the NTC.

مراسل الجزيرة: اشتباكات عنيفة تدور في مدينة سرت الليبية بعد تجدد هجوم الثوار عليها
Subtitle of the above picture: "According to a correspondent of Al-Jazeera, violent fighting is taking place in the Libyan town of Sirte after a renewed attack of the rebels there."
The picture was included in Al-Jazeera's Arabic website. As the fighting lasted only 90 minutes, it seems they could not change the subtitle before the result of that fighting could be verified and which must have taken some time.

Opinion in the aftermath of Gadafi's death:

According to Telesur TV, Caracas, Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez named the killing of Gadafi an "outrage" and said the former Libyan leader "would be remembered as a fighter and martyr". Furthermore, Telesur cited Gadafi's spokesman Moussa Ibrahim that "Saif Al-Islam Gadafi had escaped" and should be considered free to take over political business from his father. [Telesur TV subtitles on October 21, 2011]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

IRAN - Controversial Signals from Tehran

Reloaded blogspot from October 16 including recent updates.

In the frame of an assassination plot, directed against the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Washington and allegedly planned by the Iranian leadership, U.S. President Obama sent special envoys to different regions of the world in order to inform foreign leaders. As Beijing was one important target of that U.S. information campaign, I overlooked latest Chinese publications on the assassination subject. Here's an article I found in semi-official People's Daily, online edition, published on October 16, 2011:

Headline: Iran's former president is warning that America might possibly use [military] force.

Above: Iran's former president Khatami

On [October] 13, Khatami granted [an interview] where he indicated: "I fear an increasing possibility of a U.S. [military] coup because there is a steadily growing demand for a pretext on the U.S. side. Our political leadership must therefore speak and act cautiously not to give America a pretext for using force."


Another article published by SINA, an online daily registered in the People's Republic of China, has the following headline which is citing the actual Iranian president Ahmadi Nejad:

Headline: [Ahmadi] Nejad replies to America's accusation of assassination and says Iran doesn't need to kill the Saudi ambassador.

伊朗伊斯兰共和国通讯社当天援引艾哈迈迪 - 内贾德的话说,美国官员每天都想方设法为伊朗制造新的危机,这一次他们指控伊朗参与恐怖活动, 但他们应该明白,恐怖主义是“没有教化的人“所做的事情,伊朗不需要做这样的事情。
The news agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran cited Ahmadi Nejad's sayings the same day [i.e. October 16]: Each day, U.S. officials are doing everything possible to create a new crisis for Iran. This time they accuse Iran of having a hand in terrorist activity, but they must understand that terrorism is the business of "[unchangeable] people [fixed in their views]", while Iran doesn't need to engage in such business.

[SINA, October 16, 2011]


Long forgotten: A scene of mutual understanding between the king of Saudi Arabia and the Iranian president.

Only one day later, on October 17, the ultimate blow is reaching Saudi Arabia from Iran's leadership, as has been reported by Beijing's People's Daily :

Headline: Iranian threat stating [Iran's] ability to occupy Saudi [Arabia] at any time.

After the U.S. announced having foiled the assassination plot that targeted the Saudi ambassador to the United States, such doubtlessly turning strained relations between Iran and Saudi [Arabia] to become white-hot, Saudi [Arabia] plans to submit that assassination affair to the United Nations Security Council and make the United Nations take new action against Iran. Iran is warning Saudi [Arabia]: Iran can by no means surrender to any external pressure. If Iran wants to, it can very easily occupy Saudi [Arabia] at any time.


ِAs to the offer of Iranian government circles to examine the value of U.S. intelligence material on the assassination plot and to have a look at the alleged culprit, Al-Arabiya wrote on October 17, 2011:

طلبت من واشنطن زيارة للمعتقل أرباب سيار
Headline: Washington is being requested to [allow] a visit of [its] prisoner Arbab Siar.

إيران تبدى استعدادها للنظر في اتهامها بالتخطيط لاغتيال السفير السعودى
Headline: Iran begins to prepare for the examination of that accusation [by the U.S.] of assassination plannings [targeting] the Saudi ambassador.

في تغير للموقف ألإيرانى نقلت وكالة "فرانس برس" عن وزير الخارجية الإيرانى على أكبر صالحى أن طهران مستعدة للنظر في اتهامات الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية بشأن مخطط اغتيال السفير السعودى
[Referring] to a change of the Iranian attitude, the agency "Faranis Pars" reported that Iran's minister of foreign affairs [among the most honorable (*)] [made clear] that Tehran is willing to examine accusations [launched by] the United States of America on the subject of plannings to assassinate the Saudi ambassador.

(*) = This could refer as well to a supreme council of state.


In an exclusive interview with Al-Jazeera in Tehran on Monday, October 17, Iranian president Ahmadi Nejad said that the alleged killing plot was fabricated by the U.S. to cause rift between Tehran and Riyadh and to divert attention from U.S. economic problems.

Last week, U.S. authorities charged that two Iranians were involved in the "plot directed by elements of the Iranian government" to kill the Saudi ambassador as part of a major "terror" attack. And U.S. attorney general E. Holder assumed that factions within the Iranian government were involved in the plot which was "conceived, sponsored and directed from Iran".

Despite the significance of the allegations, Ahmadi Nejad said that Tehran would not launch an investigation into the matter. Such statement is obviously opposing the above mentioned news that Iran's minister of foreign affairs might be willing to examine U.S. intelligence material on the subject.

As to Nejad's claim of U.S. allegations causing a rift between Iran and Saudi Arabia, a member of the National Security Network in Washington DC told Al-Jazeera that such rift has already been existing for many years now.


Trying to make an overall evaluation of the facts and news reports contained in the present blogspot of mine, I am declined to conclude that there is much inconsistency in the behaviour of the Iranian leadership. This might support U.S. considerations of factions within the government being involved in an assassination plot and that has not been brought to the attention of all leading figures in Iran. Yet, there could be evidence as well of a rather complicated relationship between political and religious leaders in Iran which would spontaneously produce an inherent reaction on any question of public interest.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Iranian Leadership behind Assassination Plot ?

UPDATE merged into original text on October 13/14:

The assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassador to Washington has triggered off strong U.S. protest towards Tehran as the Iranian leadership is being seen behind that unusual crime. One of the culprits has already been captured while another is still at large.

Here are the news headlines from AL-ARABIYA, Dubai, October 12 :

الرئيس الإيرانى أعد فريقا للاغتيالات بالتعاون مع فيلق القدس
The Iranian president prepared an assassination squad with the help of an "army corps of the saints" (*).

(*) = Probably meant are the "religious guardians" of Ayatollah Khamenei. Such interpretation would fit a political analysis transmitted by CNN and that is seeing the Ayatollah in charge of the assassination attempt together with the Iranian president.

أحمدى نجاد .. العقل المدبر لمحاولة اغتيال السفير السعودى في واشنطن
Ahmadi Nejad .. the brain of those who staged the assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

أكدت معلومات خاصة بقناة "العربية" أن الرئيس الإيرانى محمود أحمدى نجاد كان قد أعد فريقا للاغتيالات بالتعاون مع وحدة خاصة في فيلق القدس التابعة للحرس الثورى مهمتها تنفيذ اغتيالات
Special sources of Al-Arabiya Channel confirmed that Iranian president Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad has already prepared an assassination squad with the help of a special unit from the "army corps of the saints" which belongs to the revolutionary guard, their task being the realisation of assassinations.


Official opinion from Al-Wasat الوسط [The Center], Manama / Bahrain, published the following day [October 13].

البحرين تدين استهداف اغتيال السفير السعودي في واشنطن
Headline: Bahrain's condemnation of the assassination of Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Washington.

أدانت مملكة البحرين واستنكرت بشدة المؤامرة التي استهدفت اغتيال سفير خادم الحرمين الشريفين في واشنطن، موضحة أنها تتعارض مع القيم والأخلاق الإسلامية
The kingdom of Bahrain condemns and critisizes the violence of the conspiration that intended the assassination of ambassador Khadam Al-Harmin Al-Sharifin in Washington, clarifying this to be in contradiction with the values and moral of Islam ...


Al-Jazeera background information on October 14:

صحف إيران تندد بالاتهام الأميركى
Headline: The Iranian press make a stand against America's accusation.

أجمعت الصحف الإيرانية الصادرة أمس الخميس على رفض الاتهام الأميركى الموجه إلى البلاد بمحاولة اغتيال السفير السعودى في واشنطن ,معتبرة أنه اتهام يفتقر إلى الأدلة و يسعى لإثارة البلبلة بين الرياض و طهران
Yesterday, Thursday [October 13], the Iranian press stood united in [publishing] a rejection of the American accusation, directed against [their] country, of an assassination attempt against the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington, taking into consideration that the accusation needs to be proved and is intended to incite confusion between Riadh and Tehran.

المتهم بتولى تنفيذ خطة اغتيال السفير السعودى
Above: Person accused of being responsible for the execution of the assassination plot [directed against] the ambassador of Saudi Arabia.

Latest News from Al-Qaeda

الظواهرى يهدد و يدعوا - "ثورة" بالجزائر
Al-Zawahiri threatening and conjuring up - an Algerian "revolution"

The above photo is showing Al-Zawahiri while recording his last emission in June 2011.

حث زعيم تنظيم القاعدة أيمن الظواهرى في شريط مصور جديد اتباعه على استهداف الولايات المتحدة, و دعا إلى "ثورة" في الجزائر
The leader of Al-Qaeda organization, Aiman Al-Zawahiri, is insisting on his devotion regarding [his attitude towards] the United States on a new video tape, and he calls for a "revolution" in Algeria.

Source: AL-JAZEERA, Qatar.

Libya - Gadafi Son under Siege in Sirte

Exclusive news of the day by People's Daily, Beijing, online edition:

"Libya's [de facto] ruling authorities are saying that Gadafi's fifth son is under siege in Sirte."

"According to British media reports that cited yesterday's [NTC] military statement, Motassim Gadafi is already encircled in Gadafi's hometown of Sirte ..."


Today's daily report from Al-Jazeera cited a military bulletin of the revolutionary army saying that 90% of Sirte are already under their control. Nevertheless, intense fighting is going on as Gadafi loyalists are still well equipped with weapons and ammunition and are seemingly decided to fight till the very end.

To demonstrate normalization of life in the capital of Libya, Tripolis airport has been reopened today by the transitional authorities.

Above: "Libya lowers the curtain over 42 years of Gadafi rule." Source:, Arabic service.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Palestinians - Israeli Police in Action

شريط فيديو يكشف اعتداء قامت به الشرطة الإسرائيلية على عائلة فلسطينية في مدينة يافا
Video tape unveils aggression exerted by Israeli police against Palestinian family in the town of Jaffa.

We do not know why Israeli policemen are trying to arrest that Palestinian youth. Nor do we know why at least three officers are needed to keep him down when he is already lying on the floor. But according to the treatment of his upset family, we could imagine that there is some basic aggression making its way. Nice example of Israeli fascism, rather rarely seen in Germany nowadays. It seems they really learnt their business from our bad ancestors.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

China's Space Technology - "Long March" Rockets 中国的空间技术—长征运载火箭

"Heavenly Palace" No.1 project: Launching of "Long March" series II carrier rocket.

Carrier Rockets Used for China's Space Station Project

Actually available series of carrier rockets - picture of the whole family.

Schematic diagram of stage separation for "Long March" series III, identical procedure to the separation of stage 1 and 2 for "Long March" series II.

Schematic diagram of stage-3 propulsion engine for "Long March" series III.

The propulsion system uses liquid hydrogen (LH) as a fuel which is being mixed with liquid oxygen (LOX) in the upper part of the thrust chamber where ignition of the explosive mixture takes place. In a subsystem, small portions of hydrogen and oxygen are being mixed in a gas generator. After preheating, the now gaseous mixture has a remarkable pressure and can therefore drive the LH and LOX pumps. The escaping gas composition of the subsystem can then be released (or even burnt) in a side chamber and thus add to the thrust of the main chamber.
As to the "solid propellant starters" (items 17a,b) in the above drawing, I could imagine that these are solid state fuel cells for the "cold burning" of explosive gaseous mixture in the subsystem, thus generating a certain amount of electricity for initial operation of the pumps and ignition in the thrust chamber. Yet, this cannot be verified by additional information.

Propulsion device, identical for the second stage of carrier rocket "Long March" series III and II-3.

First and second stage of "Long March" series II-F.

Launching site at sunrise.

Advertisement for China's Aviation EXPO 2011 last September.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

China's Space Station - 中国的太空站


Successful launch of "Heavenly Palace" Tiangong No.1, the first module of China's future space station, on Friday September 30, 2011. Latest News:

The Premier of the State Council, Wen Jia Bao, meets with commanding members of the Tiangong No.1 flight mission and representatives of the research and experimental units at the Jiu Quan satellite launching site.
[人民网 - October 1, 2011]

At the Jiu Quan satellite launching center, an improved "Long March No.2 FT1" rocket successfully launched that mission.
[天宫一号成功发射 中国开启太空探索空间站时代 - CNII September 30, 2011]

Beijing Flight Control Center who carried out this successful mission made the first orbit control, raising the altitude of [Tiangong's] apogee from 346 km to 355 km.
[“天宫”太空筑巢期待“浪漫一吻” - SOHU October 1, 2011]

Hu Jin Tao, general secretary of the Communist Party, congratulating staff members after the successful launch.

根据规划,中国将在2010年发射“天宫”一号目标飞行器。“天宫”一号实际上是空间实验室的实验版,采用两舱构型,分别为实验舱和资源舱。之后,再发射“神舟八号”。“神八”是一艘无人的神舟飞船,与“天宫”一号进行无人自动对接试验。2015年前,再陆续发射“天宫”二号、“天宫”三号两个空间实验室。 “天宫”二号将主要开展地球观测和空间地球系统科学、空间应用新技术、空间技术和航天医学等领域的应用和试验。“天宫”三号将主要完成验证再生生保关键技术试验、航天员中期在轨驻留、货运飞船在轨试验等,还将开展部分空间科学和航天医学试验。
In 2010, according to the plannings, China set up its goal to launch "Heavenly Palace" No.1 as a flight device. "Tiangong" No.1 is in fact a space laboratory and experimental platform, applying a two cabin construction pattern that is separating an experimental cabin from a cabinet of resources.

Later, another launch of [the carrier rocket] "Boat of the Gods No.8" should take place. "Shenzhou No.8" is an unmanned [space] ship that should undergo some fully automated docking tests with the "Tiangong" No.1 device. Before 2015, "Tiangong" No.2 and "Tiangong" No.3, two space laboratories, will be launched in succession.

"Tiangong" No.2 is mainly used for the development of global observation, the science of spacial and global systems, as well as new technologies applied in space, space technology and medical research of spaceflight. Such are the domains of practical and experimental work.

"Tiangong" No.3 should mainly complete testing and verification of key technologies for regeneration and life protection by experimental means. Tracking experiments for the average time of astronauts when either being stationed [in space] or on board of a carrier ship. Furthermore, experiments for the development of partial space science and space flight medicine should be carried out.
[“天宫一号”空间实验室实体首次曝光 - IFENG August 3, 2011]

Fabrication of Tiangong No. 1:

With an overall length of 10,40 m and a maximum diameter of 3,35 m, the Tiangong No.1 [module] is a simple round shaped space cabin with a bisectional construction. Its internal life space is about 15 cubic metre.
[天宫一号成功发射 中国开启太空探索空间站时代 - CNII September 30, 2011]

Planned Assembly of Space Modules :

Module No. 1

Modules No. 1 and 2

Insertion of Connection Module

Model of Complete Station