Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama in Berlin - Speech on Transatlantic Partnership

Barack Obama, presidential candidate of the U.S. Democratic Party on his trip to Berlin / Germany, addressing more than 200.000 people in front of the famous Pillar of Victory (Siegessaeule).
His keynote speech on foreign politics has been transmitted live by CNN, Al-Jazeera and German TV (ARD). When the German cameras were already switched off, Al-Jazeera and CNN continued with background information and interviews.

There's even some time for German culture left:
German TV: We close punctually (German "Feierabend").
At the city hall: Tradition of signing the Golden Guest Book
("Wer schreibt, der bleibt" or "Writing is staying forever").

"We must renew the goal of a world
without nuclear weapons."

"Europe must stand by the U.S. in
bringing stability to Afghanistan."

"This is the moment when we must all
come together to save this planet"

The whole text of Obama's Berlin Speech is now available from The New York Observer.






《看中国》日报 20080723


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Forjar una América Latina independiente

22 de Julio 2008, hora local de La Habana:

"Mesa Redonda", una emisión regular de la Televisión Cubana, hoy sobre el tema "Forjar una América Latina independiente".

Los países mencionados son Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Nicaragua,
Venezuela y Rusia. Aqui unos aspectos de ésta emisión:

Recientemente, el Presidente de Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega,
y el Presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, se encontraban
para celebrar 29 años de victoria revolucionaria en Nicaragua
y para hablar de la necesidad de forjar una América Latina
independiente de los Estados Unidos. Indicando un mapa del
norte de América Latina, Chávez hablaba de "iniciar en éste
territorio una nueva revolución socialista".

Hay unos proyectos cubanos y venezolanos en otros países
latínoamericanos (alfabetización, electrificación, proyectos

Hoy, en Moscú, el Presidente Chávez habla de la importancia de buenos contactos con Rusia. Afirma Chávez que Venezuela y Rusia coinciden en política exterior.

Otros artículos sobre la alianza latinoamericana y Hugo Chávez:

14 de Mayo 2008
Las relaciones entre el "diablo rojo" Hugo Chávez
y la cancillera alemana "Angelito" Merkel.

5 de Diciembre 2006
Es una nueva época - Hugo Chávez
gana las elecciones de Venezuela.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OBAMA on Iraq and Terrorism - GUANTANAMO Torture

Important UPDATE further down !



يؤكد ان اولى لحظات عهده ستشهد دعوة الى انهاء الحرب في العراق

Obama's Keynote Speech
on Iraq and Terrorism

Here's the gist of U.S. Senator Obama's programmatic speech on Iraq and Terrorism, as transmitted by AL-JAZEERA TV, English service:

"(The stage of) the war on terror is not Iraq, and it never was."

"I will make the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, the top priorities that should be. This is a war we have to win."

Seizing Iraqi prime minister Maliki's demand of a U.S. withdrawal from his country, Obama stated:
"George Bush and John Mccain don't have a strategy for success in Iraq. - They have a strategy for staying in Iraq. They said we couldn't leave when violence is up, and they now say we can't leave when violence is down."

Obama added he would withdraw all U.S. combat brigades within 16 months from Iraq. Two brigades, i.e. about 7.000 to 10.000 men, should be transferred to Afghanistan that has to receive further economic aid as well.

On the other hand, non-military assistance has to be trickled to Pakistan within the next decade to reverse anti-American sentiments there, unless the U.S. want to "face mounting popular opposition in a nuclear armed nation at an axis of terror in radical Islam".

UPDATE (July 24, 2008):
Obama's keynote speech on foreign politics, held during his visit to Berlin / Germany.

Obama: "I've seen worse".

Tortured Youth in Guantánamo

Pictures from a video showing a 16 year old Canadian
boy, held in Guantanamo Bay and who is begging his
Canadian interrogator to kill him. The boy is showing
his scars obtained from torture by U.S. personnell.
The boy's portrait has been taken at the age of 15
when he was captured and transferred to Guantanamo.

That video, transmitted by AL-JAZEERA, CNN and CUBAVISION, has been illegally published by a Canadian official. The Canadian public is known to broadly oppose Canada's military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This comes only some days after parliamentary trouble in the UK because of a similar detention camp that has been secretly erected within the precincts of another U.S. base on Diego Garcia Island, a tiny British colony in the Indian Ocean. AL-JAZEERA showed treacherous satellite photos of that camp.
AL-JAZEERA (March 3, 2008): UN official has evidence for secret detention


Friday, July 11, 2008

IRAN - 伊朗革命卫队高官称“手指不离扳机”

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In a situation of looming danger of war and only two days after Iran's latest long-range missile test:
A high official of the Revolutionary Guard's air force states,
"We are not going to pull the trigger".


The missiles that are able to reach Israel and parts of Europe (source: Al-Jazeera TV, July 9, 2008):

The name "Shahab" given to that series of missiles would mean "meteorite" in Arabic. In the Persian language which is usually rather different from Arabic it might nevertheless have a similar meaning.

Headline of Al-Jazeera, Arabic online service, on July 11:
"Israel is making preparations to attack Iran".
Even though Israel is busy to deny any intention, there are signs hinting at Israel planning to install F 15 fighters in Iraq.