Thursday, April 11, 2019

First Pictures of Black Hole

An update on Israeli Elections 2019
was added below on the same day.

A global astronomy project provided the first images ever taken from a black hole.


Israeli Elections 2019:

While an official result is still missing, it is quite clear that Netanyahu will build a new government based on a coalition with right-wing and religious parties.

Today, one of Israel's most important newspapers Haaretz came with a rather gloomy comment on Israel having become a 'high-functioning illiberal democracy'. Such evaluation is fitting with an earlier comment, published by Haaretz only two days ago, and which is saying in its headline:
'With a Netanyahu victory, it's time we admit: Israel has become a dictatorship'

[ Haaretz Opinion: 'American Jews, Don't Walk Away From Israel' ]

'Netanyahu's re-election is a black day for solidly liberal American Jews,
whose relations with a pro-Trump Israel were already in crisis.
But we can't give up.'

Haaretz Logo originally loaded from Wikipedia.

Haaretz was founded in 1918, making it the longest running newspaper currently in print in Israel, and is now being published in both Hebrew and English. It is known for its left-wing and liberal stances on domestic and foreign issues. As of 2016, the paper had a weekday exposure rate of 3.9% in Israel. According to the US based Center for Research Libraries CRL, "Haaretz is considered the most influential and respected for both its news coverage and its commentary" among Israel's daily newspapers. [Wikipedia]


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