Thursday, September 29, 2011

LIBYA - War Zone Sirte by GoogleEarth

منطقة حربية في سرت

Thanks to GoogleEarth, it is possible to have a closer look at one of the remaining war zones in Libya: Sirte, hometown of the Gadafi clan. It should be noted that none of the available satellite views can be expected to show the actual situation. Nevertheless, there are many hidden signs of shelling and the presence of military vehicles at strategic places. The following pictures were taken and prepared the day before [September 28, 2011].

Quoting Al-Jazeera's News of the Day [September 28-29, 2011] :
Fighters belonging to National Transitional Council said on Wednesday
[Sept. 28] they were in control of the airport after intense fighting in the coastal city, one of the last of two bastions of support for the deposed Libyan leader.
Our correspondent said:"People that are trapped in Sirte have told us that the situation is dire, there is no electricity or water. The hospitals have no medicine and no staff.
"The NTC are concerned about the people that are trapped in Abu Hadi, they are from across the country. They don't have water or electricity, it seems like they have been used as human shields."
"There is a an urgency for the fighters to take over Sirte as soon as possible."

رويترز: ثوار ليبيا يحكمون سيطرتهم على مطار سرت
News agency Reuters: Libyan rebels consolidate their control over Sirte airport. [September 29-30, 2011]

Center of Sirte. The yellow arrow indicating a street crossing that is shown in another magnified view straight below.

Sirte airport and township, including the above mentioned community of (Qasr) Abu Hadi.

Above and below: Damaged highway between Sirte airport and township. Damages probably caused by shelling.

Sirte airport. Planes could only be detected on two side terminals. Therefore, this satellite view might have been recorded after the installation of the no-flight zone.

A military terminal with some abandoned jet fighters.

Civilian air terminal with some grounded planes.

Al-Jazeera Video of the Day

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yemenite President - Speech after Return to Sanaa

Having returned from Saudi Arabia after treatment of his wounds originating from an assault on the presidential palace in Sanaa, President Ali Abdulla Saleh is still unable to see the facts. Instead he shows himself defiant and willing to rely on foreign help from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. Here are some of his stances:

الرئيس اليمني: و طننا يمر بمرحلة خطيرة منذ أكثر من سنة
The Yemenite president: And rumours are circulating about a critical era since more than a year.

خطاب للرئيس علي صالح .. و محتجون يحتفلون في ساحة التغيير بالذكرى 49 للثورة اليمنية
An expression of president Ali Saleh ... And protesters (*) are feasting on the square of renovation on the 49th anniversary of the Yemenite revolution.

(*) = This time its demonstrators in favour of Abdullah Saleh.

الرئيس اليمني: هناك تعاون بين القاعدة و الجماعات الخارجة على القانون و الشرعية
The Yemenite president: [We are having] a cooperation between Al-Qaeda and "opposing communities".

(*) = Here we meet with an interesting formulation that can be translated either as "communities of dissidents" or as "communities of foreigners". The first translation implying an assumed cooperation between Yemenite protesters and Al-Qaeda. This should be seen in the frame of president Saleh expressing his thanks for help in the fight against "terrorism" which he directed equally to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the United States.
At some time of his speech, Saleh even said that "criminals are stealing the country's wealth" which struck me by surprise as I always thought, Yemen was only delivering immigrant workers to rich but low populated Saudi Arabia.

الرئيس اليمني: نحن ملتزمون بالمبادرة الخليجية لتنفيذها كما هي و التوقيع عليها من قبل نائبي
The Yemenite president: We are engaged in the initiative of the Gulf [states], its realization ... and its signature before the [Yemenite] vice-president.

صالح: هناك دولة تطلب منا ضبط النفس و لا تطلب من الأخرين وقف التخريب
Saleh: There is a nation that demands control of itself and that does not demand from [anyone] disturbance by destruction.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

YEMEN - Bloody Harvest

Severely wounded child in a Sanaa hospital.

اليمن: رصاص يحصد و حراك سياسي و تفاؤل أميركي
Yemen: "Bloody harvest", political activity and U.S. optimism.

The day before provided most bloody scenes from the rebellion in Yemen while Yemenite president Abdulla Saleh is still unwilling to retreat. Security forces fired live rounds at protesters in Taiz and in the capital of Sanaa, thus killing and wounding scores of them and even targeting children. It is reported that, at the same time, different factions of the Yemenite army, pro-government and pro-rebels, were fighting against each other and artillery fire was heard throughout Sanaa. A cameraman working for an Arab news agency was severely wounded during the incidents and might be dead by now. After being hit, he left his camera running. His recording can be viewed in a video that will soon be added to this blogspot.

مقتل 30 شخصا في صنعاء و تعز برصاص الأمن و الوسيطان الخليجي و الأممي يصلان إلى اليمن
30 died in Sanaa and Taiz by bullets of security [forces], and mediators from, both, Gulf [states] and the international [community] are getting in contact with Yemen.

العاهل السعودي عبد الله بن عبد العزيز يبحث مع الرئيس اليمني الأوضاع الراهنة في اليمن
The sovereign of Saudi [Arabia], Abdulla Bin Abd Al-Aziz, is considering the actual situation in Yemen together with the Yemenite president.

Transportation of wounded protesters on motorbikes in Taiz.

News headlines of the day on latest proceedings in Yemen, Syria and Libya, followed by in-depth report on Yemen. Al-Jazeera, Arabic service, September 19, 2011.

Monday, September 19, 2011

GERMANY - Berlin State Elections

Deutscher Kommentar am Ende des Blogspots !

Today, Germany's ruling coalition between Christian Democrats (CDU) and Free Liberals (FDP) is suffering from its seventh defeat in succession in German state elections. Even though, Chancellor Frau Merkel's CDU enjoyed a moderate increase of votes (23,4 %) it could not match with the Social Democrats (SPD) who led the race with a slight loss (28,3 %). The FDP of Frau Merkel's coalition partner, foreign minister Westerwelle, almost vanished from the statistics (1,8%) as it remained under 5% of all votes which is a compulsory limit in Germany that any political party has to reach in order to get access to Parliament on the state level as well as on the federal level.

The Social Democrats (SPD 28,3 %) can now build a coalition with the Green's (Die Grünen 17,6 %) who added 4,5 % to their last election result. This seems to be the favourite solution in public discussion. Such coalition would have a majority of two seats (i.e. 78 of 152) in Berlin state parliament.

An alternative could be a "big" coalition between SPD and CDU which seems to be rather unlikely at the moment. The usual "red-red" coalition between SPD and pro-Communist Leftists (Die Linke 11,7 %) cannot be continued because of Leftist losses.

Most losses of the established parties have favoured the Pirates' Party (Die Piraten) that started from scratch to 8,9 % and made the real shooting star of this election. It mirrors German citizens' displeasure at increasing security control and regulation of the internet and other areas of public life. The brandnew Pirates' Party seems to represent a group of voters that is present across established party boundaries and age limits. They resemble the Greens' Party at their beginning when the Greens were the first to respond to the requirements of nature and a "healthy" use of industrial techniques.

According to German law, no projection of voters' decision based on a sophisticated opinion poll outside of the polling stations may be published before 18:00 in order to avoid any rigging of the election results. Nevertheless, a reliable projection of voters' decision is already available hours before. I heard the projected result about three hours earlier on a foreign satellite TV station when consequences for the Merkel government were already being discussed.

Die Glosse zur Wahl:

Meinungsforscher haben jetzt das Erfolgsrezept der Piraten-Partei ergründet:
Eigentlich hat sie bis zur Berliner Regionalwahl kaum jemand gekannt oder für voll genommen. Schließlich glaubten einige Wähler, dass es sich bei der neuen Piraten-Partei nur um einen Werbegag der FDP handeln konnte. Um eine bessere Wiedererkennbarkeit der grundlegenden Parteiziele zu gewährleisten, so vermuteten sie, hatte die Führungsspitze der liberalen Freibeuter beschlossen, bei den Landtagswahlen die Akzeptanz und Werbewirksamkeit des neuen Parteinamens zu testen. Er sollte der FDP ("Freibeuter Deutscher Provenienz") einen Hauch von Abenteuer und jugendlicher Frische wiedergeben und damit auch die Gruppe junger Erst- und Nichtwähler erreichen. Kurz entschlossen wählten diese Leute also die Piraten-Partei, in der Annahme, es handele sich lediglich um eine neue Form der FDP mit einer ehrlicheren Fassade. So kam es denn, dass die FDP nahezu alle ihre Stimmen an die Piraten-Partei abgab. Ein tragischer Irrtum also, der eigentlich nur auf einer missglückten Werbekampagne beruhte.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

LIBYA - Fighting for Gadafi's Hometown

Rebel fighters invaded Gadafi's residency in Southern Sirt. That's where he obviously used to live and kept his military decorations and photographs of his family. The decorations of honour are originating from different Arab and African nations. One of the photographs is showing Gadafi together with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Personal belongings like the envelope of a letter directed to him or a framed copy of a national treaty are proving the authenticity of this place.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Al-Qaeda on September 11 Anniversary

UPDATE of September 18 further down !

الظواهري يدعو الثورات العربية لإرساء أسس الإسلام.. وتنظيم القاعدة يشيد بالثورات
Al-Zawahiri praises the Arabic revolutions for anchoring the foundations of Islam ... and Al-Qaeda organization is celebrating the revolutions.

نقلا عن رويترز- تسجيل صوتي جديد بث لزعيم القاعدة الجديد أيمن الظواهري يبرز فيه لقطات مصورة لم يسبق إذاعتها لزعيم القاعدة السابق أسامة بن لادن بمناسبة ذكرى هجمات 11 سبتمبر.
Reported by Reuters: A new sound record originating from the new leader of Al-Qaeda, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, has appeared and which is illustrated with views not published before of former Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden on the occasion of the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

و قال الظواهري في التسجيل " تمر بنا هذه الأيام عشر سنوات على الغزوات المباركات في نيويورك و واشنطن و بنسلفانيا, ذلك الحدث الهائل الجبار الذي هز أركان الصليبية العالمية و لازال يهزها هزا, مرت عشر سنوات إنتصرت فيها الأمة المسلمة بمجاهديها على الإستكبار الصليبي إنتصارات متتاليات
And Al-Zawahiri said in the recording: " We consider these days of the ten years [after] the raids of benediction in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania [as a] fabulous and gigantic incident which excited the leadership of the global crusaders and doesn't end to excite them. In the course of ten years, the community of the [respectable] took on the struggle against [those who] admire the crusade [and thus won successive victories]."

و أضاف قائلا أمريكا لا تواجه أشخاصا و لا جماعات لكنها تواجه أمة منتفضة, تلك الحقيقة لا تعترف بها أمريكا بل و لا تريد أن تعترف الإسلامية إستطاعت أن تواجه من تسمي نفسها أقوى قوة في تاريخ البشرية
And he added that America should not confront the people and not communities only because they are opposing an uprising nation, hitten by reality [and yet] not realizing it, even an America unwilling to accept Islamism was able to face [what can be named] a very strong power in human history.

و فيما يتعلق بالإنتفاضات العربية قال الظواهري انه يأمل بأن ترسى حركات الإحتجاج التى أطاحت بزعماء تونس و مصر و ليبيا الأرض الإسلام الحقيقي
And while referring to the Arabic uprisings, Al-Zawahiri said that he is expecting [these] movements of protest would get anchored and overthrow the leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya [which belong to] the territory of an authentic Islam.

و أضاف قائلا "كما أرض أهل الأموال الحريصين على نصرة الإسلام أن يبادروا بالاستفادة من الإنفتاح الحالي في تونس و مصر, إعلامية جديدة تدعو للعقيدة الصحيحة و الإسلام المتحرر من التبعية للمستكبرين, و الرافض لظلم الحكام المغسدين"ْ
And he added: "[How corruption makes] the family of fortunes [or: the rich people] jealous [to enjoy] support from Islam such that they [may] hurry up gaining profit from the present opening in Tunisia and Egypt. Latest notifications called for the right confession and Islam being freed from dependences in the admiration [of Allah] and the heresy of [both] corrupt leaders' injustice.

و تضمن التسجيل أيضا رسالة قالت القاعدة أن بن لادن سجلها قبل أن تقتله القوات الأمريكية خاصة في مايو الماضي, يحذر فيها "أن تصبحوا رهائن في إيدي" الشركات الكبرى
And included in the recording was a letter that, according to Al-Qaeda, had been registered with Bin Laden before he was killed by U.S. special forces last May and in which he warned "that they will meet their dawn as hostages in my hands *".

[ * = The quoted text in brackets seems to be kind of an Arabic dialect.]

Source: Tahrir News Online, September 13, 2011.
This source is being cited because relevant websites from Al-Jazeera and Ashark Al-Awsat on that subject were not yet linked at the time I was searching for latest news. I tried to translate as much as possible within the following hours, yet leave that text without further comment. Maybe, you might like to refer to my blogspot of September 11, 2011.

The chief editor of Al-Quds Al-Arabi, the most important Palestinian daily, remembers when he met Osama Bin Laden in the Tora Bora region after U.S invasion of Afghanistan. Then he asked him how he could venture to fight against such mighty nation as the U.S. who would follow him even to Afghanistan, and Bin Laden replied it was exactly his plan to lure the U.S. to Muslimic ground where he could fight and defeat them more easily than on their own territory. ... It must have been his most lucky day when U.S. Bush administration declared war on Iraq on the basis of faulty charges. Once U.S. troops were fighting on Muslimic territory, Islamic communities could only react by declaring a defensive Holy War to the West. In that sense, Osama Bin Laden was really successful.
All of Al-Qaeda's prior assaults on the U.S., starting with embassy bombings in East Africa and the U.S.S. Cole bombing in Yemen up to the September 11 incidents in 2001, should then be seen as the preparatory steps of a strategy intended to get the hated Yankees mixed up in endless fighting on hostile ground in order to bleed them out. This evaluation is shared by a former CIA official who put it that way: "In fact, Mr. Bin Laden said : Jump ! And Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney asked: How high ?"
[Al-Jazeera, English service, Special on Terrorism, September 18, 2011]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gadafi's Assassination Squad

" DGSE Watching Over NTC "

" French security services foiled several assassination attempts directed against members of the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya. Equipped with efficient means of telephone tapping, the Directorate General for External Security( DGSE) had intercepted communication calls from Benghazi, seat of the NTC, directed to Tripolis since the beginning of April and before the fall of Gadafi. These interceptions were facilitated by a vanishing system of civil communications due to the destruction of networks. They allowed to identify armed persons who enjoyed direct contact with the NTC's top level. The French left it to the latter to regulate these sensitive affairs. "
[L'Express, Paris, August 31, 2011]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Considering Events on September 11, 2001

The following graphic composition has been created in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, and during the initial phase of war in Afghanistan. It was intended to make people consider the real background of those disastrous incidents that did not happen by chance but were based on a radical philosophy which is still present in the heads of many isolated Muslims who might be preparing for another suicide attack just now.

For a better resolution, please click to the image !

Until recently, Abdel Hakim Belhaj has been the military chief of the Libyan rebels. While the Gadafi regime is reaching its end, partly due to Belhaj's guidance of rebel units, the NTC's military commander in chief has recently been questioned about his past. Considered a suspect for Islamic extremism in the eyes of the U.S. and in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, he is now enjoying high esteem among Libya's rebel fighters and who look at him as a decent guy who would be able to combine Muslimic belief with a strong sense for democracy. Al-Jazeera spoke to him:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

EGYPT - Reaction from Israel

Just some minutes ago, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu appeared on a press conference, and it was most interesting what he said in the aftermath of the attack on Israel's Cairo embassy.

First he thanked Egyptian security forces for their commitment and underlined Israel's firm will to stick to the peace treaty between both countries. Then he confirmed his intention to smooth relations with Turkey and with the Palestinians by means of negotiations. After all, he acknowledged that " there are greater forces at play " than Israel's actions in the Middle East.

Now, let's hope that these words of his will still have some value when it comes to direct talks between the parties involved. Unfortunately, it must be noted, that especially the Israeli-Palestinian talks never lead to anywhere in the past years.

Above image showing a correspondent of Israel's daily Haarez
and who has been invited to participate in the actual edition
of "Revolution Talk" broadcast by Al-Jazeera, Arabic service.

رئيس الوزراء الإسرائيلي يقول إن بلاده تتطلع لإعادة سفيرها إلى القاهرة في أقرب وقت ممكن
The prime minister of Israel says that his country hopes to reconstruct its embassy in Cairo up to the earliest date possible.

EGYPT - Anti-Israeli Protest

This time, the Israeli ambassador to Egypt has been chasen away by the Egyptian people. He fled to his country while masses stormed his embassy in Kairo, tearing down a security wall and, finally, the Israeli flag. Even though, never being in favour of any breach of international law, there is much understanding on my side. After 30 years of diplomatic relations between both countries, a frosty peace has been broken after the killing of Egyptian soldiers by Israeli guards at their common border. Yet, it is not the fact of the (probably accidental) killings alone that made people take to the streets. In fact, the border incident can be taken as a symbol of how Israel is dealing with anybody not in favour of their politics or just standing in the way when Israel is just punishing somebody else. Extensive shellings of all regions inhabited by Palestinians can be taken as a proof.

By the way, it's only some days ago that Turkish prime minister Erdogan demanded the Israeli ambassador to leave the country, following disagreement in the "boating affair" that had been incited by citizens from different countries to express their support for suffering Palestinians in Gaza. This might be just a diplomatic problem both sides are eager to solve behind the stage. Nevertheless, it shows how "political hurricans" in the Middle East are only beginning to turn against Israel.

Friday, September 09, 2011

LIBYA - Final Breakdown of Gadafi's Regime

14 of Muammar Gadafi's government officials have reportedly arrived in Niger. [Al-Jazeera, English service, September 9, 2011]

وزير العدل النيجري يقول ان معمر القذافي ليس في البلاد
The minister of justice of Niger stated that Gadafi is not in [his] country.
[Reuters, Arabic service, September 7, 2011]

وذكرت وكالة أنباء "أسوشييتد برس" أن حكومة النيجر أعلنت أول من أمس أنها "ترحب لأسباب إنسانية" بمجموعة مكونة من 13 ليبيا، ليس من بينهم القذافي، كانوا قد وصلوا في أربع سيارات يوم الثلاثاء. وأضاف البيان أنه لم يكن هناك أي قافلة من 200 سيارة كما ذكرت بعض وسائل الإعلام.
The [news] agency " Associated Press " reminds that the government of Niger has stated the day before yesterday that it would " receive with open arms for reasons of humanity " the group consisting of 13 Libyans, not comprising Gadafi, and who have entered [the country] in 4 cars on Wednesday. And they are agreed hospitality [on the basis of] not being here [with a] convoy of 200 cars like some [mass] medias remembered.
[, Al-Quds Al-Arabi Online, Palestinian daily, September 9, 2011]

اندلاع القتال حول المدن التي يسيطر عليها القذافي في ليبيا
Outbreak of fighting in Libya near those towns that are under control of Gadafi. [, Arabic service, September 9, 2011]

محكمة الجنايات الدولية تطلب من الشرطة الدولية "الانتربول" اعتقال معمر القذافي
The International Court of Justice urges International Police [organization] Interpol [to care for] the arrest of Muammar Gadafi.
[Al-Jazeera, Arabic service, September 9, 2011]

The existing warrant for Gadafi includes his once powerful son Saif al-Islam and Gadafi's chief of security services Senoussi.
[Annotation: According to rebel forces, Senoussi's death has already been confirmed. His office was searched and all kinds of interesting documents were found already days ago. Such documents are partly dealing with Gadafi's security services working together with Western services like the CIA in the frame of "questioning" alleged terrorists outside of the United States in cooperating countries.]

Thursday, September 08, 2011

UPDATE - Gadafi about Flight into Niger

After yesterday's news on Gadafi convoys crossing the border to Niger, Gadafi himself feels obliged to renounce all speculations on his whereabouts in an audio message, broadcast by a Syrian TV station. Now, there are some who might say: He is lying whenever he opens his mouth. At least, there seem to be people in Chad, Niger or even Mauritania who are possibly waiting for Libya's former ruling class.

Latest News:

Today, Gadafi confidant Mohamed Abdul Quasim Al-Zwai was detained by Libyan rebel fighters. Al-Zwai was the secretary general of the General People's Congress during Gadafi's rule. He is reported for having said Gadafi would flee Libya heading for Niger. From there, he might possibly reach his final destination in Kenya or South Africa.

Who Cares for Gadafi's Whereabouts ?

When checking the visitor statistics for this blog of mine, I really found some recent entries from the region. As my statistics only record those address entries connected with a country identifier and which only make up to one third of all actual entries (with visitors from the U.S. it's even less), the observed visitor entries from Libya, Niger, Chad, Kenia, Mauritania and South Africa are highly significant.

Unfortunately, only the top ten visitor countries are recorded by my provider. Therefore single, double or triple requests from Central African countries like Niger and Chad could only be recorded on a daily basis or as "live visits" at any chosen moment. It should be noted that, due to poor infrastructure, visitors from Central Africa can be regarded as extremely rare even today. Being acquainted to fully documented visitor counts of more than 20.000 a month for another website of mine, I can assure you that I know exactly what I am speaking about.

Above: Daily visitor statistics for this blog on September 7, 2011. Visitors from Libya and Tunisia are accompanied by some very rare guests from Mauritania and even Central Asian Georgia.
Click to the image for a better resolution !

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Gadafi has chosen the "Hitler way" for himself to leave the political stage. Maybe he is still hiding in Sirt or even Bani Waliid. Let's hope he will not be able to vaporize his ugly figure with the help of a mininuke he might have bought years ago from some sinister merchant on the black market. According to Al-Qaeda's Ayman Sawahiri, former deputy of Bin Laden, such "toys" of Soviet origin had been available in Central Asia for the ridiculous sum of about 1 million U.S. $. September 11, 2011, might be a decent opportunity for Gadafi to try if it still works and would ensure him an adequate place in the history books of future generations. Such are my thoughts when hearing that Libyan rebel fighters should be "closing on Gadafi" near Bani Waliid and Sirt, an information quite different from everything mentioned above on Gadafi's plans of fleeing the country.

U.S. made Mininuke

Wherever Gadafi might actually be, when it comes to his family and personal staff, there will still be life in the desert !

Anti-Gadafi Graffiti : Gadafi woman (wife or daughter) fleeing her country.

Gadafi Family Camping in the Desert (2005).

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

LIBYA - The End is Near

Negotiations between Libyan rebels and tribes' leaders near Bani Waliid. The local leaders agreed to convince Gadafi loyalists to surrender their stronghold Bani Waliid.

Abdullah Kanshil, leader of the rebel's delegation for negotiations (refer to pointing arrow in above picture).

مصادر في الثوار تتهم مسلحين تابعين للقذافي باتخاذ المدنيين في بني وليد رهائن و دروعا
According to the rebels, two armed followers of Gadafi are accused of taking citizens in Bani Waliid as hostages and [human] shields.

مصطفى عبد الجليل رئيس المجلس الانتقالي أمهل أنصار القذافي حتي 10 سبتمبر لإلقاء السلاح
Musdafa Abad al-Jalil, president of the Transitional Council, is granting the followers of Gadafi [a period of grace] until September 10 to lay down their arms.

UPDATE September 07, 2011:

Al-Jazeera [TV Morning News]

الجزيرة نت: القذافي في الطريق إلى تشاد أو النيجر
Al-Jazeera: Gadafi should be on his way to Chad or Niger.

Al-Nashra النشرة [Lebanese Daily - Online]

مصادر الحياة: انسحاب قوات القذافي للنيجر يمهد لاعلان تسوية سلمية
الأربعاء 07 أيلول 2011، آخر تحديث 06:27
Sources at Al-Khaia (*) are saying: Evacuation of Gadafi forces into Niger are facilitating the declaration of a peaceful arrangement.

[Comment: It seems that Gadafi loyalists, by their flight into Niger, intended to avoid being trapped at Bin Waliid and Sirt, such making it easier to reach an agreement with the rebels.
(*) = Al-Khaia is an influential Arabic newspaper, being quoted by the Lebanese daily Elnashra Online.]

Anti-Gadafi Graffiti

LIBYA - Chinese Weapons for Gadafi ?

During the last 24 hours, CNN reported about China having delivered weapons to the Gadafi regime, at a time when the revolution was already on its way. The Chinese government in Beijing affirmed that talks between Gadafi's envoys and representatives of the Chinese armament industry had taken place, even though without substantial result. Libyan rebels, on the other hand, declared that Chinese weapons had already been stored in Algeria and were ready for transportation to Libya. Algerian authorities were not expected to hamper that deal because of a silent agreement between Gadafi and the Algerian government. Here is now what different Chinese sources are saying on that subject of foreign arms being delivered to Libya.

Gadafi meeting with the Algerian president at the
40th anniversary of Gadafi's takeover of power.


2011年09月05日 21:50 - CAIXUN.COM
Did Chinese arms dealer [really] sell weapons to Gadafi ?
Libyan rebels are dealing with double standards.

2011年3月30日 15:18 - CHNMILITARY.COM
The West feels extremely uneasy: Are China's mysterious
weapons [really] frightening present Libya ?

The article deals with highly sophisticated weaponry reaching troops loyal to Gadafi. In fact, it's not Chinese arms that are worrying the West but rather Russian technology of the late 1990ies like two handheld missile systems named SA-24 and SA-18 which are referred to as very efficient.

The following text in Chinese is followed by a summary in English:



Another chapter of the Chinese article deals with F-111 fighters of U.S. origin used for many years in their battles against different countries. Libya downed one of them during an air raid, and it seems something like suicide for an F-111 pilot to approach an antiaircraft gun position at low altitude.

Here now comes a remark about the ZPU-4 antiaircraft gun as used by the Libyan army and which is, in fact, a KPV 14.5 gun generally used by the former Soviet Union after World War II. A "cheap Chinese imitation of that gun" (Chinese military source quoted!) has been delivered to East Asian and even Arabic countries.

Everything included in this article could lead the reader to an estimation like this: The West delivered the real big stuff to Libya in exchange to decent behaviour of Libyan rebels ("Democracy Yes - Islamic Terrorism No") while China delivered just the usual "firecrackers" at a low price.

美国担心利比亚武器流失 化学武器可能流入敌手
发布时间: 2011-08-24 11:49:31 - CHINACOURT.ORG
U.S. worried about drain of Libyan weapons - Chemical
weapons possibly leaking into the hands of the enemy

Friday, September 02, 2011

CHINA - Unusual Case of Espionage

Only recently, CNN and BBC had the news that a high-ranking officer of China's People's Liberation Army PLA held a lecture at National Defence University. During his lecture he spent about ten minutes to mention important cases of foreign espionage on China that were at least partly unknown in the West. These ten minutes he spoke happened to be recorded by some unknown witness and found their way to community networks serving China and the rest of the world. It is namely the most astonishing spy case of a Chinese diplomat that made me carry out further investigations on the web bringing about some additional facts. By the way, all translations have been made by me:

金一南少将是中国军方最高学府国防大学战略研究所的所长。 博士生导师金一南教授作了国防教育报告。 金一南少将对听课的学员们发表讲话时说,一些因腐败罪名而受到审判的官员实际上是犯了间谍罪。

Major general Jin Yi Nan is the director of China's highest institution for military studies, the Institute for Strategic Research at National Defence University. A supervisor for [graduate] students studying for a doctorate, Professor Jin Yi Nan gave an instructive lecture on national defence. In front of students attending his speech, major general Jin Yi Nan said that some officials, being accused and brought to trial, really committed the crime of espionage.

BBC - CHINESE SERVICE (August 29, 2011):

The cases disclosed by major general Jin Yi Nan include the incident of former Chinese ambassador to [South] Korea Li Bin, as well as that of top manager Kang Ri from China's nuclear industry group and who freshly sold information to foreign countries.




Li Bin sold secrets to the [South] Korean side, leading China to issue a compromise in the question of [North] Korea's nuclear [activity]. Jin Yi Nan said: Li Bin, was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment for a crime of corruption because a spy actually makes the people very embarrassed. Jin Yi Nan, in the video sequence [distributed], put the rhetorical question: "What country in the entire world has an ambassador who becomes a spy for another country ?"

Header of website for the Chinese embassy in Seoul/South Korea.

As this spy case of former ambassador Li Bin is highly unusual and rather interesting, here are all essential dates on the proceeding of his career. I guess, these informations I found on a Chinese website will make it easier to understand how a high-ranking member of China's ruling party could ever come to his decision to feed foreign authorities with top secret facts on China's negotiation strategy in the frame of talks about North Korea. Maybe, there is no money involved in that mysterious case but the firm will of an insider to bring an end to all those long-lasting negotiations about Kim Jong Il's "private lawn" that don't lead to anything but help the lunatic dictator (image below) survive just another year.


李滨(1956年7月-),北京人,中国外交官,曾任中国驻韩国大使,后因向韩国提供情报而被捕。 李滨早年曾赴朝鲜留学,毕业于金日成综合大学。1977年进入外交部工作,历任中国驻朝鲜大使馆职员,外交部亚洲司科员、随员、三秘,驻朝鲜大使馆三秘、二秘等职。1991年升任亚洲司处长。1994年任中国驻韩国大使馆参赞,1997年再次来到朝鲜担任公使衔参赞。2001年出任中国驻韩国特命全权大使。期间他被韩国情报部门吸收为间谍。2005年至2006年间任朝鲜半岛事务大使,同时兼任亚洲司副司长。2006年5月起挂职担任山东省威海市副市长。同年12月,被中国国家安全部门传讯调查,后被“双规”。2007年1月,在调查后被分配到外交部
下的中国国际问题研究所任研究员。此后,他因经济案等原因被判处有期徒刑七年。 另外据《华盛顿邮报》的报道,李滨与朝鲜领导人金正日私交甚密。

Born in July 1956, Li Bin attended school in [North] Korea in his early years. Having finished school, he studied at Kim Il Song University. In 1977 he began to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he succeeded on his post as a staff member at the Chinese embassy in North Korea: Section member of the Foreign Ministry's Asian department, attaché, third secretary, third secretary at the embassy in North Korea [and] second secretary. 1991 he was promoted as head of the Asian department and became counsellor at the Chinese embassy in South Korea in 1994. In 1997 he returned to North Korea as a counsellor with the rank of a minister. In 2001 he [finally] became China's "ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary" for South Korea. During that time he became a spy of the South Korean intelligence department. Between 2005 and 2006 he became "ambassador for affairs relating to the Korean peninsular" and concurrently held the post of a deputy chief of the Asian department.

It was in 2006 that Li Bin finally became subject of an inquiry on espionage and was assigned the job of a research fellow at China's Institute for the Research of International Questions until he received a seven years' sentence in 2007.

The following quotation of an official military source is confirming that Jin Yi Nan's revealing of the facts was really intentionally made:

CHNMILITARY.COM (August 31, 2011):

中国国防大学教授金一南少将日前作题为“苦难辉煌”演讲时, 罕有地大谈近年被外国情报机构收买,出卖情报的中共官员近十人叛变案。这是中国军方首次公开证实这些谍案,部分案情更是首度披露。

The day before, professor major general Jin Yi Nan from National Defence University said in his lecture on "When suffering becomes glorious": Rarely recent years' talk was about foreign intelligence structures' bribery and the treason cases of almost ten officials within China's Communist Party that were selling [national] secrets. This is the first public confirmation of those spy cases by China's military defence. Part of the cases' conditions are even more considered for being revealed in the first place.

In order to underline my estimation of politics being involved in that unusual spy case rather than bribery, I have added some information on North Korea's cyberwar against its Southern neighbour quoted from different sources. There is clear evidence that North Korea is trying to carry out a severe blow against the hated West, using its trained cyberwarriors and who are working abroad in China, Russia and other countries.

NEW TANG DYNASTY TV, June 14, 2011
(An anticommunist Chinese source):


South Korea: Hackers from North Korea
can paralyse part of the country



New Tang Dynasty, June 15, 2011:
South Korea's Minister for Defence Kim ... ... said on Tuesday June 14: The cyber attack launched by North Korean hackers might cause part of the country to be paralysed.

South Korea's Defence Minister stated at the opening of a conference: Early this month, at certain times, North Korea transmitted virus infected emails towards active and retired [army] officers in South Korea.


" North Korea imposes a continuous and sustained threat on the internet. Now, they are attacking our [army] officers' mailboxes. This kind of threat is a sustained one. In the future, if they broke into our weak department for internet security, they could cause future chaos to our society and [even] bring parts of our country to a standstill. "


In the first period of this month [i.e. June 2011] the network of a South Korean bank encountered a cyberattack. More than one time, one million customer accounts were unable to use the bank's credit check. According to the South Korean public procurator, those hackers who launched the attack are specialists supported by the North Korean government and who had launched [similar] attacks directed against the South Korean government and [private] companies already before. This is being denied by North Korea.

知底的人也得认为的是:德国的公司“ KCC 欧洲“ (柏林)是朝鲜的同伙在互联网工程。(参考:柏林的日报“日镜“ 12/2003)
- Ulysses

AL-JAZEERA, June 20, 2011
(In-depth report / English):

North Korea recruits hackers at school

As South Korea blames North Korea for a recent slew of cyberattacks, two defectors share their experiences, as a hacker and trainer of "cyberwarriors" in the reclusive communist country: Original Article

Below: Location of North Korea's cyberwar unit in Pyongyang.