Sunday, November 27, 2011

Israel vs. Iran - Preparing for High Noon

Parading Iranian soldiers

People's Daily Online / People's Network on November 22, 2011:


Headline: Iran states it would make Israel pay with blood for blood.

人民网11月22日讯 据合众国际社报道,伊朗军方重要领导人日前表示,一旦伊朗受到以色列的军事袭击,伊朗即刻准备回击以色列。

On November 22, a People's Network report and that is citing "united international agencies" [probably meant: United Press International UPI] informed:
The day before, Iran's highest military leaders made it clear that in case Iran received a military attack from Israel, Iran would immediately prepare for a counter-attack against Israel.


A detonation that took place on a military base of the revolutionary guards 40 km south-west of Iran's capital Teheran on [November] 12, caused the death of 17, probably comprising the commander of the revolutionary guards (Mujia Damu).


The deputy chairman of the joint conference of Iran's chiefs of staff, (Laxide), claims that Israel certainly needs to be made to pay with blood for blood. If Israel once more offends Iran, Iran will then arrange for an overall deployment of guided missiles and prepare a heavy blow against each of Israel's central regions.


Such referring to Iran's manoeuvre that was opened at the beginning of the week [near] the eastern border, in an area covering 300.000 square miles and where military power is being deployed.

Latest news from the Arabic website of Al-Jazeera on November 27:

إيران تتوعد الدرع الصاروخي بتركيا

Headline: Iran endangers the missile shield of Turkey.

أكد قائد القوة الجوية التابعة للحرس الثوري الإيراني أمير علي حاجي زادة، أمس السبت، أن بلاده قد تستهدف الدرع الصاروخي لحلف شمال الأطلسي (ناتو) بتركيا في حالة نشوب أي صراع في المستقبل

A commander of the Iranian air force and which belongs to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Amir Ali Haji Saada, confirmed yesterday [i.e. Saturday, Nov. 26] that his country could [cope with] the missile shield of the North Atlantic Pact (NATO) in Turkey, in case of any future fighting.

Israel's defense minister Ehud Barak in a recent interview with CNN.

Will Israel attack Iran ?
Barak: The main issue on the table is Iran, its behavior, its intention.

America's role in the Middle East
Barak: Obama's administration "excelling" in its support of Israel.

Al-Jazeera Special (2007) on Israel's Nuclear Program:

Location of nuclear facilities in Israel.

من الملاحظ أن أكثر مواقع البرنامج النووي الإسرائيلي تقع قرب تجمعات سكنية عربية مدن أو قرى

It can be observed that most locations of Israel's nuclear program happen to exist near concentrations of Arabic inhabitants either in towns or villages.
[Most important Palestinian settlements (Ramallah, Jerusalem and Hebron) have been marked on the above map by their Arabic names written in small letters.]

Editor's remark:
There are different nuclear installations for research and storage of weapons in the central area of Israel, reaching from Haifa to lake Genezareth and from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, including the Soreq Center for Nuclear Research in Soreq brook valley that is stretching between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. But the most important facility for the development of nuclear weapons can be found in the southern part of the country where the Dimona Center for Nuclear Research is being located, right in the middle of the Negev desert. An international commission that once visited this installation many years ago had been deceived by a unique construction which concealed all essential laboratories in some underground levels below the area visited by the commission. No entrance to any lower level could be detected by that commission. Later, any further international request for another visit of the Dimona facility was categorically rejected.

It is only recently that Israel's government officially confirmed the possession of homemade nuclear weapons which has been an unspoken but open secret for many years.

A Walk About Israel - Suspicious Landscape South of Tel Aviv.

Quran-Sura 3:64

Editor's remark:
The above cited "People of the Book" are all those who once received a scripture from Allah (Arabic: "The God"), i.e. the Jews and their Torah, the Christians and their Bible, and finally, the Muslims and their Quran.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Libya - Former Strongmen Captured

After Muammar Al-Gadafi, now, his eldest son Saif Al-Islam and the former chief of Libyan intelligence, Abdullah Al-Senussi, have been captured.

From the archives of Al-Jazeera TV:
Intelligence chief Abdullah Al-Senussi in an interview.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Israel's guided missile system

David vs. Goliath Reloaded - Same Result Again ?

Two days ago, Israel's president Perez publicly declared it was time to attack Iran's nuclear facilities in order to withhold Iranian specialists from finishing their first nuclear device in a very near future. As Iran's president Ahmadi Nejad already indicated that Israel needed to be annihilated in order to restore peace in the Middle East, Israeli fears seem to be understandable. At the same time, any military action whatsoever taken by Israel's military against Iranian territory would certainly trigger off a military conflict of an unpredictable dimension. There are different arguments feeding such evaluation:

- Iran is a powerful regional nation with a high standard of military efficiency and that is based on modern Russian equipment and its own development of weaponry. Even though Russian president Putin lately agreed to stop the export of guided missiles to Iran, the country's military capabilities cannot be overestimated.

- Iran is a vast country that cannot be easily invaded like Afghanistan and Iraq. It's population might suffer from its political and religious leadership but would never accept a foreign attack. Therefore, military and civil resistance on all possible levels can be taken for granted.

- Iran's geopolitical situation is a very special one. Reaching from the backyard of Russia's political and economic sphere of influence (oil fields of Azerbaijan, natural gas resources of Turkmenistan) to the Persian gulf where it could threaten any westbound shipping of crude oil and petrochemical products. Furthermore, Iran is in direct contact with many Arab nations where people are historically opposing Israel and U.S. support of the Jewish state. Even the U.S. fostered governments in Afghanistan and Iraq enjoy friendly relations with their Iranian neighbours. Let alone China that is absolutely not interested in further turmoil in the Middle East and Central Asia, the region of rich oil resources so badly needed for feeding China's booming economy.

- Israel, on the opposite, has followed a rigid policy of suppression against their Palestinian neighbours, the original owners of their territory, since the very foundation of the Jewish state. Long harboured hate and mistrust on both sides have forged Israel into a paranoid community "under siege" that is forced to pump most of its national wealth into its army and the development of highly sophisticated weapons, including weapons of mass destruction.

- Having neglected its structural development for decades in favor of military excellence, Israel is now facing a difficult time where public protest is on the rise. In fact, Israel is addicted to regular support from its few friends, namely in the U.S., and cannot afford its military adventures and incursions into Gaza or Lebanon any longer. Even if their planned destruction of nuclear facilities in Iran was successful, Israel would not stand a continued military response for long.

Only remember the destruction of Saddam Hussein's secret nuclear facility in Iraq by Israeli warplanes many years ago : Such surprise attack, based on an unexpected intelligence coup by Israel's security service Mossad isn't possible any longer after public announcement. And even Mossad is no longer what it used to be (just remember the Dubai scandal when Mossad assassins were caught red-handed).

Therefore it would be wise to hold back the state of the Jews from dragging the West into a conflict that will certainly put the United States and its European allies into a position of confrontation against Russia and China that are both following their own economic interests in the region. And by the way : Why isn't anybody demanding Israel to give up its nuclear arsenal, the existence of which is already proven ?

Below: BBC video - Evidence Israel's nuclear weapons(Banned Censored) - Part I and II

Additional material :

- A semi-official U.S. evaluation of Israel's nuclear weapons potential dating back to 1999.

- Proliferation of nuclear weapons made in Israel to the former apartheid regime of South Africa : In 2010, the British daily GUARDIAN reported on a secret weapons deal signed by the defence ministers Perez and Botha in 1975.

"It's not the roaring of a lion but the shouting of a cornered cat."

Headline of a Chinese report on Israel's intention to attack Iran, published November 8 in People's Daily Online / People's Network.

On November 6, the French minister of foreign affairs, Alain Juppé, publicly declared his opposition to any attack launched against Iran's nuclear [facilities], saying that a military blow would probably trigger off " thoroughgoing turmoil " in the whole region.

[On the same day, Ayatollah] Alawi described Israel's proclamation in a public lecture as " not the roaring of a lion but the shouting of a cornered cat ".

Meeting between China's Prime Minister Wen Jia Bao and Russia's president Putin yesterday, November 7 [People's Network, Beijing]

First news on Israel threatening Iran [Al-Arabiya TV, November 6]

مع ترقب "تقرير حاسم" لوكالة الطاقة الذرية
Headline 1: In expectation of a " decisive report " from the [International] Nuclear Energy Agency.

الرئيس الإسرائيلي: احتمالات شن هجوم عسكري على إيران تنزاير
Headline 2: Israel's president [speaks about] increasing probabilities of launching a military attack against Iran.