Tuesday, October 27, 2015

South China Sea - US Troubling the Water

Artificial island belonging to the Spratley archipelago (left), and the
U.S. convoy that violated what China claims to be its territory (right)

Recent U.S. navy activities in the neighbourhood of the disputed Spratley Islands 南沙群岛 and China's official response are reminding a long-standing South China Sea conflict that involves not only the U.S. and China but all neighbouring nations as well. China's stance: Why troubling the water for nothing ?


Foreign Minister Wang Yi: We encourage the U.S. not to make trouble out of nothing.

人民网10月27日电 据外交部网站消息,中国外交部长王毅今天在北京出席中日韩研讨会期间,针对有境外媒体问及“美军将派遣军舰进入中国南海岛礁12海里”一事表示,关于此事,中方正在核实当中,如果属实,奉劝美方三思而后行,不要轻举妄动,不要无事生非。

On October 27, People's Network reported the news based on a website of [China's] ministry of foreign affairs. Today [i.e. Oct. 27], China's foreign minister Wang Yi is presiding a Chinese-Japanese-Korean round of discussions in Beijing.

On that occasion he has mentioned foreign media reports about the U.S. navy entering China's 12-mile zone in the South China Sea.
CNN report on October 27, 2015

We encourage the U.S. to think thrice before acting, not to take reckless action, and not to make trouble out of nothing.


When it comes to enjoy navigation and overflight in the South China Sea, the Chinese side consistently respected and defended each country's freedom according to international law. But we resolutely oppose any country's damaging China's sovereignty and security interests in the name of that freedom of navigation and overflight.

[Source: People's Network 人民网 on October 27, 2015]

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