Sunday, October 11, 2015

Convoy of ISIL Leader Bombed

تفاصيل قصف الجيش العراقي موكب البغدادي زعيم "داعش"ـ

Details about the Shelling of ISIL Leader Al-Baghdadi's Convoy by Iraqi Forces.

وذكرت التقارير أن المعلومات الأولية التي نقلتها عن جهاز الاستخبارات العراقي، قوله إن الموكب كان مكونًا من 7 سيارات، وقد يكون البغدادي داخل الموكب أثناء تنقله إلى منطقة الكرابلة لعقد اجتماع مع قيادات التنظيم داعش في الأنبار لمتابعة سير عمليات التنظيم.ـ

Reports reminded that basic intelligence, [proliferated by] the intelligence [systems] of Iraq, said the convoy was composed of seven cars and Al-Baghdadi had been inside the convoy while he moved to the region of Al-Karābilah to join an assembly of ISIL commanders in Anbar province for the continuous guidance of operations for the organization.

Editor's Note: Al-Karābilah is a town and subdistrict of Iraq's Anbar governorate and situated near the border to Syria.

[Source: Ajel عاجل, a Saudi Arabian news service on October 11, 2015]

أفاد بيان للجيش العراقي بأن "سلاح الجو قصف موكب البغدادي، زعيم داعش، غرب الأنبار، ومصيره غير معروف".ـ

A report for the Iraqi army informed that the air force had bombed the convoy of Al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIL, in the western part of Anbar [province]. His [personal situation] remains unknown.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 11, 2015]

مصادر طبية عراقية وشهود: البغدادي ليس من قادة داعش الذين قتلوا غربي العراق

Iraqi medical sources and witnesses [are saying that] Al-Baghdadi
was not among the ISIL commanders who died in the Iraqi raid.

[Source: RT (Russia Today - Arabic) on October 11, 2015]

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