Friday, March 22, 2013

The Chinese Dream

The article quoted below has been specially marked in yesterday's main page of People's Network, Beijing. It might serve to give us an idea of the ideology followed by China's leadership, and it reminds us that China is still a communist country:



A commentator from People's Daily [referring to] the condensation of China's invincible strength.

The Chinese dream, unanimously built together [on the basis of] the three principles.


While having a dream, we are having a goal. While having hope, we can raise our heads. It's not a matter of one's nationality or family that all dreams preserve vitality and stimulate the source of vigour.


"The realization of China's dream needs the condensation of China's strength", is chairman Xi JinPing's important [stance] that has clarified a deepgoing connection between the cherished dream of a powerful nation and the shining power forging ahead. [That stance has] even more revealed an important way of realizing China's dream. It only needs us to inseparably unite, ten thousand masses - one heart, for the sake of striving hard in the struggle for a common dream. The power for realizing [that] dream then being of an unparalleled quality.


What is China's power like ? It is the huge united strength of China's nationalities. It is 1.3 billion hearts directing their thoughts and efforts towards one goal that leads to the compilation of power. Everybody's [individual] dream might differ in thousand of ways [from the dreams of others] but can contribute to the realization of a national dream. With one heart and one mind and by pooling the wisdom and efforts [of everybody], an all-conquering majestic strength is brought about. Such strength we experienced at times of the revolution while we advanced wave upon wave of resistance, in the years of construction when we learned through practice while offering our burning passion and during the period of reform when we personally experienced the struggle that was surging forward with great momentum. The future proceedings only need 1.3 billion people to wholeheartedly unite, such reaching that invincible majestic strength that will certainly turn us to the foundation of victory related to the path of a national rejuvenation and [turn us] to the source of power.


Living in this time and in [this] country means good luck. We are further nearing the goal of national rejuvenation, we are having more confidence and are more able to realize [our individual] dreams than in any other period of history. Though there is no doubt that mighty enterprise will be accomplished, it still needs Chinese people exerting themselves together era after era. The condensation of China's invincible strength, once being completed the relay race of a national rejuvenation process, will be the mission of contemporary people and even more their honour.

[Source: People's Network, Beijing, on March 21, 2013]

Xi JinPing visiting the U.S.A. in 2012
"See you later, alligator !"


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