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North Korea - Declaration of War - Part I

Last UPDATE on 1st April:

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According to Japanese NHK-TV evening news, North Korea should have declared the state of war between North and South Korea. Furthermore, the North has threatened to close the Gaeseong industrial complex near the border to South Korea. That industrial zone was once established to improve economic cooperation between both countries and has granted the impoverished North access to $2 billion in trade per year. Similar news are being distributed by Al-Jazeera, English service, and have been confirmed by South Korean ARIRANG TV evening news.

An earlier report from Reuters press agency said Seoul and its ally the United States were playing down the statement as "tough talk".

It seems the situation escalated when U.S. air force applied stealth bombers in the frame of joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises.


朝鲜打击美国本土计划曝光 首次公开人民军军备

Exposing North Korea's plannings to hit U.S. territory.
Armament of the People's Army made known for the first time.

[提要]  朝鲜官方媒体29日就军方当天紧急会议配发两张图片,图片中的背景似乎包括打击美国本土的作战计划图等图纸,图纸内标注一些具体军备数据。这些图纸引起韩国方面关注。一些韩国军事官员推测,朝方媒体疏忽致泄密。而另一些人认为,朝方有意为之,目的是警示美国。

On [March] 29 North Korea's official media jointly released two photos from that day's military emergency meeting. The background of these photos includes what seems to be the blueprint of a map for warfare plannings to hit U.S. territory. That blueprint contains a tag noting some specific military arms data and has aroused interest on the part of South Korea. Some South Korean military officials are guessing, North Korean media carelessly caused the leakage of a secret. However, other people consider the North acted deliberately with the intention of warning America.

[Source: on March 31, 2013]

However, one of the photos allegedly showing Kim Jong Un's "warfare plannings" has been interpreted in a different way by China's XinHua Network on March 31. According to their report, such warfare planning scenario should be regarded as a simple computer game with rather private than political background:

被朝鲜导弹“瞄准” 得州民众纳闷

North Korea's guided missiles "taking aim"
at the doomed masses of Texas.


The [related] picture displays Kim Jong Un after having used an iMac computer made by Apple. As a local resident indicates, Kim Jong Un is a " top level Guofen " (i.e. fan of Apple products) and was planning to carry out a nuclear attack on ([Apple's] competitor), the computer tycoon Dell, a company located in Texas.

[Source: XinHua Network, Beijing, on March 31, 2013]

For further information on Kim Jong Un refer to a related blogspot recently visited from different countries.



North Korea's nuclear weapons are unlikely to be used in exchange for U.S. Dollars.


On March 31, the Central Committee of North Korea's Workers' Party held its plenary meeting where it decided the [new political] line of carrying out economic construction and building up "power of nuclear arms" side by side. The plenary meeting's news bulletin says: North Korea's "nuclear weapons" will not be subject to exchange for U.S.$ goods. As long as imperialism and nuclear threat exist on earth, North Korea will under no circumstances abandon [its] nuclear power.

[Source: XinHua Network on 1st April, 2013]

Arirang TV, Seoul, in their press review on 1st April quoted Kim Jong Un telling his people: "Don't give South Korea and U.S. reason to retaliate." Another report from Seoul comments on the South Korean government placing new diplomats in Beijing and Tokyo which might help to strengthen relations between all countries directly involved in the actual crisis triggered off by North Korea. [Source: Arirang TV, Seoul, on 1st April, 2013]

Even Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe, a decided nationalist politician and who was only recently fuelling the island dispute between Japan and China, is now considering China as an essential partner in finding a suitable solution for the North Korean issue. His comment that favoured a summary response towards Pyongyang rather than a series of single reactions on subsequent North Korean provocations was published the day before on March 31.


North Korea - Politics of the Kim Family

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China - U.S. Delivering the " Electronic Truncheon "

Side by side with some semi-official programmatic commentary on how to " shoulder our contemporary mission 担起我们这代人的使命 ", published on March 29 by People's Network, IBM has placed an animated publicity image offering a highly sophisticated public security system for use within regional police departments in China.

Above: The header of a website linked to IBM China:
IBM's intelligent analytics look into "predicted" crime.

Related News:


New law proposed in the U.S.: Limitation to the purchase of Chinese IT products.

[Source: People's Daily / People's Network, Beijing, on March 29, 2013]


Police again .....

The following screenshot has been taken from a North Korean racing game, online since December 2012. Its name is " Pyongyang Racer ".

UPDATE: The IBEMpire Strikes Back !

One Day Later - Same Website

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Syria - No Chemical Weapons Used ?

Now it seems to be clear that a mortar attack of Syrian Free Army units in Aleppo did not use a chemical weapon as announced by Syrian government and reported by state TV. Casualties observed with breathing problems cannot necessarily be related to a chemical attack. Furthermore, state reported killings of 25 persons cannot be reached by only using "chlorine filled grenades". Such rather primitive weapon had once been used in the trench warfare of World War I. At that time, many soldiers had been severely wounded, however not killed, on the battle-fields of Verdun and Ypern, including later Nazi leader Adolf Hitler who would have not survived a documented gas attack if that weapon had been such dangerous as reported by Syrian government sources.

Syrian rebels reject accusations from the regime of having used chemicals.

وفي غضون ذلك, قالت منظمة الصحة العالمية إنها سترسل إمدادات طبية إلى مدينة حلب اليوم الأربعاء، "لكنها لا تستطيع التحقق من أن أسلحة كيميائية استخدمت هناك". ونقلت رويترز عن المتحدث باسم المنظمة طارق جاسرفيتش قوله إن المنظمة سترسل إمدادات طبية لعلاج حالات الصدمة إلى حلب من مخزوناتها في طرطوس.ـ

In that frame, the World Health Organization [WHO] said it would send medical support to the town of Aleppo on Wednesday, " but it would be impossible for them to be sure of the use of chemical weapons there ". And Reuters [press agency] reported the [spokesperson] of the organization, [Derek Yasser Fitch ?], saying the organization would send medical aid for the treatment of shock cases from their stocks in Tartous to Aleppo.

The Free [Syrian] Army charged the regime being responsible for the use of chemical weapons.

[Source: Al-Jazeera Online on March 25, 2013]

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The Chinese Dream

The article quoted below has been specially marked in yesterday's main page of People's Network, Beijing. It might serve to give us an idea of the ideology followed by China's leadership, and it reminds us that China is still a communist country:



A commentator from People's Daily [referring to] the condensation of China's invincible strength.

The Chinese dream, unanimously built together [on the basis of] the three principles.


While having a dream, we are having a goal. While having hope, we can raise our heads. It's not a matter of one's nationality or family that all dreams preserve vitality and stimulate the source of vigour.


"The realization of China's dream needs the condensation of China's strength", is chairman Xi JinPing's important [stance] that has clarified a deepgoing connection between the cherished dream of a powerful nation and the shining power forging ahead. [That stance has] even more revealed an important way of realizing China's dream. It only needs us to inseparably unite, ten thousand masses - one heart, for the sake of striving hard in the struggle for a common dream. The power for realizing [that] dream then being of an unparalleled quality.


What is China's power like ? It is the huge united strength of China's nationalities. It is 1.3 billion hearts directing their thoughts and efforts towards one goal that leads to the compilation of power. Everybody's [individual] dream might differ in thousand of ways [from the dreams of others] but can contribute to the realization of a national dream. With one heart and one mind and by pooling the wisdom and efforts [of everybody], an all-conquering majestic strength is brought about. Such strength we experienced at times of the revolution while we advanced wave upon wave of resistance, in the years of construction when we learned through practice while offering our burning passion and during the period of reform when we personally experienced the struggle that was surging forward with great momentum. The future proceedings only need 1.3 billion people to wholeheartedly unite, such reaching that invincible majestic strength that will certainly turn us to the foundation of victory related to the path of a national rejuvenation and [turn us] to the source of power.


Living in this time and in [this] country means good luck. We are further nearing the goal of national rejuvenation, we are having more confidence and are more able to realize [our individual] dreams than in any other period of history. Though there is no doubt that mighty enterprise will be accomplished, it still needs Chinese people exerting themselves together era after era. The condensation of China's invincible strength, once being completed the relay race of a national rejuvenation process, will be the mission of contemporary people and even more their honour.

[Source: People's Network, Beijing, on March 21, 2013]

Xi JinPing visiting the U.S.A. in 2012
"See you later, alligator !"


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Syria - Probable Use of Chemical Weapons

Only two hours ago, U.S. President Obama boarded Air Force One for an emergency trip to Israel after the chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee announced that Syria most probably used chemical weapons on behalf of its desperate leadership. Even though it is still disputed between Syrian rebels and government troops who actually used such weapons, there must have been evidence of their application.
Republican Congressman Rogers declared the use of chemical weapons could be a "game-changer" in the Syrian conflict that might even lead to U.S. military intervention.

[Source: CNN life transmission on the evening of March 19 (March 20 in Europe)]

The New York Times edition on March 20 has more in its comprehensive article Syria and Activists Trade Charges on Chemical Weapons.

A Deutsche Welle (DW) report on March 20 has more on the international aspect of that subject Syria chemical weapons claims prompt warnings. Quotation from the DW report:
Both the US and UN have said they are investigating opposing claims by the Syrian government and rebels over the use of chemical weapons. UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon warned such behavior would be an 'outrageous crime.'


News UPDATE on the evening of March 20:

Obama's talks with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu not only dealt with the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Iran and the Palestinian subject were on the agenda too. That's why Palestinian activists voiced their protest against an alleged pro-Israeli attitude of the Obama administration.


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First Blossoms of Spring:

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North Korea - Mobilizing the Troops

Last Update: March 20, 2013


North Korean Media:
An unrestrained attack on the opponent, any time and
anywhere, is North Korea's firm stand.

The above photo has been released on March 12 and is showing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during his inspection of frontline troops on [chin.: Yue Nai] Island the day before, March 11. On that day, he also visited a long-range artillery group belonging to the 641th army unit.

The above photo, published by North Korea's "Workers' News" on March 11, is showing North Korean troops during intense training. In the joint exercises for [regaining control over] South Korea and America, this day's initial code name becomes "decisiveness is crucial" for raising the moral [of the troops].

[Source: on March 13, 2013]


News UPDATE on March 14 / 15 / 16:


South Korea tries everything to remonstrate U.S. military for stationing nuclear weapons that should deter North Korea.

[Source: Xin Hua Network, Beijing, on March 14, 2013]

欧洲议会发表决议 支持欧盟与联合国制裁朝鲜

The European Parliament issues a resolution [confirming] the European Union's support of sanctions against North Korea [on behalf of] the United Nations.

The Chinese article is referring to a session of the European Parliament held in Strasbourg, France, on March 14, 2013 and where that resolution has been accepted.

[Source: CRI online, Beijing, on March 15, 2013]

As tensions rise on the Korean Peninsula, a UK-based think tank believes North Korea is likely to launch an attack on South Korea this year.

In its annual report on the world's military capabilities, the director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies Mark Fitzpatrick said that while an attack is unlikely to come in the next few weeks due to the ongoing South Korea-U.S. joint military drills, it expects North Korea to follow through with some sort of provocation later this year.
Noting Pyongyang is forging ahead with efforts to develop its nuclear and missile programs, he said world powers were becoming increasingly concerned.
But he concluded Pyongyang would not attempt to wage a fully-fledged war as it would threaten the existence of the regime due to the huge advantage held by the joint militaries of South Korea and the United States.

" North Korea Falls Victim to 2-day Long Cyber Attack. "

According to the Pyongyang office of Russia's ITAR-TASS news agency, two official North Korean websites went offline from Wednesday until late Thursday. North Korea has accused its enemies of launching cyber attacks, however, some experts say it's possible the regime staged the attacks on itself as a way out of its current international impasse.

[Source: Arirang South Korean TV news on March 15, 2013]

金正恩指导前线炮击训练 强调现代战争是炮战

Kim Jong Un, while guiding frontier shelling training he underlines that modern warfare is artillery warfare.


Commanding the gunfire [he] "concentrates on covering the imaginary enemy target".

[Source: People's Network / Beijing Morning News on March 15, 2013]

North Korea vowed "to mow down the South Korean prime minister" when he decided to show up on some disputed border island (above picture).

In a telephone call, U.S. foreign secretary John Kerry (above picture) and the South Korean prime minister reaffirmed the strong alliance between both countries.

[Source: Arirang South Korean TV news on March 16, 2013]

U.S. reaction on North Korean missile tests, news
report from Japanese NHK TV on March 16, 2013:


News UPDATE on March 20:

On March 20, South Korea experienced a cyber attack which temporarily shut down three TV stations and two banks, including Shinhan bank. This is the fifth time since 2009 that alleged North Korean cyber attacks have been reported from South Korea. [Source: Al-Jazeera on March 20, 2013]

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Korea - At the Edge of War ?

Breaking News - Morning Update for March 13, 2013

From XinHua News Agency:

North Korea declares:

War on the peninsula "cannot be avoided".

The above headline was found on top of an article that summarizes latest developments by quoting international media from North Korea and China, South Korea, Japan, U.S.A., Britain and France under the following aspects:

Kim Jong Un once again at the front line urging war preparedness.

America warning of full-scale retaliation for [any] nuclear attack.

South Korea worries about a North Korean "surprise attack".


North Korea's leadership in a frenzy after recent military exercises of South Korean and U.S. troops (picture above).
After nullifying the 1953 armistice agreement that ended a three year's war between North and South Korea and cutting an important telephone line connecting both countries, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un is driving his escalation of the situation even further:


North Korea threatening to make one of South Korea's islands get caught in a sea of flames.


On Tuesday [March 12], North Korean official media reported that Kim Jong Un ordered frontline troops of the border defence to engage in preparation of a combat targeting the smashing of enemies on White Feather Island. In 2010, more than 40 people lost their lives when a South Korean navy ship was sent to the bottom in the neighbourhood of White Feather Island.

[Source: Voice of America, Chinese website, on March 12, 2013]


On the same day [March 12], People's Network in Beijing delivered a rather harmless view on the current conflict by using the following headline:

Military exercises on the Korean peninsula: The possibility of starting a war is rather small, some " accidental discharge while cleaning the gun " being important to promote vigilance.

The Chinese article is quoting Jin Can Rong, deputy director at the Institute for International Relations of the People's University of China:

Jin Can Rong: If America is determined to use a [tough language] towards North Korea, North Korea cannot help getting in the way. Therefore, U.S.-South Korean military exercises are endangering talks with North Korea while this is of no significance to China.

When asked about the deterrent effect of North Korea's selfdeclaration as a nuclear power, Jin Can Rong said:

Jin Can Rong: [What is said to] South Korea is definitely deterrent, however not deterrent for America.

Firstly: As North Korea's nuclear power is not mature, it isn't certain that each of their nuclear weapons will produce an explosion sound.
Secondly: North Korea's nuclear weapons are quite bulky. They cannot be launched with a guided missile. It needs a ship to transport them to the U.S.A.. But [in case of delivery] by ship, this would be early enough [sent to the bottom] by the Americans. However, telling this to the Americans would have no effect.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Western Know-How Sold Out To China ?

Update for March 10, 2013, embedded !

In the frame of another session period of China's People's Congress in Beijing, there is much discussion about the development of PR China's economy. While official sources predict an economic growth of 7.5 %, China is emancipating itself from a nation relying on the import of foreign cars for private use to a powerful manufacturer of fine cars that are meeting global standards.

On German TV it was proclaimed that China's new middle class limousine "Cronos" should compete with products from western manufacturers on the European market. A car like many others in its class but with a rather surprising price below 20.000 €. The German manager who spoke on behalf of the Chinese manufacturer hinted at German engineering competence being involved in the construction of Cronos and that should have made it "impossible for the Chinese to build a bad car". Bad news for BMW and other European competitors who come to note that European know-how, they once brought to China, is now turning against them.
[Source: Tagesschau 24, a German TV news channel on March 5, 2013]

Nevertheless, BWM continues to produce its 3-grade and 5-grade car series in a joint-venture with BMW's Chinese partner Brilliance China Automotive Holdings. Other German manufacturers, as well, are selling high-end luxury cars to the new rich of China.


Update for March 10, 2013:

The above quoted German news source mentioned and showed a Chinese car named "Cronos". However, I had some difficulties in finding further news about that. Most probably it's a joint-venture product or, in other words, a car of mixed origin.
Here now is what looks like a "genuine" Chinese car that might have been constructed especially for the European market:

China's manufacturer Hua Tai Cars 华泰汽车, already successful in the SUV (sport utility vehicle) segment, is launching a new product on the car market. The Lu Sheng 路盛 E70 is a compact limousine and designed "according to European style". It should be available in three versions: The 2.0 L and 1.5 T versions are using a petrol driven engine while the 1.5 D has a diesel engine. The vehicle's length : width : height ratio is 4.777 mm : 1.794 mm : 1.481 mm, its wheelbase being 2.678 mm. The E70 should be equipped with GPS navigation and a G3 internet connection.

[Source: People's Network on March 09, 2013]

According to the Shenzhen Web for the Great World of Cars 深圳汽车大世界网 (March 11 report), the new product brand Lu Sheng E70 should have been renamed from the old brand name B21 of Hua Tai Cars. Some days earlier, magazine, another Chinese source, confirmed the B21 or Hua Shang E70 being related to a product of Hua Tai's partner brand Bao Li Ge 宝利格 and which is a SUV. As neither photos nor prices were available for the brandnew B21 of Hua Tai Cars, they showed but a series of photos taken from the related Bao Li Ge product. However, another model from Hua Tai Cars, the B11, is fully documented and showing some similarity with the B21 or Hua Shang E70. Selling prices for the B11 (in China) are lying between 100.000 and 176.00 Yuan which is about 12.360 to 21.750 €.

By the way, Hua Tai Cars 华泰汽车 must not be mixed up with the South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai (Chinese: Huan Dai) 现代汽车 who is making and selling cars in China and has already topped one million car sales there in 2010. On a website of China Car Times some Hyundai products appear with brand slogans like "Euro 2012" or "€", - what a nice coincidence. Anyway, getting through the jungle of car manufacturing and model policy in China seems to be rather tough for an outsider.

Beijing-Hyundai's joint-venture product Elantra (latest generation)
at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show.


The phenomenon I tend to call "migration of competence" is not restricted to car production alone. As Chen Hong Qiao, a deputy director of Shenzhen stock exchange [陈鸿桥 深圳证券交易所副总经理], mentioned in an interview with a Chinese financial news service, foreign enterprises related to electricity production and electrical equipment are as well focussed by Chinese investors.


Chen Hong Qiao: Starting what is hard [for] China's new and developing industry.


Jin Feng Science and Technology bought a German wind electricity enterprise, such "buying" as well German technicians and managers. Su Ning Electrical Equipment bought Japan's well-known home electricity chain [market] company.

[Source: on March 5, 2013]

When Chen Hong Qiao referred to the "Japanese home electricity chain" bought by a Chinese investor, he certainly meant LAOX Corporation from where 27.36% of shares had been bought in July 2009.
[Source: on July 24, 2009]


Official statistics, released in the frame of China's government activity report for the last 5 years, are showing an increasing market for private cars from, both, domestic and foreign production:

The number of private cars has risen from 6 cars per
100 urban households in 2007 to 21.5 cars in 2012.

The highway system has been extended from 28.000 km in 2007
up to 42.000 km in 2012. In the same period, the 5-year rate of
newly built road kilometers has risen from 192.000 km in 2007
to 609.000 km in 2012.


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