Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yemenite President - Speech after Return to Sanaa

Having returned from Saudi Arabia after treatment of his wounds originating from an assault on the presidential palace in Sanaa, President Ali Abdulla Saleh is still unable to see the facts. Instead he shows himself defiant and willing to rely on foreign help from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. Here are some of his stances:

الرئيس اليمني: و طننا يمر بمرحلة خطيرة منذ أكثر من سنة
The Yemenite president: And rumours are circulating about a critical era since more than a year.

خطاب للرئيس علي صالح .. و محتجون يحتفلون في ساحة التغيير بالذكرى 49 للثورة اليمنية
An expression of president Ali Saleh ... And protesters (*) are feasting on the square of renovation on the 49th anniversary of the Yemenite revolution.

(*) = This time its demonstrators in favour of Abdullah Saleh.

الرئيس اليمني: هناك تعاون بين القاعدة و الجماعات الخارجة على القانون و الشرعية
The Yemenite president: [We are having] a cooperation between Al-Qaeda and "opposing communities".

(*) = Here we meet with an interesting formulation that can be translated either as "communities of dissidents" or as "communities of foreigners". The first translation implying an assumed cooperation between Yemenite protesters and Al-Qaeda. This should be seen in the frame of president Saleh expressing his thanks for help in the fight against "terrorism" which he directed equally to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the United States.
At some time of his speech, Saleh even said that "criminals are stealing the country's wealth" which struck me by surprise as I always thought, Yemen was only delivering immigrant workers to rich but low populated Saudi Arabia.

الرئيس اليمني: نحن ملتزمون بالمبادرة الخليجية لتنفيذها كما هي و التوقيع عليها من قبل نائبي
The Yemenite president: We are engaged in the initiative of the Gulf [states], its realization ... and its signature before the [Yemenite] vice-president.

صالح: هناك دولة تطلب منا ضبط النفس و لا تطلب من الأخرين وقف التخريب
Saleh: There is a nation that demands control of itself and that does not demand from [anyone] disturbance by destruction.

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