Tuesday, August 29, 2017

South Korea - More Action Less Talks

After North Korea targeted Japanese air space with a ballistic missile last night, Japan and South Korea now tend to revise their strategy in the conflict.

Seoul’s presidential spokesman Park Su-hyun said four F-15 fighters dropped eight MK-84 bombs - each with the explosive yield of a ton - that accurately hit targets at a military field in Taebaek, near the border to North Korea on the eastern coast of the peninsula.

The South Korean defence ministry is reportedly drafting a new plan to thwart a full-fledged North Korean military offensive and occupy Pyongyang within weeks without waiting for US troop reinforcements. The gist of the plan is “the mobilisation of airborne troops and Marines to infiltrate Pyongyang to quickly bring down the North Korean regime.”

Vice Defense Minister Suh Choo-suk said: “In the event of an invasion from the North, we will engage in an aggressive, deep-offensive operation” inside North Korea.

It also includes pre-emptive strikes against North Korean nuclear weapons and missile bases as well as operations to assassinate high-ranking North Korean officials.

[Source: The Australian on August 29, 2017, at 15:43 local time]

North Korea neighbours DROP BOMBS near border as nations 'ready for war'.

[Source: Daily Star, UK, on August 29, 2017]

朝鲜再射导弹 半岛对峙加剧

With North Korea launching further missiles,
confrontation on the peninsula will increase.


Analysts consider: With North Korea massing its missile launches within a short period of time, the situation on the Korean peninsula will be further driving into a circulus vitiosus of increased escalation.

[Source: XinHua - New China 新华社, China's news agency, on August 29 at 21:38 Beijing time]

Midnight news on August 29, 2017.


North Korea will carry out more launching drills
of guided missiles targeting the Pacific Ocean.

The article is referring to information launched by North Korea's "Korean Central News Agency 朝鮮中央通讯社. The North Korean report confirms the preferential use of Hwasong-12 intermediate range ballistic missiles on special order by leader Kim Jong-un.

[Source: Singapore Morning News 新加坡的联合早报 on August 31, 2017]


Monday, August 28, 2017

Missile Alert - Japan Warning Citizens

Missile Warning for North-Eastern Japan at 06:06 Japanese Time
North Korean Ballistic Missile Passing over Japanese Territory
NHK TV Calling Citizens for Taking Shelter in Solid Buildings or
Underground Structures.

Update for Tuesday, August 29, at 03:30 CET:
The North Korean missile reportedly passed over Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido before it fell into the Pacific Ocean broken into three pieces. The Japanese government immediately assembled for an emergency meeting. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga called the test a clear violation of United Nations resolutions.

A South Korean military official told NBC News that the missile was fired around 5:57 a.m. local time on Tuesday. The official said that the missile flew for about 2,700 kilometers (1,678 miles), reaching a maximum altitude of 550 kilometers (342 miles). U.S. Pacific Command projected that the missile splashed down at 6:29 a.m. local time.

North Korea confirmed that the missile launched into the direction of north-eastern Japan was a Hwasong-12 intermediate range ballistic missile, the same type North Korea is planning to use for the "encircling fire" of Guam.

On Tuesday morning, August 29, the Dow Jones industrial average futures opened more than 100 points lower following the missile news, while the dollar fell 0.5 percent against the Japanese yen. There had already been nervousness in Asian markets on Monday, August 28, related to the latest tensions caused by North Korea's missile tests.

North Korea - War of Video Games

Today, August 28, Chinese networks (i.e. SINA and Global Network) report on a new video game launched by North Korea.

朝鲜公司发布3D射击游戏 美国士兵成“猎杀”对象

North Korean company informed about 3D shooting game.
U.S. soldiers become targets for "hunting and killing".

"Chase and Kill the U.S. Guys" “猎杀美国佬” is the title of that video game. The player will be able to interfere "by using a sniper's gun to kill and thus hit back at [local] U.S. troops after a potential invasion by the enemy" “潜入敌后用狙击枪射杀击倒美国士兵”.

[Source: SINA 新浪新闻中心 on August 28, 2017]

On the opposite side, there is another video game related to life in North Korea and which I found in some Chinese network. It seems to be of western origin and intended as propaganda, even though it can be downloaded from different regional Chinese servers as the description page is suggesting. Technical requirements are rather basic (Windows XP upwards, 500 MB).

The company behind that game says it is creating "offensive visual novels".

The plot of that game is being told in English and is dealing with a U.S visitor to Pyongyang who is expecting to meet there with his two North Korean penpals. It turns out that both are female soldiers, one working for North Korea's Intelligence and the other serving in the Military Police. The game is now about his chances to survive that visit. Therefore the game has been named:

Stay ! Stay ! Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

My first (and only) Trip to North Korea.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

N Korea - Multiple Missile Launch

North Korea fires multiple unidentified projectiles
off its east coast, report says.

Summary from different sources:
A first evaluation of the missile launch made western military analysts assume that "two of three short-range missiles failed in flight". At that time it could not be excluded that one single long-range ballistic missile might be accompanied by several short-range missiles launched in short sequence from North Korea's eastern Kangwon province.

The latest military evaluation made by South Korean forces, however, lead to the assumption the North tested its new 300-millimeter multiple-tube rocket-launcher that is able to launch up to eight "artillery missiles" which can create their own thrust and are guided during delivery. Such missiles are difficult to distinguish from single-launched short-range ballistic missiles and can reach many U.S. military bases located in S Korea as their range of delivery is about 180 km.

KN-09 300-mm multiple rocket launcher

[Source: Reuters - CNBC on August 26, 2017, at 01:00 CET and NY Times - CBC Canada - Chosun South Korea at 17:00 CET]


South Korean media: One suspected ballistic missile
launched by North Korea towards the Japanese Sea.

This news is referring to the first launch of a North Korean short-range missile at 05:49 Beijing Time. It is expected to cover a range of 250 km max. and is considered as the answer to U.S.-South Korean joint military drills.

[Source: Global Network - People's Daily 环球网——人民日报, China based news on August 26, 2017, at 06:39 local time]



Ministry of Commerce: DPRK entities and persons are
banned from founding new joint-ventures with China.

[Source: People's Network 人民网 on August 26, 2017]


Brazilian visitor to "blueprint news" and who is interested in Chinese rocket technology.

Friday, August 25, 2017

N Korea - Verbal Attack on Britain and China

Shortly before prime minister Theresa May's visit to Japan ...


North Korea is openly criticizing China: The frog
doesn't remember having developed from a tadpole.

China's intention to seriously carry through UN sanctions imposed on the DPRK while at the same time insisting on bilateral talks between North Korea and the U.S., has led to tensions between long-standing allies North Korea and China.


North Korean state media are unanimously "shelling" Beijing: Never forget !

[Source: DW 多维新闻网 on August 25, 2017]


Editorial: America and North Korea need to be able to
recognize and connect with the adversary's good will.

[Source: Sina 新浪新闻中心, China based news center on August 24, 2017]

North Korea - Ukrainian Missile Plans

Some hours befored, America's TV channel CNN came about with a footage video showing the proceedings of arrest of two North Korean spies who were charged for photographing secret material concerning Ukrainian missile design. At the moment of their arrest in 2011, however, they were going to photograph fake material. Both N Koreans were sentenced to eight years in prison. According to English subtitles, Ukrainian security services released the footage of its operation in order " to counter what it says are claims that their missile designs are now being used in North Korea's latest launches ".

On August 15, 2017, blueprint news already quoted a Chinese language source that hinted at Ukrainian technology being used by N Korea.

[Source. CNN on August 24, 2017]

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Reminder of N Korean and US Stupidity

In the middle of rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, an important Chinese news center reminds us of a similar situation during the cold-war era that might have led to a nuclear confrontation as well. The starting point of that conflict was of rather low importance: It was about U.S. troops trying to cut a tree in the neighbourhood of the Panmunjon negociation center which is accessible to both sides.

美军砍了一棵树 却差点导致朝鲜半岛发生核大战

U.S. military is cutting a tree - yet is failing to
start a big nuclear war on the Korean peninsula.

自从朝鲜战争告一段落之后,朝鲜半岛一直笼罩着战争的阴云,久久未能散去。到了1976年, 南北双方剑拔弩张的态势达到了顶点,甚至险些打起核战争! 这次事件,竟然是由一颗在板门店朝韩共同警戒区内生长的杨树引发的。

After the chapter of the Korean War had been written, the Korean peninsula was continuously shrouded in dark clouds of war that would not disperse for a very long time.

When in 1976 the atmosphere between the North and the South became most sticky, the situation reached a culmination point and even got close to the outbreak of a nuclear war!

That situation was surprisingly originating from some spot where poplars were growing in the Panmunjon zone of high alert belonging to, both, North and South Korea.

The following photos from China's military archives should speak for themselves!

The site of Panmunjon.

U.S. and North Korean troops assembling at a tree the U.S. want to cut.

The debate gets out of control.

Getting the work done.

South Korean troops for support.

U.S. Victory !

[Source: Sina 新浪新闻中心, China, on August 18, 2017]


Breaking News and Comments:

South China Morning Post - August 20, 2017

Sunday Express / UK - August 20, 2017
N KOREA WAR: Britain promises to send
nuclear sub to help Trump blitz Kim Jong-un

Today, August 20, 2017, the Chinese news center Sina 新浪新闻中心 came about with a cryptic message in one of its headlines:


North Korea: "Mount Peaktu's big man is summoning the General Assembly".
What is meant with General Assembly?


August 15, from the People's Palace for Culture in Pyongyang the 2017 meeting of the General Assembly was summoned to meet under the guidance of 'Mount Paektu's Big Man'.

That means the General Assembly of the People is being summoned by leader Kim Jong-un. The unusual expression 'Mount Paektu's Big Man' might possibly hint at the historic stronghold of Mount Paektu where Kim Jong-un could have decided to establish the headquarters of his nuclear forces during a military conflict to come.

Mount Paektu (Chinese: Whitehead Mountain 白头山) has become known as "the sacred mountain of the revolution". It is an active volcano on the border between North Korea and China. During the Japanese occupation and the Korean War it served as a military stronghold for Communist leader Kim Il-sung whose son Kim Jong-il was allegedly born there.

As Mount Paektu experiences a steady rise of its underground magma level and is known to explode to life every 100 years (last eruption: 1903), it would be highly risky to nuke its mountaineous neighbourhood, in case North Korean leader Kim Jong-un might install there his headquarters. In case of a natural catastrophe, China would have to suffer most from the fallout of volcano ashes and probably related climate change. That is one among other reasons why China is fearing the outbreak of war between North Korea and the U.S..

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

North Korea - Preliminaries of War

Last Update on August 18, 2017, added at the end of current blogspot.

No, it's not war yet, but war isn't far either. -
Apart from sabre-rattling there is a new aspect
of North Korea threatening the Western alliance:
How could N Korea reach such a level of mastery
in ballistic missile technology without any foreign
help? That question, at least, could be answered
on the brink of a probably long-standing, bloody
war. - Read more after a summary of latest news.

安倍与特朗普通话 确认携手阻止朝鲜发导弹

Abe and Trump in their telephone call: Decided to
jointly stop North Korea from launching missiles.

日本首相安倍晋三与美国总统特朗普15日上午举行电话会谈。日本政府相关人士透露了这一消息。 共同社8月15日报道,日本首相安倍晋三8月15日上午与美国总统特朗普(Donald Trump)通电话, 就朝鲜问题进行了磋商。共同社称,在朝鲜预告将向美属关岛海域发射导弹的背景下, 双方确认为携手国际社会避免朝鲜强行发射导弹。 安倍在会谈后对记者表示, “朝鲜的导弹发射预告正在史无前例地加剧地区紧张”,批评了朝鲜。

The Chinese text is referring to a telephone call U.S. president Donald Trump and Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe had had this morning. In a press conference, held later today, Abe said that "N Korea's announcement of missile launches is an act unprecedented in history of increasing regional tensions".

[Source: DW 多维新闻 on August 15, 2017]


North Korea postpones the plannings for a missile attack on Guam.

[Source: VOA 美国之音 on August 15, 2017]

Guam radio stations accidentally air emergency alert amid North Korea threat.

[Source: The Guardian, UK, on August 15, 2017]

‘Delightful Historic Moment’

Pyongyang’s state media has this morning reported President Kim Jong-un as “praising” his Strategic Force for drawing up a “careful” plan for a “power demonstration” to “envelop” Guam in fire.

“The nuclear force of the DPRK is strong in its guts and no one can guess its muscle as the flight trajectory of medium-to-long ballistic rocket Hwasong-12, firing data and the correct hitting-point are made public at home and abroad.”

Kim said he would “watch a little more” Washington’s behaviour, but he will make an “important” decision if the US continues its “extremely dangerous reckless actions”.

[Source: news.com.au, Australia, on August 15, 2017]

外媒:朝鲜推迟袭击关岛计划 警告美勿傲慢挑衅

Foreign media: North Korea postpones plannings for a surprise attack
on Guam and is warning the U.S. to refrain from arrogant provocation.

[Source: SINA 新浪新闻中心, China, on August 16 at 00:19 local time]



North Korea's newly tested guided missiles probably related to Ukraine.


Experts consider that North Korea's ability to bring about a [decisive] leap in the field of ballistic missiles, is probably due to Russian technology and engines illegally received from a Ukrainian manufacturer.


Military experts and Western intelligence organizations keep on searching for an explanation why Pyongyang most recently successfully completed a series of long-range missile tests.

朝鲜上月试射的“火星14号”(Hwasong-14)导弹,与朝鲜研发的其他弹道武器都不同,据称该导弹的射程可以打到美国本土。 此前朝鲜研发舞水端(Musudan)火箭、希望使之成为可行的远程洲际弹道导弹的努力已几乎完全失败。

根据国防和安全智库国际战略研究所(International Institute for Strategic Studies)昨天发表的报告, 对于平壤方面取得的“惊人进步”,只能解释为其获得了外国技术。

The article is referring to latest North Korean declarations they could reach American homeland with their Hwasong-14 / Mars 14 missiles after their expectations seemingly failed for the long-range capacity of their Musudan missiles.

According to some report published yesterday by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Pyongyang's "surprising progress" can only be explained by acquisition of technology from some foreign country.

[Source: FT 中文 on August 15, 2017]



Fear from China and Russia ?
Russian media reveal America's fears
in the frame of an attack on N Korea.

The article is referring to Russian media dealing with the current tensions between the U.S. and North Korea. A Russian news network is specially quoted with an article titled "The confrontation between U.S. and North Korea causes headaches to Moscow 美朝对抗令莫斯科头痛" . The quotation of Russian sources is followed by an evaluation of military force provided by North Korea, the U.S., South Korea and Japan. The author finally comes to the following conclusion which has been specially marked at the end of the article:

美国能否下决心采取军事措施。如果华盛顿发动战争却没能摧毁朝鲜的进攻力量, 那将导致朝鲜半岛南部和日本彻底毁灭。或许,美国本土也不能幸免。到那时,美国将长期打消与强敌作战的想法, 除非敌人是非洲、中东和南美那些军事不发达的国家。但如果华盛顿能用武力制伏平壤, 那么未来10年内它与俄中或有一战。

The question now is:
Can America refrain from applying military measures? If Washington starts a war but is unable to destroy North Korea's offensive power, that will lead to the thoroughgoing destruction of the southern part of the Korean peninsula and of Japan. Even American homeland will possibly not remain untouched. At that time America will have to abandon for a long time any ideas of fighting mighty enemies, except if the enemy is [to be found in] Africa, the Middle East and South America, i.e. in countries where the military is less developed. But if Washington can subdue Pyongyang by military force, there will be a war with Russia and China for the coming 10 years.

[Source: DW 多维新闻网 on August 17, 2017]

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

North Korea Will Stick To Its Nukes

News Update on August 10/11, 2017

Guam mayor warns North Korea after threats of attack

An attack on Guam will be considered an attack on the United States, Guam's governor warned in response to a North Korean threat saying that North Korea would create an "enveloping fire" around the US territory using four Hwasong-12 missiles that should detonate 30-40 km off the island.

The US military on Guam consists of two bases home to 7,000 troops - Andersen Air Force Base in the north and Naval Base Guam in the south.

Some US expert comment is estimating that a North Korean announcement of medium-range missile tests, wrapped into the expression of "enveloping fire", might just be North Korea's way to prevent an immediate US counter-attack and therefore the beginning of a war.

[Al-Jazeera, Qatar, and The Guardian, UK, on August 10, 2017]

Retired US General Jack Keane on the probability of a Guam attack.



China's Central TV - CCTV: Does North Korea really want to
launch a missile attack against the United States at Guam?


Equality in dialogue is the opening key to
the knotted crux of the [Korean] peninsula.


The antagonism between America and North Korea is lasting for many years. The harder they run into each other, how could it be less painstaking to reach a result. Both sides are knowing each other too well.


At the core of the [Korean] peninsula item is the question of security. With both sides mutually proceeding in an equal dialogue, they should be able to figure out as soon as possible what can be mutually and rationally solved in a basic plan as far as security is concerned.

[Source: SINA 新浪新闻中心, China based news center on August 10, 2017]


China TV - CCTV 13 on August 10, 2017


Why is North Korea aiming at Guam for hitting targets ?
How do Guam people cope with North Korean threats ?
[Global Network 环球网 on August 10, 2017]

Update added on August 9, 2017.


North Korea vows to give up by no means its nuclear weapons.

对于联合国通过的史上最严厉经济制裁,朝鲜表示,这是美国孤立和扼杀朝鲜 的阴谋,而朝鲜不会被迫就核武器进行谈判。

Facing the most severe economic sanctions from the United Nations in their history, North Korea expresses that this is a US plot to isolate and strangle North Korea. North Korea, however, is unlikely to enter into talks on nuclear weapons by force.

[FT 中文网 on August 8, 2017]

朝鲜称朝核责任在美 不会对美以外国家用核武器

North Korea says the US are to be blamed for North Korean nukes as
there is no country other than the US known to use nuclear weapons.


A statement from North Korea's delegation says that for the appearance of a nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula and its development up to the current situation America is all over to be blamed.

朝鲜代表团7日在菲律宾首都马尼拉向媒体散发了署名为朝鲜外务相李勇浩的声明。声明称,朝核问题完全是美国的责任, 朝鲜拥有核力量是为了应对美国威胁,但不会对除美国以外的任何国家使用核武器或以核武器相威胁。

On [August] 7, the North Korean delegation to the Philippine capital of Manila issued a statement to the media and which was signed by North Korea's foreign minister [Ri Yong-ho]. The statement says the North Korean nuclear issue is completely America's responsibility, and North Korea's possession of nuclear power is in order to answer America's threatening. Yet no other country except the USA is known to apply nuclear weapons or is threatening [others] with nuclear arms.

[SINA 新浪新闻中心 on August 8, 2017]


North Korea condemns South Korea for carrying out
naval drills with live ammunition in the Western Sea.

The Chinese article mentions as well that US "nuclear blow drills 核打击演习" could take place at any time and names three US units that would be involved in the proceedings.

[XinHua 新华网 on August 8, 2017]

Talks were held between Kim Yong Nam, president of the DPRK Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly on a visit to Iran, and Hassan Rouhani, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on Sunday.

Hassan Rouhani said the Iran-DPRK relations have developed on a very high stage, expressing the belief that the friendly relations between the two countries which have jointly struggled against the U.S. will boost in broad fields in the future, too.

Earlier, Kim Yong Nam respectively met Speaker of Majlis (i.e. Parliamentary President) Ali Larijani and First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri of Iran.

[Rodong Sinmun, North Korea, on August 9, 2017]


Reminder of World War II

Sunday, August 06, 2017

China Gets Tough on North Korea

Update added on August 7, 2017


The situation of Northeast Asia: China urges North Korea to solve problems through dialog,
saying that sanctions are not the only way to.

路透马尼拉8月6日 - 中国外交部长王毅周日表示,联合国安理会针对朝鲜(北韩)出台的新制裁决议是对朝鲜进行一系列导弹试射的正确回应,但在目前的“关键时刻”,对话对于解决这一复杂而敏感的问题至关重要。

Reuters from Manila on August 6 - On Sunday, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that a new resolution of sanctions declared by the United Nations Security Council against the DPRK (North Korea) regarding North Korea's series of missile trial launches are a proper response.

However, at the current "crucial moment" the dialog for finding a solution to this complex and sensitive matter is of vital importance.

[Reuters 中文 on August 6, 2017]

China's Foreign Minister is quoted from a speech he held at the ASEAN summit in Manila where high-ranking politicians from Northeast Asian nations have just assembled. Among those who blame North Korea at this meeting is the president of the Philippines, Duterte.

On Saturday, August 5, the United Nations Security Council unanimously decided on the country new sanctions that might make their annual 30 billion US dollars of export revenues plunged one third.


China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi: We expect North Korea and the
South to establish contact between each other as soon as possible.

[FX168 财经网, a HongKong based network for finance and economics on August 7, 2017]

韩国朝鲜外长会面 朝鲜批评对话提议缺诚意

On a meeting of South and North Korean foreign ministers:
The North criticizes the proposal of talks as lacking sincerity.

[Sing Tao World Wide Web 星岛环球网, a Canada based Chinese newspaper, on August 7, 2017]