Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Japan - Contaminated Food Stuff in China

Yesterday, only hours after Japanese authorities raised the danger level of Fukushima Daiichi plant to the Chernobyl level, several Chinese internet sources reported on contaminated food stuff from Japan reaching Chinese markets.

The following reports from two Chinese online dailies should be cited in order to show how mere rumours can influence consumer's attitude towards Japanese food stuff products.

One publication from PR China's Gansu province ( has the headline:
"The selling of food stuff, imported from Japan and that has undergone nuclear radiation, is being blocked in our country."
The article is reporting on customer's behaviour in the township of Harbin, once known as the industrial center of Manchuria in Eastern China. People are saying that Japanese milk powder is being rejected "no matter if radiated or not". Already bought Japanese products should be brought back at once. This comes after an increase of Japanese sellings after the earthquake and before the extent of the nuclear catastrophe became known to a broader public. It must therefore be added that Japanese products are considered to be of an "unsual quality".

Another publication of the day from Phoenix Network ( is dealing with rumours that "Japanese trawlers packed with nuclear radiated fish are reaching Taiwan", an information that should not be trusted. Such rumours are said to have their origin in the worldwide web. Even though, the information of such shippings cannot be verified, customers in the Chinese republic of Taiwan are now finding themselves in a state of uncertainty.

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