Tuesday, October 27, 2015

South China Sea - US Troubling the Water

Artificial island belonging to the Spratley archipelago (left), and the
U.S. convoy that violated what China claims to be its territory (right)

Recent U.S. navy activities in the neighbourhood of the disputed Spratley Islands 南沙群岛 and China's official response are reminding a long-standing South China Sea conflict that involves not only the U.S. and China but all neighbouring nations as well. China's stance: Why troubling the water for nothing ?


Foreign Minister Wang Yi: We encourage the U.S. not to make trouble out of nothing.

人民网10月27日电 据外交部网站消息,中国外交部长王毅今天在北京出席中日韩研讨会期间,针对有境外媒体问及“美军将派遣军舰进入中国南海岛礁12海里”一事表示,关于此事,中方正在核实当中,如果属实,奉劝美方三思而后行,不要轻举妄动,不要无事生非。

On October 27, People's Network reported the news based on a website of [China's] ministry of foreign affairs. Today [i.e. Oct. 27], China's foreign minister Wang Yi is presiding a Chinese-Japanese-Korean round of discussions in Beijing.

On that occasion he has mentioned foreign media reports about the U.S. navy entering China's 12-mile zone in the South China Sea.
CNN report on October 27, 2015

We encourage the U.S. to think thrice before acting, not to take reckless action, and not to make trouble out of nothing.


When it comes to enjoy navigation and overflight in the South China Sea, the Chinese side consistently respected and defended each country's freedom according to international law. But we resolutely oppose any country's damaging China's sovereignty and security interests in the name of that freedom of navigation and overflight.

[Source: People's Network 人民网 on October 27, 2015]

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Syria - Russia's New Policy

Last Update: October 25, 2015

لافروف: مستعدون لدعم الحر ضد داعش في سوريا

Lavrov: Prepared to support the 'free' [i.e. the Syrian Free Army] against ISIL in Syria.

أكد أنه حان الوقت للاستعداد لاجراء انتخابات رئاسية وبرلمانية في سوريا

He confirmed that the time has come to prepare for a realisation
of presidential and parliamentary elections in Syria.

أعلن وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف السبت أن القوات الجوية الروسية في سوريا مستعدة لتقديم غطاء للجيش السوري الحر، المدعوم من الغرب والذي يقاتل ضد الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد، لمواجهة تنظيم داعش.ـ

On Saturday [October 24], Russia's foreign minister Sergej Lavrov informed that Russia's air force in Syria is ready to offer cover in the confrontation of ISIL organization [benefitting] the Free Syrian Army who are supported by the West and fighting against Syria's president Basher Al-Assad.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 24, 2015]

لافروف يدعو إلى التحضير لانتخابات تشريعية ورئاسية في سوريا

Lavrov calls for the preparation of legislative and presidential elections in Syria.

[Source: Al-Quds Al-Arabi القدس العربي, Palestinian daily on October 24, 2015]


بالفيديو.. داعش يعدم عسكريا من نظام الأسد دهسا بالدبابة

On video ..... ISIL executes soldier of the Assad regime by crushing him under a tank.

أظهر شريط مصور عناصر من تنظيم "داعش" وهم يعدمون عسكريا من قوات النظام السوري بوساطة دبابة، وأظهر الشريط، العنصر وهو يرتدي "اللباس البرتقالي" ويجثي على ركبتيه، وقال في اعترافاته إن اسمه فادي عمار زيدان ويبلغ من العمر 19 عاماً وينحدر من قرية سيانو بمنطقة جبلة في ريف اللاذقية الجنوبي، بحسب ما نشره المرصد السوري لحقوق الإنسان.ـ

Prior to his execution, the 19-year-old Assad trooper told his name was Fadi Ammar Zeidan and that he came from a village in the countryside of Southern Latakia.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 25, 2015]

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Syria - Assad Seeking Russia's Help

After military losses of his Iranian allies on Syria's battlefields, Assad is now on a visit to Moscow, thus strenghening his ties with Russia, the only ally left to provide enough fire power for another temporary survival of his regime.

هل طلب الأسد من بوتين تقليص دور إيران بسوريا؟
رئيس النظام السوري لم يشرك معاونيه في مباحثاته في موسكو

What did Assad expect from Putin when Iran's role in Syria was shrinking ?
The president of the Syrian regime does not involve his assistants in his Moscow talks.

في لقائه مع الرئيس السوري أعلن الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين أن بلاده ستدعم نظام الأسد في "مكافحة الإرهاب" الذي يتصدى له الشعب السوري على مدار السنوات الماضية، وأن موسكو ستواصل جهودها في تسوية الأزمة السورية عبر السبل السياسية. الرئيسان بحثا خلف أبواب موصدة سبل القضاء على "المجموعات المتطرفة"، والعمليات العسكرية الروسية ودعم العمليات الهجومية للجيش السوري، كما ناقشت القمة الروسية السورية أبرز محاور التسوية السياسية في سوريا لإخراج سوريا من أزمتها الراهنة.ـ

In his meeting with the Syrian president, Russia's president Vladimir Putin made clear that his country will support the Assad regime in a "combat of the terrorism" which has been attacking the Syrian people during the last years, and that Moscow will sustain its efforts for a solution of the Syrian crisis by political means. The two presidents discussed behind closed doors ways of eliminating the "extremist groups", Russia's military operations and the support of offensive operations for the Syrian army. The Russian-Syrian summit also discussed the promotion of a dialogue for the political settlement in Syria to make Syria get out of its current crisis.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on Wednesday October 21, 2015]


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While the regime of Assad is still enjoying support from Iran and Russia just to survive, the Syrian Kurds are being regarded as trustworthy allies by the U.S. Obama administration and are finally receiving support in their fight against the Islamic State ISIL in Syria.

الأكراد يعلنون عن إقليم جديد شمال سوريا

The Kurds declared [having installed] a new territory in northern Syria

قال مسؤول كردي، اليوم الأربعاء، إن الإدارة الكردية في سوريا أعلنت عن إقليم جديد أو "كانتون" في شمال البلاد، بحسب ما نقلته وكالة رويترز.ـ

On Wednesday [i.e. October 21], a Kurdish official said the Kurdish administration in Syria had declared [having installed] a new territory or "canton" in the northern part of the country, according to what Reuters [news] agency reported.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 21, 2015]


عناصر البيشمركة بدأوا يستخدمون الأقنعة الواقية من الغازات السامة بعد هجوم داعش
Arabic title for above picture: Members of the [Kurdish] Peshmerga
begin to use gas masques [against] toxic gases after an ISIL attack.

داعش يختبر السلاح الكيمياوي في أكراد العراق وسوريا

Headline: ISIL is trying out chemical weapons on Kurds in Iraq and Syria.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on August 16, 2015]


كتاب عرب: روسيا و أمريكا في "مستنقع" سوريا

Arabic Notebook: Russia and America in the Syrian "Stagnation".

Monday, October 19, 2015

Syria - Another Iranian Loss

Late Night UPDATE Included !

Only some days after brigadier general Hossein Hamadani, commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, died under fire from the Islamic State in the rural environment of Aleppo, another high-ranking Iranian commander died in the same region.

مقتل قائد كتيبة إيراني في شمال غرب سوريا

The commander of an Iranian Battalion died in north-western Syria

أعلنت مصادر إيرانية مقتل العقيد مسلم خيزاب، قائد كتيبة "يا زهراء" التابعة لفيلق الامام الحسين، في الحرس الثوري الايراني، مسلم خيزاب، قتل في شمال غربي سوريا، إثر اشتباكات مع عناصر مسلحة.ـ

Iranian sources reported the death of colonel Muslim Kheyzab, commander of the Iranian "Ya Zahra" battalion belonging to the [army] Corps Imam Al-Hussein of Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Muslim Kheyzab died in north-western Syria after clashes with armed elements.

Editor's Note: The Persian name of Kheyzab's battalion "Ya Zahra" is identical with that of an Iranian air defence system. The expression can be translated as "O Fatimah (help us)" which is referring to a certain aspect of Muslimic belief.

Ya Zahra - Formula calling the Prophet's daughter for help in case of danger
and Iran's new short range air defence system, introduced in 2013.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 19, 2015]


العراق.. مقتل 65 داعشيا بينهم قيادي أميركي

In Iraq, 65 ISIL fighters were killed, among them one leader of U.S. nationality.

أعلنت وزارة الدفاع العراقية مقتل 65 عنصرا من تنظيم داعش بينهم 11 قياديا أحدهم يحمل الجنسية الأميركية في قصف صاروخي استهدف 4 مواقع للتنظيم في الاقضية الغربية من محافظة الأنبار، بحسب ما ذكرت قناة "العربية" يوم الاثنين.ـ

The Iraqi defence ministry reported the killing of 65 members of ISIL organization, among them 11 leaders one being of U.S. nationality. This happened in a rocket attack targeting four positions of the organization in the western districts of Anbar province.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 19, 2015]


Al-Jubeir commenting on Iran at a meeting with
his German interlocutor equal in rank in Riyadh.

الجبير: إيران دولة محتلة.. ونأمل أن توقف تدخلاتها
قال إن المملكة ترحب بأي محاولات إيرانية لتحسين العلاقات مع دول الجوار

Al-Jubeir: Iran is an occupying country ..... and we hope that it stops its interventions.

He said that the Kingdom [i.e. Saudi Arabia] welcomes any Iranian attempts to improve relations with neighboring countries

Editor's Note:
Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir عادل بن أحمد الجبير is the Saudi Arabian minister of foreign affairs since 2015. The article is above all referring to Iranian activity in Syria and is only shortly referring to Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon. Not directly mentioned, however, are Iran's support of the Houthy administration in Yemen which is being bombed by Saudi Arabia and its allies and a related increase of Iranian influence at the Bab El-Mandeb seagate to the Suez Canal.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 19, 2015]


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

North Korea - Greetings from Hollywood

The 70 years' anniversary of North Korea's Labour Party might be a nice occasion to remind the U.S. motion picture "The Interview" that had been produced by Sony Pictures and planned to go public in December 2014. As its plot was based on the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during an interview, it was officially rejected by Pyongyang, and Sony Pictures had to suffer from a cyber attack that taught them to be more prudent in the choice of their movie scripts. Here now, once again, the trailer of a Hollywood comedy that was just mocking a country which is even able to lauch nuclear missiles if deemed necessary.

Attention: This is original, not from the movies !

Kim Jong Un while attending a weaponry test where ballistic missiles were
launched from a dived North Korean submarine [Sina Press, Oct. 15, 2015].



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Syria - Russian Embassy Under Fire


Chinese Breaking News at 11:00 CET
The Chinese online news service "New Wave" has just quoted a French news agency report which is saying that the Russian ambassador to Syria was attacked by two rockets in the Damascus embassy.

A more complete Chinese report which appeared only some minutes later is now speaking of "artillery shells" instead of "rockets", adding that the Russian diplomat was neither hurt nor killed in the raid. The report is showing a photo of the scene:


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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Convoy of ISIL Leader Bombed

تفاصيل قصف الجيش العراقي موكب البغدادي زعيم "داعش"ـ

Details about the Shelling of ISIL Leader Al-Baghdadi's Convoy by Iraqi Forces.

وذكرت التقارير أن المعلومات الأولية التي نقلتها عن جهاز الاستخبارات العراقي، قوله إن الموكب كان مكونًا من 7 سيارات، وقد يكون البغدادي داخل الموكب أثناء تنقله إلى منطقة الكرابلة لعقد اجتماع مع قيادات التنظيم داعش في الأنبار لمتابعة سير عمليات التنظيم.ـ

Reports reminded that basic intelligence, [proliferated by] the intelligence [systems] of Iraq, said the convoy was composed of seven cars and Al-Baghdadi had been inside the convoy while he moved to the region of Al-Karābilah to join an assembly of ISIL commanders in Anbar province for the continuous guidance of operations for the organization.

Editor's Note: Al-Karābilah is a town and subdistrict of Iraq's Anbar governorate and situated near the border to Syria.

[Source: Ajel عاجل, a Saudi Arabian news service on October 11, 2015]

أفاد بيان للجيش العراقي بأن "سلاح الجو قصف موكب البغدادي، زعيم داعش، غرب الأنبار، ومصيره غير معروف".ـ

A report for the Iraqi army informed that the air force had bombed the convoy of Al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIL, in the western part of Anbar [province]. His [personal situation] remains unknown.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 11, 2015]

مصادر طبية عراقية وشهود: البغدادي ليس من قادة داعش الذين قتلوا غربي العراق

Iraqi medical sources and witnesses [are saying that] Al-Baghdadi
was not among the ISIL commanders who died in the Iraqi raid.

[Source: RT (Russia Today - Arabic) on October 11, 2015]

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Russia Caused Incident in Syrian Airspace

Important Updates for October 8 / 9 / 11 further down !

سوريا..مقاتلة روسية تجبر طائرة للتحالف على تغيير مسارها

Syria ..... Russian War Plane Forced Alliance Plane to Change its Course.

أعلنت وزارة الدفاع الأميركية (البنتاغون)، اليوم الأربعاء، أن طائرة واحدة على الأقل تابعة للتحالف الدولي بقيادة الولايات المتحدة ضد تنظيم "داعش" اضطرت لتغيير مسارها أثناء تحليقها في الأجواء السورية، لكي تتجنب الاقتراب كثيرا من مقاتلة روسية.ـ

Today, Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Defence (Pentagon) declared that at least one single plane belonging to the international alliance against ISIL organization under the command of the United States was forced to change its course during its flight within Syrian airspace in order to avoid the approach of many Russian war planes.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 7, 2015]


News Update for October 8, 2015:

واشنطن: أغلب ضربات روسيا استهدفت المعارضة المعتدلة

Washington: The majority of Russia's [military] blows have targeted the moderate opposition.

وقال المتحدث باسم وزارة الخارجية جون كيربي إن "أكثر من 90 بالمئة من غاراتهم التي شهدناها لم تكن ضد تنظيم داعش أو ضد إرهابيين مرتبطين بالقاعدة. لقد كانت في قسمها الأكبر ضد مجموعات معارضة".ـ

... And John Kerry said on behalf of the U.S. State Department that " more than 90% of their [i.e. Russia's] raids, according to what we observed, were directed neither against ISIL organization nor against terrorists allied with Al-Qaeda. They were mostly directed against opposition groups."

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 8, referring to a declaration of the U.S. government from Wednesday, October 7, 2015]


News Update for October 9, 2015:

تقرير: 6% فقط من هجمات النظام السوري خلال العام الماضي استهدفت تنظيم الدولة

Report: Only 6% of last year's attacks launched by the Syrian regime [i.e. Assad]
were targeting the Islamic State.

[Source: Al-Jazeera TV الجزيرة on October 9, 2015]

مسؤول إيراني يعترف بسقوط صواريخ روسية على بلاده
الناتو يؤكد أن نشاط روسيا في سوريا مقلق و"سندافع عن حلفائنا"ـ

Main Title: Iranian official admits the crash of Russian missiles on [Iran's] territory.
Subtitle: NATO confirms that Russian activity in Syria is alarming and
that " we will defend our allies ".

أشارت وكالة انباء "ايرنا" الايرانية الرسمية، اليوم الجمعة، إلى سقوط صواريخ روسية في محافظة شمال غرب البلاد وهو الإتجاه الذي كان من المقرر أن تعبر منه الصواريخ التي أطلقت من بحر قزوين في طريقها نحو أهداف في سوريا، وذلك رغم الرفض الروسي للتاكيدات الأميركية بسقوط الصواريخ في إيران.ـ

On Friday [i.e. October 9], the Iranian news agency IRNA indicated that Russian missiles crashed in Iran's north-western region [at a certain point of their trajectory] after being launched from the Caspian Sea and on their way in the direction of targets situated in Syria. That happened despite a Russian rejection of U.S. confirmations regarding the crash of missiles in Iran.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 9, 2015]

The European Agency for Air Traffic Security (EASA)
already launched security advice to European airlines.


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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Chinese Medicine in Malaria Treatment

Here an excerpt from the official annoucement of the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden with some minor editorial adaptions:

Yesterday, October 5, the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, decided to award the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with one half jointly to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites and the other half to Youyou Tu for her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against Malaria.

Diseases caused by parasites have plagued humankind for millennia and constitute a major global health problem. In particular, parasitic diseases affect the world's poorest populations and represent a huge barrier to improving human health and wellbeing. This year's Nobel Laureates have developed therapies that have revolutionized the treatment of some of the most devastating parasitic diseases.

For some personal reason, my special interest is targeting the work of Youyou Tu 屠呦呦. That's why I concentrate on her work which introduced a well-known Chinese herbal plant for its ability to deliver a new kind of remedy against Malaria.

Malaria was traditionally treated by chloroquine or quinine, but with declining success. By the late 1960s, efforts to eradicate Malaria had failed and the disease was on the rise. At that time, Youyou Tu in China turned to traditional herbal medicine to tackle the challenge of developing novel Malaria therapies. From a large-scale screen of herbal remedies in Malaria-infected animals, an extract from the plant Artemisia annua emerged as an interesting candidate. However, the results were inconsistent, so Tu revisited the ancient literature and discovered clues that guided her in her quest to successfully extract the active component from Artemisia annua. Tu was the first to show that this component, later called Artemisinin, was highly effective against the Malaria parasite, both in infected animals and in humans. Artemisinin represents a new class of antimalarial agents that rapidly kill the Malaria parasites at an early stage of their development, which explains its unprecedented potency in the treatment of severe Malaria.

The picture below is showing a page about Artemisia annua [ Qing Hao青蒿 ] and which has been copied from a Chinese handbook on herbal medicine that happened to find its way into my private library. The book was published in 1989 [1st edition 1959], and I used it for my own translations about modern applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, especially for the treatment of AIDS with herbal components which seemed a promising alternative in those years when AIDS research was still at an early stage. That's why my translations of relevant Chinese publications, originating from serious Chinese specialists, attracted much interest from professional circles at that time. Soon it became clear that some traditional medical plants from China offered new opportunities for western research and opened ways for the lucrative exploitation of popular Chinese medicine.

The above page presents a drawing of Artemisia annua and a complete description of the plant together with some remarks on its preparation. The description of chemical components is followed by hints how to apply Artemisia in herbal medicine. Those hints are using the terminology of TCM and require a serious study of the matter.

The essential component in the treatment of Malaria [ NüeJi 疟疾 ] is Arteannuin [ QingHaoSu 青蒿素 ], better known as Artemisinin, and which I found in a handbook of available Chinese herbal medicine, published in 1991 (below). In that edition, Arteannuin / Artemisinin is already mentioned as a remedy against different forms of Malaria, its availability (tablets or injection fluid) and medication are included as well.

YouYou Tu together with one of her teachers in the 1950s while working in a laboratory
of the Chinese Herbal Medicine branch of China's Institute for Traditional Medicine.

Artemisinin in the Chinese Headlines


"China's Miracle Drug" - In Africa, Artemisinin Saved One Million Lives


Mao Ze Dong asked to Start Research for a Malaria Remedy.

The related article is quoting a New York Times publication from 2012.


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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Escalation in Syria

Important News Updates further down !
Last Update: October 5, 2015

Last night, the Arabic channel of Al-Jazeera TV in Qatar came with further news describing an escalation in Syria, after Russian warplanes had begun their attacks of what they called positions of Islamic State forces and which are destabilizing Russia's only ally in the region, the already weakened regime of Bashir al-Assad in Damascus. However, first news received the day before about Syrian civilians perishing in operations that should be targeting only military positions made room for even worse reports about cruel attacks of civilian living quarters in different parts of Syria.

Foreign voices are criticizing Russia's president Putin for his hazarduous step to interfere in a volatile region, even more after bilateral talks have taken place between Putin and his high-ranking counterparts: Israel's prime minister Netanyanhu, the French president Hollande and U.S. President Obama. Now Turkey's strongman Erdogan made clear what he intends to tell Russia's president Putin when he would meet him in the coming days.

فرنسا تشترط على روسيا استهداف مواقع تنظيم الدولة و القاعدة لا غير وضمان سلامة المدنيين و رحيل الأسد

France reminds Russia to concentrate exclusively on positions of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda and to ensure the security of citizens and the [emigration] of Assad.

أردوغان: سأتحدث مع بوتين عن العمليات الروسية بسوريا و سأنقل له أسفنا و انزعاجنا من مقتل المدنيين السوريين

Erdogan: I will speak to Putin about Russian operations in Syria and I will inform him about our affection and our irritation regarding the assassination of Syrian citizens.
[Quotation from last night's broacast of an interview granted by Turkey's president Erdogan to the Arabic channel of Al-Jazeera. An Arabic translation of Erdogan's exposition of the subject can be found below. Until now, there is no English version of the interview available.]

المعارضة السورية تقول إن الغارات الروسية تستهدف مدنيين و مواقع للجيش الحر و موسكو تنفي ذلك

The Syrian opposition says Russian [air] raids are targeting citizens and positions of the Free Syrian Army which Moscow denies.

تواصل الغارات الروسية على مناطق عدة في سوريا مخلفة قتلى و جرحى بين المدنيين

Russian [air] raids continue at numerous regions in Syria leaving behind dead and wounded citizens.

مقتل 100 و إصابة 200 في قصف لقوات النظام استهدف أسواقا شعبية بمدينتي الباب ودير حافر بريف حلب الشرقي

100 died and 200 were wounded during a bombing [in favour of] forces [loyal to] the regime and that was targeting popular markets in the townships of Al-Bab and Dayr Hafir in eastern Aleppo Governorate.
[Editor's Note: Dayr Hafir is situated in the neighbourhood of Al-Bab which is reportedly under full control of the Islamic State.]

From the Arabic website of Al-Arabiya TV in Dubai:

بالصور.. كيف يعيش الجنود الروس في سوريا
With pictures ... Russian soldiers in Syria - How are they living ?

U.S. President Obama on 3rd October 2015:
Russia's strikes in Syria 'strengthening ISIL'

قـال الـرئيس الأمريـكي أوبامـا أن الاستقرار للـتنظيم الإرهابـي
ـ «داعش» يترتب على غارات من القوات الروسية في سوريا و
رفض أوباما «حرباً بالوكالة» مع روسيا وتوقع «فشل» الغارات

Further News for 3rd October 2015:

طهران تقيل قائد قواتها المقاتلة في سوريا لفشله

Tehran has dismissed the commander of its combat forces in Syria for having failed.

أفادت مصادر إيرانية أن طهران أقالت اللواء حسين همداني من قيادة قوات الحرس الثوري الإيراني المقاتلة في سوريا، بسبب ضعف أدائه وفشله في العمليات العسكرية المتتالية ضد قوات المعارضة السورية.ـ

Iranian sources indicated that Tehran has dismissed brigadier general Hossein Hamadani as a commander of the fighters for Iran's Revolutionary Guard Forces in Syria for the reason of his weak performance and his failure in successive military operations against opposition forces in Syria.

[Editor's Note: Hossein Hamadani is currently serving in Syria as both an advisor to the Syrian government during the Syrian Civil War and as commander for the special force of the Revolutionary Guards, the so-called Quds Force. In the frame of an Iranian support for the regime of Bashir al-Assad it should be noted that Lebanese Hezbollah fighters and who enjoy a close relationship with Iran are as well fighting in Syria to oppose the Islamic State.]

Postscriptum on October 9, 2015:

مقتل العميد حسين همداني القيادي في الحرس الثوري الإيراني بنيران تنظيم الدولة في ريف حلب

Brigadier general Hossein Hamadani, commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, died under fire from the Islamic State in the rural environment of Aleppo. [Al-Jazeera TV]

News Update for October 4, 2015:

ـ52ـ محرضاً سعودياً يدعون إلى النفير في سوريا

52 militant Saudis are calling for a mobilization in Syria.

دعا 52 محرضاً هم أكاديميون ودعاة سعوديون إلى "النفير" في سوريا لقتال القوات الروسية.ـ

52 Saudi militants, among them academics and activists, are calling for a "mobilization" in Syria to fight Russian troops.

News Update for October 5, 2015:

تركيا تقول انها اعترضت مقاتلة روسية اخترقت مجالها الجوي

Turkey said it intercepted a Russian bomber entering its air space.

اعلنت وزارة الخارجية التركية الاثنين أن مقاتلات اف 16 تركية اعترضت، السبت، مقاتلة روسية انتهكت المجال الجوي التركي عند الحدود السورية (جنوب شرق).ـ

[This] Monday the Turkish ministry of foreign affairs declared that, [last] Saturday [i.e. October 3], Turkish F-16 warplanes intercepted a Russian bomber which violated Turkish air space at its (south-eastern) border to Syria.
[Al-Alam, Iranian TV news]


Visitor from West Africa reminding NATO air raids in Libya.

Turkish visitor to "blueprint news" interested in Russian history.