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Escalation in Syria

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Last Update: October 5, 2015

Last night, the Arabic channel of Al-Jazeera TV in Qatar came with further news describing an escalation in Syria, after Russian warplanes had begun their attacks of what they called positions of Islamic State forces and which are destabilizing Russia's only ally in the region, the already weakened regime of Bashir al-Assad in Damascus. However, first news received the day before about Syrian civilians perishing in operations that should be targeting only military positions made room for even worse reports about cruel attacks of civilian living quarters in different parts of Syria.

Foreign voices are criticizing Russia's president Putin for his hazarduous step to interfere in a volatile region, even more after bilateral talks have taken place between Putin and his high-ranking counterparts: Israel's prime minister Netanyanhu, the French president Hollande and U.S. President Obama. Now Turkey's strongman Erdogan made clear what he intends to tell Russia's president Putin when he would meet him in the coming days.

فرنسا تشترط على روسيا استهداف مواقع تنظيم الدولة و القاعدة لا غير وضمان سلامة المدنيين و رحيل الأسد

France reminds Russia to concentrate exclusively on positions of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda and to ensure the security of citizens and the [emigration] of Assad.

أردوغان: سأتحدث مع بوتين عن العمليات الروسية بسوريا و سأنقل له أسفنا و انزعاجنا من مقتل المدنيين السوريين

Erdogan: I will speak to Putin about Russian operations in Syria and I will inform him about our affection and our irritation regarding the assassination of Syrian citizens.
[Quotation from last night's broacast of an interview granted by Turkey's president Erdogan to the Arabic channel of Al-Jazeera. An Arabic translation of Erdogan's exposition of the subject can be found below. Until now, there is no English version of the interview available.]

المعارضة السورية تقول إن الغارات الروسية تستهدف مدنيين و مواقع للجيش الحر و موسكو تنفي ذلك

The Syrian opposition says Russian [air] raids are targeting citizens and positions of the Free Syrian Army which Moscow denies.

تواصل الغارات الروسية على مناطق عدة في سوريا مخلفة قتلى و جرحى بين المدنيين

Russian [air] raids continue at numerous regions in Syria leaving behind dead and wounded citizens.

مقتل 100 و إصابة 200 في قصف لقوات النظام استهدف أسواقا شعبية بمدينتي الباب ودير حافر بريف حلب الشرقي

100 died and 200 were wounded during a bombing [in favour of] forces [loyal to] the regime and that was targeting popular markets in the townships of Al-Bab and Dayr Hafir in eastern Aleppo Governorate.
[Editor's Note: Dayr Hafir is situated in the neighbourhood of Al-Bab which is reportedly under full control of the Islamic State.]

From the Arabic website of Al-Arabiya TV in Dubai:

بالصور.. كيف يعيش الجنود الروس في سوريا
With pictures ... Russian soldiers in Syria - How are they living ?

U.S. President Obama on 3rd October 2015:
Russia's strikes in Syria 'strengthening ISIL'

قـال الـرئيس الأمريـكي أوبامـا أن الاستقرار للـتنظيم الإرهابـي
ـ «داعش» يترتب على غارات من القوات الروسية في سوريا و
رفض أوباما «حرباً بالوكالة» مع روسيا وتوقع «فشل» الغارات

Further News for 3rd October 2015:

طهران تقيل قائد قواتها المقاتلة في سوريا لفشله

Tehran has dismissed the commander of its combat forces in Syria for having failed.

أفادت مصادر إيرانية أن طهران أقالت اللواء حسين همداني من قيادة قوات الحرس الثوري الإيراني المقاتلة في سوريا، بسبب ضعف أدائه وفشله في العمليات العسكرية المتتالية ضد قوات المعارضة السورية.ـ

Iranian sources indicated that Tehran has dismissed brigadier general Hossein Hamadani as a commander of the fighters for Iran's Revolutionary Guard Forces in Syria for the reason of his weak performance and his failure in successive military operations against opposition forces in Syria.

[Editor's Note: Hossein Hamadani is currently serving in Syria as both an advisor to the Syrian government during the Syrian Civil War and as commander for the special force of the Revolutionary Guards, the so-called Quds Force. In the frame of an Iranian support for the regime of Bashir al-Assad it should be noted that Lebanese Hezbollah fighters and who enjoy a close relationship with Iran are as well fighting in Syria to oppose the Islamic State.]

Postscriptum on October 9, 2015:

مقتل العميد حسين همداني القيادي في الحرس الثوري الإيراني بنيران تنظيم الدولة في ريف حلب

Brigadier general Hossein Hamadani, commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, died under fire from the Islamic State in the rural environment of Aleppo. [Al-Jazeera TV]

News Update for October 4, 2015:

ـ52ـ محرضاً سعودياً يدعون إلى النفير في سوريا

52 militant Saudis are calling for a mobilization in Syria.

دعا 52 محرضاً هم أكاديميون ودعاة سعوديون إلى "النفير" في سوريا لقتال القوات الروسية.ـ

52 Saudi militants, among them academics and activists, are calling for a "mobilization" in Syria to fight Russian troops.

News Update for October 5, 2015:

تركيا تقول انها اعترضت مقاتلة روسية اخترقت مجالها الجوي

Turkey said it intercepted a Russian bomber entering its air space.

اعلنت وزارة الخارجية التركية الاثنين أن مقاتلات اف 16 تركية اعترضت، السبت، مقاتلة روسية انتهكت المجال الجوي التركي عند الحدود السورية (جنوب شرق).ـ

[This] Monday the Turkish ministry of foreign affairs declared that, [last] Saturday [i.e. October 3], Turkish F-16 warplanes intercepted a Russian bomber which violated Turkish air space at its (south-eastern) border to Syria.
[Al-Alam, Iranian TV news]


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