Thursday, September 30, 2010

NORTH KOREA - The New Leader ?

On September 29, foreign media reported that Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, had introduced his son Kim Jong-Un as his successor. The day before, the North Korean news agency had already mentioned Kim Jong-Un on their website as a vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission after a reorganization of that commission. International media reported that Kim Jong-Un had been declared a general of the North Korean armed forces.

Kim Jong-Il's son became known to insiders while he attended the International School of Berne, Switzerland, (ISB) during the 1990s (1993 or 1994). At that time, he called himself Chol Pak. Kim Jong-Un arrived together with Kwang Chung, another North Korean and probably his bodyguard at that time. [Source: Memories of a former classmate at ISB.]

The Black Comment
Sounds a bit like the James Bond film "Die Another Day" that dealt with a couple of terrorists, the corrupted son of a high-ranking North Korean general and his friend and bodyguard, both eager to change the world order. By the way, the Royal Charity World Premiere of "Die Another Day" was held on November 18, 2002, at London's Royal Albert Hall, in the presence of Bond's "employer" Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of England, if that was to imply any secret meaning ...

It cannot be excluded that son Kim Jong Un later became a demanding playboy while living in the West. At least, same thing was said about his father, Kim Jong Il, during the days of his youth [fake photo but credible fact !].

Referring to the presumptuous propaganda of North Korean TV, here is a fake report on the latest project of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il: Bringing the moon to North Korea.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fidel Castro on Nuclear War

Latest news from "el comandante" Fidel Castro: Castro delivers a speech on the disastrous global effects of a nuclear war. He directs himself at an assembly of Japanese peace activists among which a survivor of the Hiroshima bomb tells Castro about her own nuclear nightmare. The speech was broadcast by CUBAVISION TV on September 23, 2010. According to Cuba's national daily "Diario Granma" it had been recorded two days before, on Tuesday September 21, when Castro met with 600 members
of the Japanese "Peace Crusade" (Crucero por la Paz).

Mrs. Watanabe tells Castro how she and her family experienced the Hiroshima bomb. Staying in the rear part of their house at the time of the explosion she was able to survive. Her father, just back from his nightshift at Hiroshima, could even watch the plane that dropped the bomb. It circled over their heads.

In his speech, Fidel Castro is citing a Western scientist who predicted a global climate disaster even if only 100 of the existing 25.000 nuclear arms were going off. This could happen in the frame of a regional nuclear conflict, between, lets say, India and Pakistan. The bombings of one single hour might therefore result in some kind of "nuclear winter" characterized by very low temperatures and the total absence of sunlight. Thus, the nourishment for about one billion people could not be produced any longer. He asks himself how many people really knew about those consequences that were awaiting them after such regional conflict.

It should be remembered that Castro only recently reappeared on the political stage and in uniform on September 3 when he warned the international community about a nuclear war that might be triggered off as a consequence of the actual conflict between Iran and the West.

Obviously, Castro is having some difficulties while speaking. But it is not his brain that doesn't function normally as he speaks rather fluently and rarely looks at his notes. Disturbing pauses in his speech are only related to the time needed for translation. It even seems that Castro is getting more vigorous during his speech, increasing his speed until he "overtakes" his highly skilled translator. I remember having heard that Fidel Castro, in his best years, rarely spoke for less than three hours. This time it was only one single hour, still too long for a well-educated European politician, acquainted to restrict himself to one quarter of an hour whatever the subject might be. Let's say, one more time "el comandante Fidel" convinced us of being alive and unwilling to die.

The BBC video of September 3, when Castro unexpectedly appeared to hold a speech at the University of Havana, showed Cuban students who expressed much sympathy for their 84 years old leader despite all those problems that are actually haunting the people of Cuba. This was not a "last waving of the flag" as we know it from East Germany's organized youth being confronted with their stiffly acting leader Erich Honecker at the state's 40th anniversary in 1989 when Honecker was just 77 years old. This was quite different !

Saturday, September 18, 2010

AFGHANISTAN - Happy Elections

September 18:
On the first day of the general elections in Afghanistan, more than 200 acts of intimidation by the Taliban have been observed. Afghanistan's president Karzai is among the lucky voters who remain undisturbed by Taliban insurgents.

Detailed News:

- Detonation in a voting center of Jalalabad, the capital of Nanghrahar province in Eastern Afghanistan. Armed Taliban press citizens to refrain from voting.

- The Taliban launch some attacks in Kabul and provide obstacles in order to intimidate voters.

The Day Before

The following video was published one day before the general elections in Afghanistan. It includes the following features:
- Taliban approaching a public building in order to post up their proclamation opposing the elections.
- A traffic hold-up by the Taliban.
- President Karzai and a traffic hold-up by Afghan police in Kabul.

The Doomed Elections

Millions of fake identity cards, made in Pakistan, will probably influence the general election results in Afghanistan. One election nominee, representing Nanghrahar province that is bordering Pakistan, sees Pakistani Security behind that fraud. He, therefore, demands the national elections being postponed until this problem has been solved.

This might be one of the subjects Afghan president Karzai will put on the agenda during his visit to Islamabad which began shortly before the elections on September 15.

On September 15 and only some days ahead of the national elections in Afghanistan, an Al-Jazeera special "Behind the News" was dedicated to the following subject:
A continuously appearing phenomenon: The boycott of elections in
the Arabic World on behalf of the opposition parties which is called
a "command of retreat" by the governments involved.

A suicide bomber among the Taliban waiting for his order of engagement. According to his military commander, he should be activated during the general elections in Afghanistan that are planned to take place next week.
Source: Al-Jazeera, September 8, 2010.

Because of a general degradation of public security in Afghanistan and in the aftermath of an al-Qaeda attack on the Central Bank of Afghanistan on June 17, worried account holders in Kabul want their money back. Therefore, the National Bank has been temporarily closed. Furious clients are held back by security personnel.
Source: Al-Jazeera, September 8, 2010.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

September 11 - A Controversial Memorial

U.S.A. - 11 September 2010
A Controversial Memorial
Dividing Religious Groups

This very year, the end of the holy month of Ramadan falls on September 11 memorial day. That's why both Christian and Muslimic communities in the United States are under high tension. While discussions about the plannings of an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in N.Y. are still inciting much controversy among U.S. citizens, the proclamation of a blockheaded clergyman to burn a Coran on September 11 is raising much fear among U.S. Muslims. Instead of making September 11 a day of reconciliation between Christians and Muslims, it should be made the annual "Burn a Coran Day" according to some intolerant white Americans.

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