Tuesday, October 13, 2015

North Korea - Greetings from Hollywood

The 70 years' anniversary of North Korea's Labour Party might be a nice occasion to remind the U.S. motion picture "The Interview" that had been produced by Sony Pictures and planned to go public in December 2014. As its plot was based on the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during an interview, it was officially rejected by Pyongyang, and Sony Pictures had to suffer from a cyber attack that taught them to be more prudent in the choice of their movie scripts. Here now, once again, the trailer of a Hollywood comedy that was just mocking a country which is even able to lauch nuclear missiles if deemed necessary.

Attention: This is original, not from the movies !

Kim Jong Un while attending a weaponry test where ballistic missiles were
launched from a dived North Korean submarine [Sina Press, Oct. 15, 2015].



Visitor from Hollywood and who is interested in North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

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