Sunday, November 25, 2018

Iran Sanctions Corrupted by Russia

The following news about Russian companies corrupting US sanctions on Iranian oil exports originate from the US Treasury Department and were launched by China's news network SINA 新浪网 on November 21, 2018.

据英国《金融时报》报道,美国财政部当天在声明中介绍,这些实体分别为俄罗斯能源部下属的一家 国企“Promsriereimpor”、俄“Global Vision Group”公司与伊朗“Tadbir Kish”公司,其他6名 个人则包括“Promsriereimport”副总经理安德烈·多加耶夫与伊朗央行官员等。


[The Chinese language article] is quoting Britain's "Financial Times" and which is referring to a declaration made by the US Treasury Department on November 20. The information names Iranian and Russian companies and persons involved, including the Iranian "Tadbir Kish" company and the deputy CEO of Russia's "Promsriereimport".

The Russian side did not react on the subject up to now.

声明表示,从2014年起,叙利亚人穆罕默德·阿奇维基(Mohammed Amer ash-Shviki)通过其设 在俄罗斯的公司“Global Vision Group”绕过美国制裁将伊朗石油先运往俄罗斯、再运往叙利亚,伊朗 中央银行、伊朗国家石油公司、俄国企“Promsriereimpor”均参与其中。作为回报,叙利亚政府将资 金支付给伊朗伊斯兰革命卫队、黎巴嫩真主党及哈马斯等组织。

Since 2014 Syrian citizen Mohammed Amer ash-Shviki sent US sanctioned Iranian oil via Russia's "Global Vision Group" first to Russia and later to Syria, all with the participation of Iran's Central Bank, the Iranian National Oil Company and Russia's "Promsriereimpor".

Payments from Syria's government are transferred to organizations like Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Lebanon's Hezbollah and [the Palestinian] Hamas.


Iran leaving the US$ payment system. It's now the Euro or
the "hot potato" Renminbi (China Yuan), the "Trump Card".

[ZYNEWS 中原网 on November 25, 2018]

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

US Midterms Proxy War

Last Update loaded on late November 9.

Election Results at 06:00 CET on November 7, 2018

Democrats won over the House with a remarkable majority but lost further seats in the Senate to the Republicans instead of winning.

Such results underline how deeply divided the United States are at present.

As expected, Donald Trump declared a "tremendous success", supposedly referring to the effect of his personal support for Republican candidates during the competition.

An astonishing aspect of the 2018 midterms is the fact that so many educated women prevailed in the elections.

Furthermore the midterms brought about many fresh personalities who challenged the Republican establishment, only to mention the Democrat Beto O'Rourke who closely lost against the Republican Senator Ted Cruz. O'Rourke, the Democratic newcomer in Republican Texas, made a really good job against his well-known opponent.

Even though the Senate has fallen to the Republicans, the signals are set for a change because the Democratic majority in the House enables control of new law projects and government financing and, what is more important, the ability to start public investigations into supposed misbehaviour of Trump, his financial background which is up to now unclear, or Trump's immigration politics.

美国中期的选举达到结果。民主党获得众议员的多数 但是失去些位参议员,民主党最新当选的众议员都有 才能的,也包括很多女人。在选举的后来民主党在 众议院可能阻击特朗普总统的新法规,也可检查 特朗普的报税。

Some article from the Australian Financial Magazine (Nov. 9 edition) you should have read:
There is no GOP now, just Trump, so buckle in for a wild ride


"A Disturbance in the Force of the Dark Side"

The above quoted top tweet of mine has remarks from Donald Trump and ex-President Obama. While Trump acknowledged that the House of Representatives might go to the Democrats, Obama expressed his wish that all voters (whatever their political inclination might be) should take to the poll stations.

This most recent tweet, published in the Chinese language on November 5, reached more than 500 separate views within 24 hours and triggered about 3.5 % of media interaction. Statistics being still on the rise, the number of views even reached about 730 (4% interaction) in the evening of November 7. And there is evidence of further increase.

Of course I cannot claim that my readers came from the abundant Chinese community in the US and whose ancestors once participated in the construction of the first coast-to-coast railway line in 19th century. They could come from anywhere. However, such visitor statistics for a rather tiny tweet are proving the tremendous public interest that is being generated by the US midterm elections of 2018. - And in fact there is so much at stake .....

A maximum of 1550 US visits was finally reached on November 10 and
which is adding to some 170 visitors whose origin remained unidentified.