Tuesday, July 26, 2016

France - Terrorist Attack on Church

Important Updates added on July 26 / 28
on the identification of both perpetrators.

فرنسا.. ذبح كاهن بعد احتجاز رهائن بكنيسة

France - Priest slaughtered after hostages were held in a church.

شخصان يحملان السلاح الأبيض احتجزا رهائن في كنيسة قرب روان في النورماندي

Two persons carrying blades took hostages in a church near Rouen, Normandy.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية this morning, July 26, 2016]

According to the latest report from Reuters, French police "neutralized" two men armed with blades who had taken several people hostage in a church in northern France this morning.

One of the hostages had been killed with a blade in the attack which took place in the Normandy town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, south of Rouen. French media reported the attackers cut the throat of the 86 years old priest who was a clergyman since 1958.

Another report from the French paper Le Figaro, published only some minutes ago, says that both terrorists died during the intervention of French police.

Later that morning, French president Hollande made his appearance on the site of crime while the Islamic State IS confirmed that both perpetrators could be regarded as their soldiers.

Evening Update for July 26:

TV5 Monde - France:

L'un des deux assaillants a été formellement identifié comme étant Adel K., selon une source proche de l'enquête. Connu des services antiterroristes, ce Français, jeune majeur, avait tenté de rallier la Syrie par deux fois en 2015. Une première via l'Allemagne, alors qu'il était mineur, mais il avait été interpellé. Une seconde alors qu'il était majeur via la Suisse, puis la Turquie où il avait été arrêté.

Remis à la France, il avait été mis en examen pour association de malfaiteurs en lien avec une entreprise terroriste et placé en détention provisoire, puis libéré sous bracelet électronique.

According to a source near to the investigation, one of two attackers was formally identified as Adel K., a young adult of French nationality and who is already known to anti-terrorist services as he had tried to get into Syria twice in 2015. On his first trip taken as a minor via Germany he had been interrogated. On his second trip taken as an adult via Switzerland he had been arrested in Turkey.

Sent back to France, he had been accused of joining a criminal organisation related to terrorism and had become subject of provisional detention. Later, he was liberated, however, put under electronic surveillance by means of an electronic bracelet.

The attack has triggered off a parliamentary discussion between government and opposition, namely the Republican Party of former president Sarkozy, regarding the surveillance of potential terrorists. It was mentioned by TV5 Monde that up to now only 13 persons are under electronic surveillance for suspicion of terrorism, while that means is usually applied as an alternative for those serving a sentence of less than two years or persons waiting for their sentences.

Update for July 28, 2016:

فرنسا تعلن اسم المنفذ الثاني لذبح الكاهن في "روان"ـ

France announced the name of the 2nd perpetrator in the priest slaughtering of Rouen.

علنت فرنسا التعرف رسميا إلى المنفذ الثاني للاعتداء في الكنيسة بفرنسا، وقالت النيابة العامة إن اسمه عبدالمالك نبيل بوتيجان (19 عاما).ـ

France announced essential knowledge about the second perpetrator in the attack on a church in France. The public prosecutor's office told his name as being Abdulmalik Nabil Butijaan, a 19 years old [youth].

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on July 28, 2016]

Document used by Abdulmalik Nabil Butijaan under his assumed name of Maur Petitjean
as a driving license for light motor-cycles that can be operated by 14 years old minors.


Visitor from some remote area in Argentine and
who is interested in the "abyss of the soul":
Neurology Meets Religion - The Devil Within

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nice Massacre - Latest News

Update for July 22 added below !

منفذ هجوم نيس في فرنسا "حظي بدعم وتواطؤ"ـ

The person responsible for the attack of Nice
in France " enjoyed support and complicity "

[Source: Elaph إيلاف, an independent and liberal Arab news service
in London, quoting French AFP agency late news on July 21, 2016]

During the last hours, different European sources reported that the Nice massacre of July 14 should have been planned for several months in advance. Four suspects are reportedly under arrest.


[U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission is the supervisor of U.S. Stock Exchange]


Related Update for July 22:

دول التحالف: أحرزنا تقدماً كبيراً في الحرب على داعش

Nations of the Alliance: We made significant progress in the war against ISIL (Daesh).

المجتمعون: على ميليشيات الحشد الشعبي أن تكون تحت السيطرة الحازمة للحكومة العراقية

Those united: By concentration of people's militias under the firm control of Iraq's government.

A meeting of defence and foreign affairs ministers of the Alliance against ISIL reported progress of Iraqi troops and Syrian opposition groups in the prevention of terrorist access to resources, supplies and sites in the region.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on July 22, 2016]

Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice - Bloody Terrorist Attack

فرنسا.. 80 قتيلاً و100 مصاب بعملية دهس في نيس

France ..... 80 died and 100 were wounded in an operation of squashing up in Nice.
[ Al-Arabiya]

A bloody terrorist attack happened in Nice, seaport on the Mediterranean, on the evening of French National Day. At 22:30 local time, a truck loaded with explosives and arms began chasing and squashing pedestrians who had gathered for watching the traditional fireworks of July 14. During the incident about 80 persons were killed and 100 wounded. After midnight, French President Hollande arrived at the place and told the media he would conduct a security conference at 09:00 in the morning. [Different French Sources]

Such kind of attack had already been proposed by Syrian terrorist Abou Mohammed Al-Adnani, nicknamed "the minister of terrorist attacks for the Islamic State IS" by Western intelligence services and who is acting as a spokesman for IS. French authorities already opened an inquiry at 1:30 in the morning, even though there is no confirmation yet from IS having actually staged the Nice incident. [Source: Le Parisien on July 15, about four hours after the incident.]

L'attaque perpétrée à Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) ce jeudi soir semble correspondre, même si elle n'a pas été revendiquée par l'organisation Etat islamique, à l'application d'une stratégie prônée par celui qui est surnommé par les services de renseignements occidentaux, le «ministre des attentats» : le syrien Abou Mohammed Al-Adnani, porte-parole officiel de l'organisation djihadiste. Vers 1h30 du matin, la section terroriste de Paris avait été saisie de l'enquête.

Abou Mohammed Al-Adnani

من منفذ هجوم نيس الفرنسية؟

Who carried out the attack in Nice / France ?

محمد سلمان لحويّج بوهلال فرنسي من أصل تونسي، يعمل سائقا في نيس الفرنسيةغرد النص عبر تويتر، ولديه سجل جنائي في قضايا عنف، نفذ هجوما بشاحنة بمدينة نيس في 14 يوليو/تموز 2016 وقتل 84 شخصا وجرح العشرات.ـ

Mohamed Salmaan Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a French of Tunisian origin working as a driver in Nice / France, had a criminal record in cases of violence as was tweeted by Twitter. He realised the attack with a truck in the town of Nice on July 14, 2016, and killed 84 people while wounding several dozens.

[Source: Al-Jazeera late news on July 15, 2016]


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

US Presidential Election 2016


Today's visitor from Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia, seems to be interested in the death of Usama Bin Laden relatives who perished in an odd aircraft accident. That visitor comes only one day after my latest Twitter Tweet reporting that Bin Laden's son Hamza is threatening to take revenge on the U.S. for killing his father. Such information is based on a voice recording related to Hamza Bin Laden and which should have appeared on the internet according to an earlier news report from Al-Arabiya.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Turkey Lifting Siege on Ghaza Strip

قال وزير الخارجية التركي مولود جاويش أوغلو، إنّ حكومته بحثت مسألة رفع الحصار عن قطاع غزة، مع قادة حركتي حماس وفتح، والرئيس الفلسطيني محمود عباس، قبل تطبيع العلاقات مع إسرائيل، ولقيت دعماً قوياً منهما في هذا الشأن.ـ

The Turkish minister of foreign affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, said that his government considered the issue of lifting the siege imposed on the Ghaza Strip with the leaders of Hamas and Fatah movements and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas before any normalization of relations with Israel, and he received strong support in this regard.

That came in an interview with Turkish television on Sunday, referring to Turkey sending a ship with humanitarian aid from Mersin seaport to the Ghaza Strip as an initial step in the frame of lifting the siege of the private sector.

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said that "Palestine and Ghaza need support in various areas", indicating "infrastructure collapses, damaged hospitals and schools, and the crisis of electricity and water as a result of the Israeli attacks", confirming that Turkey will provide support to the Palestinians in these areas.

The minister added that the value of recent aid "reached 500 million dollars, and that Turkey is currently working on the establishment of an industrial zone in Jenin governorate which should provide work opportunities for about 6 thousand people, as well on the removal of many barriers, particularly with regard to the direct transfer of funds".

[Source: Al-Jazeera TV الجزيرة and alkhaleejonline.net (Gulf Online) الخليج أونلاين on July 3, 2016]

Diplomatic ties between Israel and Turkey were suspended after Israeli troops stormed the Ghaza-bound Mavi Marmara aid ship in international waters in 2010, killing 10 Turkish activists.

In the aftermath of the attack, Turkey demanded a formal apology from Israel, compensation for the families of those killed, and the lifting of Israel’s Ghaza blockade.

In 2013, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced his regret over the attack.

On June 27, months of talks between the two countries finally bore fruit, with Turkey announcing that a deal would be signed, normalizing relations with Israel.

Under the deal, in addition to agreeing to Turkish aid’s access to Ghaza, Israel will pay $20 million in compensation to the families of the Mavi Marmara victims.

Today on 3rd July 2016, the mentioned agreement showed effect with the arrival of a Turkish aid ship, the Panama-flagged Lady Leyla, which arrived at the Israeli seaport of Ashdod, carrying 11,000 tons of supplies for the Ghaza Strip. The ship was received by representatives from Turkey and Israel.

[Source: Turkish daily Hürriyet on July 3, 2016]


Visitor referring to yesterday's blogspot on Israeli air raids still targeting Ghaza.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Israeli Air Raids Targeting Ghaza

Five hours ago, Al-Jazeera TV reported on their Arabic website about Israeli air raids targeting opposition strongholds in the Ghaza strip. The following snapshot is showing an Israeli warplane shortly missed by an air defence grenade.

غارات إسرائيلية على مواقع للمقاومة بغزة

Israeli (Air) Raids Targeting Opposition Sites in Ghaza.

شنت مقاتلات إسرائيلية عدة غارات جوية استهدفت مواقع للمقاومة الفلسطينية وورشة صناعية في مناطق مختلفة من قطاع غزة، مما ألحق أضرارا مادية بالأماكن المستهدفة دون أن يبلغ عن وقوع إصابات.ـ

Israeli fighters carried out several air raids that targeted Palestinian resistance sites and industrial workshops in different areas of the Gaza Strip, causing material damages to the targeted places while no injuries were reported.


Visitor from Istanbul, Turkey, and who is probably interested in Iranian weaponry.

In case they might meet in some neighbouring country .....