Friday, April 19, 2019

The Mueller Report put in a Nutshell

Last Update added below on April 22.

BBC - The Mueller Report in 60 Seconds !

According to the Mueller Report there is evidence that US president D. Trump tried to obstruct justice about 10 times. Now it's time for a Congress Hearing of special counsel Robert Mueller that might lead to further inquiries into the matter.

BBC Update on April 20 :
Elizabeth Warren is now the first Democratic presidential candidate to call for Mr Trump to be impeached. "The severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty," said the Massachusetts senator.

More information available from NHK World - Japan on April 19, 2019 :

" A probe by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller says President Donald Trump instructed a White House counsel to tell the Justice Department to fire Mueller.

The Justice Department has made public its report on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.

The report said that when Trump was notified in May of 2017 that Mueller had been appointed special counsel, Trump said, "Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency." [Editor's Note: It was the then Secretary of Justice Jeff Sessions, an ultra-conservative pro-Trump hardliner, who informed the president. Sessions left on Trump's request after the 2018 midterm elections.]

Trump reportedly called White House counsel Don McGahn several times during the following month and ordered him to tell the Justice Department to fire Mueller. McGahn did not carry out the order and resigned.

US Attorney General William Barr concluded that there was not enough evidence to show that Trump committed the crime of obstruction of justice.

Trump now insists he has been exonerated.

But the Mueller report said the investigators were unable to conclude that the president clearly did not obstruct justice. "


On April 22, 2019, the California based magazine Salon came about with a gloomy perception of America's "state of the interior" in the frame of Robert Mueller's report in its public version: "Robert Mueller has unveiled the failings of a vastly corrupt system. It's almost too late to save our democracy".

Having just finished the voluminous novel on US society, "4321", written by America's bestseller author Paul Auster, I cannot help quoting the name "Nobodaddy" which the novel's protagonist Ferguson applied to those who are really in power in his country. That's why I think you should read the complete Salon article and which is just about the "Nobodaddy Movement", starring the white and the rich and their influential networks:

Mueller report: A harsh indictment of Donald Trump — and also of America's leadership class.


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Thursday, April 11, 2019

First Pictures of Black Hole

An update on Israeli Elections 2019
was added below on the same day.

A global astronomy project provided the first images ever taken from a black hole.


Israeli Elections 2019:

While an official result is still missing, it is quite clear that Netanyahu will build a new government based on a coalition with right-wing and religious parties.

Today, one of Israel's most important newspapers Haaretz came with a rather gloomy comment on Israel having become a 'high-functioning illiberal democracy'. Such evaluation is fitting with an earlier comment, published by Haaretz only two days ago, and which is saying in its headline:
'With a Netanyahu victory, it's time we admit: Israel has become a dictatorship'

[ Haaretz Opinion: 'American Jews, Don't Walk Away From Israel' ]

'Netanyahu's re-election is a black day for solidly liberal American Jews,
whose relations with a pro-Trump Israel were already in crisis.
But we can't give up.'

Haaretz Logo originally loaded from Wikipedia.

Haaretz was founded in 1918, making it the longest running newspaper currently in print in Israel, and is now being published in both Hebrew and English. It is known for its left-wing and liberal stances on domestic and foreign issues. As of 2016, the paper had a weekday exposure rate of 3.9% in Israel. According to the US based Center for Research Libraries CRL, "Haaretz is considered the most influential and respected for both its news coverage and its commentary" among Israel's daily newspapers. [Wikipedia]


Friday, April 05, 2019

Trump - The Jewish Connection

Important Updates added on April 6/7/9/10/15, 2019

The 'Court Jew', his position and function, has been depicted by
Hannah Arendt in 'The Origins of Totalitarianism' [German transl.]

Many US citizens would automatically relate Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump to some kind of a Jewish Connection in the White House.

This very connection together with Trump's recent political decisions about the status of Jerusalem and the Golan heights are raising fears within US opposition groups and abroad that president Trump might be constantly under the influence of Israel's leading class. Leaving aside the personal behaviour of both protagonists, the question of Kushner's security clearance therefore became a crucial item in the public.

As the Mueller report was restricted to searching for a Russian connection in the White House, its conclusion of no further indictments to follow doesn't necessarily mean that new investigations in a different direction are to be excluded.

On April 4, 2019, the New Zealand Herald reported about Jared Kushner's security clearance, and which was originally denied by White House career officials in charge of the matter, however, finally granted by their boss:

New Zealand Herald [April 4, 2019]

" The unnamed senior White House official whose security clearance was denied last year because of concerns about foreign influence, private business interests and personal conduct is presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner, according to people familiar with documents and testimony provided to the House Oversight Committee.

Kushner was identified only as "Senior White House Official 1" in committee documents released this week describing the testimony of Tricia Newbold, a whistleblower in the White House's personnel security office who said she and another career employee determined that Kushner had too many "significant disqualifying factors" to receive a clearance.

Their decision was overruled by Carl Kline, the political appointee who then headed the office, according to Newbold's interview with committee staff.

The new details about the internal debate over Kushner's clearance revives questions about the severity of the issues flagged in his background investigation and Kushner's access to government secrets. "

Jared Kushner laughs off question about security clearance.
[Please note: This is pro-Trump channel Fox News]

A recent opinion poll published by The New York Times on April 1st, 2019, is evaluating public approval for Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner:

The New York Times [April 1st, 2019]

Investigative journalist on Ivanka and Jared in recently published book.


When US president Donald Trump publicly declares himself to be "Very Normal",
President A B Normal wants us to know he is as normal as anybody A B else !

Donald Trump's Day Of Strange And Confusing Statements:
Trump repeatedly insisted his father was born in Germany.
This, however, is not true and he should really know it.
[MSNBC on April 2nd 2019]

But could we really expect an American Revolution " à la française ",
taking place in the United States in the middle of the 21st century ?
President Donald Trump would say: " All options are on the table ! "


The Liberals' Strategy of Using an Alleged Anti-Semitism
to Dishonor Influential Opponents from the Political Left.

The following quotation has been selected from an article written by Serge Halimi
for the reputed French paper Le Monde diplomatique and published in April 2019.

" What has succeeded against the far right, the Liberals intend to redo it against the left. They therefore seek to build against its possible progression a wall of values ​​that will make it suspect in turn. And thus to oblige those who no longer support the policies of the power to accommodate it anyway, to avoid their most powerful members from being stigmatized as ignoble.

As luck would have it, the slander of a left that had become anti-Semitic burgeoned at the same time in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Once the target is designated, it is enough to find an awkward, outrageous or abject judgment on the Facebook page or on the Twitter account of a member of the political current they want to dishonor (..........). Then the media take over. One can also try to destroy an adversary by attributing to him an anti-Semitic fantasy which is foreign to him - of the type: democracy, journalism and finance are at the service of the Jews - as soon as this adversary formulates a criticism of the oligarchy, media or the bank.


Equally threatening situation in the United States, since, according to President Donald Trump, with the election to Congress of several left-wing parliamentarians, " the Democratic Party has become an anti-Israel party, an anti-Jewish party ." " Democrats hate the Jewish people, " he adds.


Jews have been murdered in France and the United States by anti-Semites. Such a tragedy should not serve as an ideological weapon for Mr. Trump, the Israeli government and forge intellectuals. If it is necessary to construct a cordon sanitaire, it protects us rather from those who impute to their adversaries an infamy of which they know they are innocent. "


Related news published on April 6 and 15, 2019:

And here come the consequences of Mr. Trump's public trolling
of Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar [BBC Tweet on April 15]:

Trump and the Jews

This came three days before Israel's general elections, and
which left Netanyahu in his position as a prime minister in
the frame of a new right-wing coalition.


What about anti-Semitism ?

When it comes to the definition of anti-Semitism in the frame of the more general question of 'Who is a Semite ?', things become really difficult.

As a racial Semitic background can be found with a high percentage of all people living in the Mediterranian area, the Middle East, Turkey and the Caucasian region, any definition of Semitism / anti-Semitism based on racial origin will mainly point to the numerous populations of Arabs who are of Semitic origin and are speaking Arabic, a Semitic language, rather than target the Jews who are of Semitic origin as well and who are speaking Hebrew, another Semitic language.

Regarding the enmity between Jews and Arabs and which has surged after the foundation of the Jewish state of Israel, one might even come to think that 'Jews are the most ambitious anti-Semites'.

This however is not fitting with a historic definition of anti-Semitism and which came into being in Western Europe after 1870. From there, anti-Semitism is related to a negative attitude and hatred towards the Jews.

Nowadays, the meaning of anti-Semitism has undergone another and perhaps more dangerous change, not only in Europe but in North America as well.

Therefore, I cannot help quoting an interesting article I found on a website dedicated to the fight against racism:

Philo-Semitism in right-wing populist parties.

"For some years now, we have been hearing right-wing populist parties declare their support for the 'Judeo-Christian Occident' and their opposition to anti-Semitism.

The term 'Judeo-Christian Occident' obscures, euphemises and mocks the history of the Jewish minority in Europe. There are various reasons why tolerance and cosmopolitanism are practiced in the form of philo-Semitism (which roughly means respect and appreciation for everything Jewish).

The basis in this case is rather self-interest, and not a sincere interest in others.

After invoking a (supposed) Judeo-Christian sense of unity, statements are then usually made that are directed against the Muslim faith. Interreligious projects or projects that aim to stamp out prejudices and racism are not mentioned or are de-emphasised. The aim of such arguments is to construct groups based on a characteristic and set them against each other."

[GRA Foundation against racism, Switzerland]


Genetic Science as quoted by what we call 'Bible Researchers' allegedly affirms that human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup J (J-P209) undoubtedly descended from Shem, one of the sons of biblical Noah. And it is Shem who is mentioned when it comes to the origin of the word 'Semite'.

The geographical distribution for populations represented by that DNA haplogroup, is being shown below. Its relation to Jewish, or in a wider sense, Semitic origin seems to be established, however, without any direct descent from mythological figures like Shem or Noah.

Additional information on genetic similarities between Jewish and Arab populations can be found
in a SCIENCE publication and which is referring to basic studies carried out in the US and Israel.
[SCIENCE - Jews and Arabs Share Recent Ancestry - 30 Oct. 2000].