Friday, March 29, 2013

China - U.S. Delivering the " Electronic Truncheon "

Side by side with some semi-official programmatic commentary on how to " shoulder our contemporary mission 担起我们这代人的使命 ", published on March 29 by People's Network, IBM has placed an animated publicity image offering a highly sophisticated public security system for use within regional police departments in China.

Above: The header of a website linked to IBM China:
IBM's intelligent analytics look into "predicted" crime.

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New law proposed in the U.S.: Limitation to the purchase of Chinese IT products.

[Source: People's Daily / People's Network, Beijing, on March 29, 2013]


Police again .....

The following screenshot has been taken from a North Korean racing game, online since December 2012. Its name is " Pyongyang Racer ".

UPDATE: The IBEMpire Strikes Back !

One Day Later - Same Website

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