Thursday, April 21, 2011

Libya - News of the Day - ليبيا

Developments in the Libyan Campaign
التطورات الميدانية في ليبيا

الثوار الليبيون يسيطرون على معبر وازن ـ الذهيبة على الحدود مع تونس, و فرار 13 ضابطات ليبيا بينهم لواء سلموا أنفسهم للجيش التونسي
Libyan rebels are in control of the passage of Wazan - [access] to the Tunisian border, and flight of 13 Libyan officers, among them a brigadier general, and who are saving themselves to the Tunisian army.

الثوار يقولون إنهم تمكنوا من السيطرة على معبر وازن الحدودي مع تونس بعد اشتباكات مع الكتائب
Rebels say they have taken control of the passage of Wazan which is bordering Tunisia after engagements with [Gadafi] units.

مقتل مصورين أحدهما بريطاني و الأخر أمريكي في مدينة مصراتة
Two photographers, one British the other American, died in the town of Misrata.

Additional Remarks:

The border crossing at Wazan in Western Libya which is now under rebel control is badly needed to ensure military supply for the freedom fighters.

The photographers who died in Misrata had been working for Getty images and Vanity Fair.

Even though Gadafi troops already left the center of Misrata, civilians are still fleeing that place because of heavy shooting from the outside and U.S. bombing of targets near the road to Tripolis. Many civilian casualties are reported. Nato warned civilians to keep away as far as possible from possible targets of their air raids. [Source: Al-Jazeera, Arabic service]

Foreign military advisers from France are on their way to the rebel army. [Source: Arte, Paris]

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