Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Syria - Probable Use of Chemical Weapons

Only two hours ago, U.S. President Obama boarded Air Force One for an emergency trip to Israel after the chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee announced that Syria most probably used chemical weapons on behalf of its desperate leadership. Even though it is still disputed between Syrian rebels and government troops who actually used such weapons, there must have been evidence of their application.
Republican Congressman Rogers declared the use of chemical weapons could be a "game-changer" in the Syrian conflict that might even lead to U.S. military intervention.

[Source: CNN life transmission on the evening of March 19 (March 20 in Europe)]

The New York Times edition on March 20 has more in its comprehensive article Syria and Activists Trade Charges on Chemical Weapons.

A Deutsche Welle (DW) report on March 20 has more on the international aspect of that subject Syria chemical weapons claims prompt warnings. Quotation from the DW report:
Both the US and UN have said they are investigating opposing claims by the Syrian government and rebels over the use of chemical weapons. UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon warned such behavior would be an 'outrageous crime.'


News UPDATE on the evening of March 20:

Obama's talks with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu not only dealt with the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Iran and the Palestinian subject were on the agenda too. That's why Palestinian activists voiced their protest against an alleged pro-Israeli attitude of the Obama administration.


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