Thursday, September 30, 2010

NORTH KOREA - The New Leader ?

On September 29, foreign media reported that Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, had introduced his son Kim Jong-Un as his successor. The day before, the North Korean news agency had already mentioned Kim Jong-Un on their website as a vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission after a reorganization of that commission. International media reported that Kim Jong-Un had been declared a general of the North Korean armed forces.

Kim Jong-Il's son became known to insiders while he attended the International School of Berne, Switzerland, (ISB) during the 1990s (1993 or 1994). At that time, he called himself Chol Pak. Kim Jong-Un arrived together with Kwang Chung, another North Korean and probably his bodyguard at that time. [Source: Memories of a former classmate at ISB.]

The Black Comment
Sounds a bit like the James Bond film "Die Another Day" that dealt with a couple of terrorists, the corrupted son of a high-ranking North Korean general and his friend and bodyguard, both eager to change the world order. By the way, the Royal Charity World Premiere of "Die Another Day" was held on November 18, 2002, at London's Royal Albert Hall, in the presence of Bond's "employer" Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of England, if that was to imply any secret meaning ...

It cannot be excluded that son Kim Jong Un later became a demanding playboy while living in the West. At least, same thing was said about his father, Kim Jong Il, during the days of his youth [fake photo but credible fact !].

Referring to the presumptuous propaganda of North Korean TV, here is a fake report on the latest project of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il: Bringing the moon to North Korea.

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