Thursday, April 28, 2011

Syrie - Appel au Soutien

نداء للتضامن مع الشعب السوري
يوم الخميس 28 نيسان /أبريل 2011

Yesterday, the Syrian opposition website launched a call for support
directed to Syrian citizens living in Europe. Tonight, a demonstration
should take place in Paris at the "Wall of Peace" which is located on
Champ de Mars near Metro station École Militaire. Being in favour of
any democracy movement in the Arabic world, I feel obliged to pro-
liferate that information without being directly involved in any kind
of organisation that is behind the demonstration.

Hier, l'opposition syrienne a lancé un appel au soutien du peuple
syrien dans sa lutte contre le système autoritaire du président
Assad. Voici l'information:

L'Attentat de Marrakech / The Marrakech Bombing

At about 1:00 pm GMT, first news came in about the bombing of a café
in the center of Marrakech in Morocco. One of the following screenshots
from i-Tele TV, France, documents the very first announcement of that
incident which I happened to record "on time". At that time, it was not
quite clear whether this was a criminal assault of international impor-
tance or a mere accident. Latest news are reporting a death-toll of
15 while at least 20 persons were wounded. Most victims are foreign
tourists, 6 of the dead are French. A minister of the Moroccan govern-
ment related the bombing to Islamist activity. It would be the second
time after the Casablanca bombing in 2007 that militant Islamists are
related to such incident.

According to own information, Morocco has been an Al-Qaeda strong-
hold for many years. Upcoming political movements in the frame of the
"Arab Awakening" in Tunisia and Algeria are adding to a situation of
latent uprising.

1:00 pm GMT / 2:00 pm CET

2:00 pm GMT / 3:00 CET

22:59 pm GMT / 23:59 CET

The Royal Wedding - Congratulations from France

Le mariage royal et les congratulations à part de la France

The following material has been chosen from a TV special of French
origin and that is dealing with the royal marriage in London between
Prince William and Kate. - By the way, don't take it too serious !

Le matériel présenté ici a été choisi d'une émission de TV d'origine
française et qui s'occupe du mariage royal de Londre entre Kate et
le Prince William. - D'ailleurs, ne le prenez pas trop au sérieux !

The pictures are showing two British fans of the royal family, one a
collector of royal fan articles, the other a fundamentalist follower of
the royals, now sleeping in front of the cathedral where the couple
is expected to marry. As the latter put it, he has been raised with
royalist values and would ever respect the queen.

Les images montrent deux amants fous de la famille royale, l'une
collectionneuse des articles fan et l'autre un royaliste décidé et qui
dorme vis-à-vis de la cathédrale où le couple royal doit se marrier.
Comme le royaliste le dit, il est élevé avec ces valeurs royalistes et
veut toujours respecter la reine.

The first video added is showing that royalist guy and, as well, an
international contest of couples looking like Kate and William. The
winning couple seems to be of British (man) and French-Italian
(woman) extraction as could be imagined from their accents.

Le premier vidéo montre le type royaliste déjà mentionné et, aussi,
un concours international de couples semblables à Kate et William.
Le couple vainqueur est composé d'un homme probablement anglais
et d'une femme dont on peut remarquer l'accent français-italien.

The following video is an animated cartoon on wedding events and
could be named: "A prince, a princess and a fairy tale becomes true".

Le vidéo suivant est une BD animée sur le évènements du marriage
et qui peut être nommé: "Un prince, une princesse et un conte de
fées devient réalité."

Monday, April 25, 2011

Syria - Call for Protest

Excerpts from the latest edition of
the opposition website FREE SYRIA
سورية الحرة

كاتب بريطاني يرى ان الاسد فشل في تحديث بلاده وينصحه بالتنحي والعودة الى الحياة الخاصة قبل فوات الأوان
A British author (*) tells that Assad failed to meet with the modernisation of his [country] and advice [is given] to him to abdicate and to return to a private life before it might be too late.
كتب الصحافي البريطاني أدريان هاملتون مقالاً نشرته صحيفة "ذي اندبندنت"ـ
* = British journalist Adrian Hamilton and publisher of an article in the journal "The Independent"

ابن خال الرئيس بشار الأسد رامي مخلوف يسيطر على %60 من اقتصاد سوريا
A cousin of president Bashar Assad, Rami Machluf, is in control of 60% of Syria's economy.

دعوة للتظاهر في الجمعة العظيمة
Invitation to protest in the "week of greatness"

The article reminds almost 50 years of autocratic rule which the Syrian people together with their Kurdish compatriots had to endure. It therefore calls for protest in the week of the Easter celebrations and is obviously targeting the Christian minority as well as Syrian and Kurdish Muslims.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Libya - Current Situation

مصادر عسكرية في مطار صنعاء
الجيش ينشر طائراته في عدد من المحافظات
A military source at the airfield of [Sanaha]:
The [Gadafi] army deployed its numerous airplanes in the provinces.

ـ6 طائرات حربية اخرى من طراز فـــ5 أقلعت في اتجاه مطار مدينة العتق في محافظة شبوة
Six further F5 warplanes took off in front of the airport of
[Al-Hatac] township in Shabua province.

استمرار تدفق النازحية الليبيين على الأراضي التونسية و دعوات لتقديم العون لهم
Continued exodus of Libyan citizens to the fertile [regions] of Tunisia
and appeals to provide them with assistance.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Libya - News of the Day - ليبيا

Developments in the Libyan Campaign
التطورات الميدانية في ليبيا

الثوار الليبيون يسيطرون على معبر وازن ـ الذهيبة على الحدود مع تونس, و فرار 13 ضابطات ليبيا بينهم لواء سلموا أنفسهم للجيش التونسي
Libyan rebels are in control of the passage of Wazan - [access] to the Tunisian border, and flight of 13 Libyan officers, among them a brigadier general, and who are saving themselves to the Tunisian army.

الثوار يقولون إنهم تمكنوا من السيطرة على معبر وازن الحدودي مع تونس بعد اشتباكات مع الكتائب
Rebels say they have taken control of the passage of Wazan which is bordering Tunisia after engagements with [Gadafi] units.

مقتل مصورين أحدهما بريطاني و الأخر أمريكي في مدينة مصراتة
Two photographers, one British the other American, died in the town of Misrata.

Additional Remarks:

The border crossing at Wazan in Western Libya which is now under rebel control is badly needed to ensure military supply for the freedom fighters.

The photographers who died in Misrata had been working for Getty images and Vanity Fair.

Even though Gadafi troops already left the center of Misrata, civilians are still fleeing that place because of heavy shooting from the outside and U.S. bombing of targets near the road to Tripolis. Many civilian casualties are reported. Nato warned civilians to keep away as far as possible from possible targets of their air raids. [Source: Al-Jazeera, Arabic service]

Foreign military advisers from France are on their way to the rebel army. [Source: Arte, Paris]

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CUBA 2011 - Fidel's Resignation as Party Leader

Official resignation of Cuba's leader Fidel Castro. His brother Raul
taking over the charge of a secretary-general of Cuba's Communist
Party. The video is showing scenes from the actual 6th party congress,
the first after many years and that introduced new members of the
central committee. Most recent "Reflections of Fidel" on the political
development of Cuba are read by a speaker of Cubavision TV.

In his reflections, dated from April 18, 2011, Fidel remembered those many attempts to eliminate him. He considered that a most dangerous period of time had ended after the North-American Bush administration left place to a new government. At that time, he said, "mercenaries were already sitting on their luggage" ready to overthrow Communist rule in Cuba. As to the formation of a new central committee of the Communist Party, he said that two ideas were prevailing: The increase of feminine participation and the representation of members with an Afro-American background i.e. a background dating back to former times of slavery. Fidel also stressed the "revolutionary potential of Latin America" hinting at his friend and ally, the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. And he pointed out that "rule of capitalism" should not become an option for Cuba which his brother Raul had stated as well on the actual party congress. Fidel Castro, while referring to his retreat from daily politics, remembered that he has still preserved his ability of analyzing and writing. Nevertheless, he is now convinced that a leader's time of office should be restricted.

Pictures of the Week:
Click to the pictures to see more !

30.000 on a nightly demonstration in Homs (Syria).

Protesting Yemenite women in the streets of Sanaa.

Heavy fighting at Misrata and general Yunis, commander of the freedom fighters.

Egypt: Mubarak's former prime minister charged for corruption.

Japanese Fukushima plant: 9 month needed to cool off.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Arabic World - Latest Developments


While the English service of Al-Jazeera reported about further Nato bombings of Gadafi's military facilities, the Arabic service held a video conference with participants from Benghazi, Kairo and Paris on latest political development:

الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة بانكي مون يدعو إلى حل "سياسي" و "وقف إطلاق نار فوري" في ليبيا
United Nation's secretary-general Banki Mun is urging a "political" solution and an "immediate cease-fire" in Libya.

أمين عام حلف الناتو يقول إن الحلف يحتاج لمزيد من الطائرات للقيام بمهمته على أكمل وجه
The Nato secretary-general says the alliance needs the majority of [their] airplanes for the most perfect accomplishment of their mission.

هيلاري كلينتون تحث حلف شمال الأطلسي على الحفاظ على وحدة الصف في مواجهة القذافي
Hillary Clinton has incited the North Atlantic Pact to guard their unity when it comes to face Gadafi.

وصول سفينة قطرية إلى ميناء الاسكندرية قادمة من ليبيا على متنها 630 مصريا
Arrival of a [regional] ship in the port of Alexandria, the first one from Libya carrying 630 Egyptians.
[Please note: The translation could as well be "a ship from Qatar" instead of "a regional ship", the latter making more sense if one has in mind that the state of Qatar as place of ship registration could be inserted without ambiguity by simply choosing another phrase construction. Anyway, the essential information about Egyptian migrants, held in camps and willing to leave Libya, remains clear.]


Tunisian prosecutors want former president Ben Ali to face trial on the basis of 18 charges including drug trafficking and manslaughter. Ben Ali is now living in Saudi Arabia.


Former president Mubarak and both of his sons have been arrested only recently and are now facing charges of corruption.


Increasing pressure on Yemenite president Saleh to step down from office within a fortnight.


A new Syrian government has been formed on behalf of president Basher Assad following weeks of increasing unrest. Simultaneously, a release of political prisoners from a mass arrest has been ordered.

الخارجية الأمريكية: خطاب الأسد لا يرقى لمستوى الإصلاحات التي يريدها الشعب السوري و "يفتقر للجوهر"
According to the U.S. secretary of foreign affairs, Assad's speech has not proceeded to the level of reforms wanted by the Syrian people and has been "lacking substance". [Al-Jazeera on March 30, 2011]

Shooting people from a car in the streets of Baniyas, allegedly targeting security forces, and increasing masses of protesters in Damascus:

The following news have been published on an Arabic website related to Syrian protesters. It is called FREE-SYRIA السورية الحرة

نظام الأسد يقتل الجنود الرافضين لاطلاق النار على المدنيين

استشهاد المجند \ من الفرقة الرابعة \: محمد موسى اسماعيل
الجراد ، من مدينة الحارة في درعا ، وذلك باطلاق النار عليه
ورميه امام القطعة ،لرفضه اطلاق النار على المدنيين في
بانياس ، وسلمت جثته الى اهله اليوم مضايا: عاجل: استشهاد
الضابط مراد حجو من مضايا كان الشهيد

" While shooting at citizens, the Assad
regime is killing deserted soldiers. "

" The example of a recruit / from the fourth brigade [or: division] /: Mahmud Moussa Ismail al-Djarad, from the township of al-Khara in Dira. This one has been shot at and hit by a shrapnel [that came in front of him] when he refused to target citizens in the [coastal] town of Baniyas. His carcass was delivered to his family the day [after]: Urgent [News]: Citation of the officer M. Kh. who is the witness of what happened. "

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Japan - Contaminated Food Stuff in China

Yesterday, only hours after Japanese authorities raised the danger level of Fukushima Daiichi plant to the Chernobyl level, several Chinese internet sources reported on contaminated food stuff from Japan reaching Chinese markets.

The following reports from two Chinese online dailies should be cited in order to show how mere rumours can influence consumer's attitude towards Japanese food stuff products.

One publication from PR China's Gansu province ( has the headline:
"The selling of food stuff, imported from Japan and that has undergone nuclear radiation, is being blocked in our country."
The article is reporting on customer's behaviour in the township of Harbin, once known as the industrial center of Manchuria in Eastern China. People are saying that Japanese milk powder is being rejected "no matter if radiated or not". Already bought Japanese products should be brought back at once. This comes after an increase of Japanese sellings after the earthquake and before the extent of the nuclear catastrophe became known to a broader public. It must therefore be added that Japanese products are considered to be of an "unsual quality".

Another publication of the day from Phoenix Network ( is dealing with rumours that "Japanese trawlers packed with nuclear radiated fish are reaching Taiwan", an information that should not be trusted. Such rumours are said to have their origin in the worldwide web. Even though, the information of such shippings cannot be verified, customers in the Chinese republic of Taiwan are now finding themselves in a state of uncertainty.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Libya - African Roadmap to Peace

Yesterday night, the African Union presented a roadmap for peace in Libya. Several African presidents and other high-ranking officials therefore met with Colonel Gadafi in Tripolis. What makes the difference between Nato and African positions on the issue of Libya is that any demand for Gadafi's resignation has been omitted. Facing the fact that Gadafi earlier sponsored African governments with Libya's oil revenues, especially when it came to the issue of a Panafrican government to be established under Gadafi's probable leadership, that roadmap simply looks like just another effort of the Gadafi clan to cling to power.

الوفد الأفريقي التقى القذافي في طرابلس
African delegation of [encouragement for] Gadafi in Tripolis:

المجلس الانتقالي: مبادرة الاتحاد الأفريقي لا تتضمن رحيل القذافي و أبنائه عن المشهد الليبي
The [Libyan] council of transition says that the initiative of the African Union does not imply the emigration of Gadafi and his sons from the Libyan scene.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Libya - Recent Development

- A former U.S. congressman in a conversation with Gadafi, telling him to step down.
- Recent losses of the freedom fighters are related to unsufficient support from the international alliance. CNN news from April 6, 2011.

Abdul Fatah Junis, commander of the freedom fighters:

Hillary Clinton, U.S. foreign secretary of state:

Hospital ship carrying the wounded from Misrata to Tunis:

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Gadafi Clan - Clinging to the Power

خطة لتنحية القذافي على أيدي أبنائه
يقودها سيف الإسلام و الساعدي

Plannings to get rid of Gadafi in favour of his sons
under the direction of Saif al-Islam and al-Saidi:

- New York Times:
Plannings to get rid of Gadafi and for the transition
to a constitutional democracy led by Saif al-Islam.

- Confusing position of Gadafi about [such] plannings
and their support by Saif al-Islam and al-Saidi.

Further News about Libya:

الثوار يبدأون هجوما من ثلاثة محاور على مدينة البريقة
Rebels have begun a three-sided offensive at Breqa township.

The deputy foreign minister of Libya is visiting Greece and Turkey
in order to deliver the above mentioned message of the Gadafi clan.

حراك سياسي بحثا عن محرج
تركيا تتصدر وساطة دبلوماسية لإنهاء الأزمة في ليبيا
Political activity seeking a vow from Turkey to preside over
a diplomatic mediation that [deals with] the Libyan crisis.

Scotland Yard requested an interview with defected Libyan foreign
minister Mousa Kousa on the 1988 Lockerbie incident. As earlier
reported, there are hints that Gadafi had been directly involved
in the bombing of a passenger plane that killed all passengers and
many inhabitants of the Scottish village of Lockerbie. After his
defection, Mousa is now being "debriefed" in a safe house of the
British authorities.

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Libya - The War of a Crumbling Regime

COMMENT by Ulysses
based on the latest news report
of Al-Jazeera on April 2, 2011

During the last days, Libyan rebels have lost ground. However, this is not a decisive point in the development of their battle for Libya.

Lots of overexcited volunteer fighters, shooting in the air when nobody is around, have now been banned from the frontline together with all nosy correspondents from the international media. Such, there is nobody left to stand in the way of military operations by, both, allied forces and freedom fighters. It is estimated that some civilian casualties of allied bombardment should have been due to unauthorized persons on the battlefield.

From now on, only trained military personnel is holding the line. One of their commanders, a former colonel of the Gadafi army and one of the first who defected to the freedom fighters, put it that way: "The Gadafi officers have fled in the wake of high-ranking defections, and there are only 50 soldiers left on the other side in Brega." A senior U.S. analyst, questioned by Al-Jazeera, had another explanation for the volunteers he described as " the gang that could not shoot straight ". He said that such rebel fighters were undergoing a kind of " Darwinian experience ". Those who are unskilled and unintelligent will die soon. Others who learn will stay alive a little longer, and those who stick to experienced fighters will learn even more. However, " there is still a long way to go ".

Meanwhile, different contacts between the rebels and government authorities have been established on different levels. Mainly, a former Jordanian foreign minister is acting as a special envoy for both sides. However, a ceasefire recently offered by the rebels has been rejected by the Gadafi government. In any case, that decision is expected to deliver further discord within the inner circle of power in Tripolis. As could be heard from Britain, even more high-ranking followers of Gadafi or members of his clan are now looking for a safe place outside of Libya. That is why the Foreign Office in London felt obliged to remember the Libyan leadership of their final goal in the Libyan affair which is the resignation of Colonel Gadafi from power.

نصيب كل دولة من النشاط العسكري
Proportion of all nations [engaged] in military activity:
U.S.A. 90

France 33

Britain 17

Italy 16

Canada 11

Turkey 7.6

Netherl. 7.1

Spain 6.2

Belgium 6

Norway 6

Denmark 4

Greece 2

Romania 1

Bulgaria 1

[Germany is missing.]

التطورات الميدانية في ليبيا
Development of the [military] campaign in Libya.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Libya - Defection of Gadafi's Staff

Libyan foreign minister Mousa Kousa
defected to Britain the day before:

انشقاق مزيد من الشخصيات الرفيعة القريبة من العقيد القذافي بمن فيهم عبد السلام التريكي
Discord rising between high-ranking persons near to Colonel Gadafi including Abd al-Salam al-Tiriki (*).

* = Ali Abdul Salaam Al-Tiriki, Col. Gadaffi’s personal envoy whose brief in his office is the African Union. [Name written as it is spoken and text cited from an African source]

شخصيات ليبية من بينها شكري غانم و عبد العاطي العبيد تغادر ليبيا لتونس
Several persons from Libya, including Shakri Ranam and Abd al-Hadi al-Abid, defected from Libya to Tunisia.

For more information onشكري غانم و عبد العاطي العبيد refer to another website in Arabic related to "Kol Israel", the national broadcasting service of Israel. [April 1, 2011]

عبد الرحمن شلقم
مندوب المجلس الوطني الانتقالي الليبي لدى الأمم المتحدة
Abd al-Rahman Shaliqam, delegate of the national
council of transition in Libya at the United Nations:

Mr. Shaliqam is the envoy of the provisional administration of transition in Benghazi. From New York he participated in a late-night TV broadcast by Al-Jazeera on Gadafi's personal staff.

The following link in Arabic is leading to a website of Al-Arabiya TV that present their video on defection of high-ranking personnel of the Gadafi staff. [March 31, 2011]

وزير الخارجية الليبيا موسى كوسا
Libyan foreign minister Mousa Kousa:

An earlier news report on the defection of the Libyan interior minister, dating back to February 22,2011, has been added below: