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Yarmouk Camp - Palestinian Refugees in Damascus

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لاجئون من "اليرموك": جماعة جبريل زجت المخيم في العنف

Refugees from Yarmouk [camp]: The "community of Jibril" has thrown the camp into violence.

القيادي الفلسطيني قام بتسليح لاجئين لحماية أنفسهم ثم طلب منهم الدفاع عن الأسد

The Palestinian leadership is going to arm the refugees [in order] to protect themselves as the defense of Assad demanded from them.

[Source: Al-Arabiya on March 2, 2013]

Meanwhile, in the Yarmouk Camp [Damascus], Palestinian fighters defect from the ranks of Ahmed Jibril’s loyalist movement to form a pro-rebel unit.

[Source: Syrian Revolution Digest on February 27, 2013]


The Story Behind the News: The Jibril Family

The following story about Jihad Jibril has been quoted from Islamweb on May 20, 2002:

A car bombing killed a senior military commander of a radical Palestinian group Monday. The group - which is led by the victim's father, Ahmed Jibril - blamed Israel and vowed retaliation.

Israel denied any connection to the midday blast on a street off the busy shopping area of Corniche Mazraa in Beirut's Muslim sector.

"The defense minister says Israel is not connected and to stop blaming Israel," said Yarden Vatikay, an adviser to Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer.

Jihad Jibril, 38, was driving the car when the bomb went off and was killed instantly. There were no other casualties in the explosion.

Jibril was a senior commander of military operations in Lebanon for his father's faction of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, a small Syrian-based group on the State Department list of terrorist organizations for its attacks on Israelis.

Last month, the senior Jibril warned that bombings against Israelis would continue in retaliation for Israeli military attacks.
However, the PFLP-GC has not claimed responsibility for bombings since the latest violence erupted in September 2000. Last month, the PFLP-GC and two other rival groups each claimed to have blown up an Israeli tank in the Gaza Strip.

But the PFLP-GC was accused by Lebanese authorities of firing rockets across the Lebanese border into Israel in April at the height of the West Bank offensive and of seeking to launch more attacks on the Jewish state. Nine Palestinians who Lebanese authorities said belonged to the PFLP-GC have been arrested on charges of illegal possession of weapons and threatening national security.

Jibril's Damascus-based group is a part of an alliance of radical Palestinian factions that opposes peace negotiations with Israel that Arafat began with the 1993 Oslo accords.

Once famed for its guerrilla operations, it has been largely on the sidelines of the Palestinian uprising against Israel that erupted in 2000, but had claimed responsibility for a shipment of arms Israel intercepted en route to the West Bank a year ago. "


Some information on Ahmed Jibril, founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, as quoted from an Al-Arabiya comment dating from December 19, 2012:

Some say he fled to Mediterranean coastal Syrian city of Tartous, others say it’s somewhere else in Syria, but the head of the Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmed Jibril, is indeed an unforgettable face, remembered and will always be remembered by Palestinians, Syrians and the Lebanese people.

Ahmed Jibril is the man who was always at the forefront of the colonial ambitions of Hafez al-Assad’s regime.

His stance was the same in any Palestinian conflict with the Syrian regime: he was against Arafat, against Habash, against the refugees of Yarmouk Camp. In recognition of Jibril’s unprecedented loyalty [to Assad's Syria], he was given a small but effective role within the Syria and Iran-sponsored Lebanese resistance strategy. This small partnership with Hezbollah wasn’t to support any Palestinians or Lebanese people pro the Assad regime.

Ahmed Jibril spent many years of his life (75 years) playing this role. His secrets were uncovered and the battles in Palestine were full of bloodshed and led him to many places, except Palestine.


Syrian Violence Swapping Into Lebanon

Only recently the frontier region between Syria and Lebanon experienced clashes between Lebanese and Syrian troops.

اندلاع معارك عنيفة على الحدود بين سوريا ولبنان

Outbreak of violent fightings at the border between Syria and Lebanon.

[Source: Al-Arabiya on February 24, 2013]


Update for March 3, 2013:

In an interview granted to the British paper "Sunday Times", Syria's president Assad showed himself defiant and accused Britain to support unrest in his country. He showed himself willing to talk with rebels who laid down their arms, making a distinction between "political entities" he would engage with and "armed terrorists".

وزير الخارجية البريطاني وليام هيغ يقول إن بلاده تدرس تسليح الثوار السوريين

The British minister of foreign affairs, William Haig, says his country is "considering" the arming of Syrian rebels.

[Source: Al-Jazeera, Arabic TV, on March 3, 2013]

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