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North Korea - Declaration of War - Part I

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According to Japanese NHK-TV evening news, North Korea should have declared the state of war between North and South Korea. Furthermore, the North has threatened to close the Gaeseong industrial complex near the border to South Korea. That industrial zone was once established to improve economic cooperation between both countries and has granted the impoverished North access to $2 billion in trade per year. Similar news are being distributed by Al-Jazeera, English service, and have been confirmed by South Korean ARIRANG TV evening news.

An earlier report from Reuters press agency said Seoul and its ally the United States were playing down the statement as "tough talk".

It seems the situation escalated when U.S. air force applied stealth bombers in the frame of joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises.


朝鲜打击美国本土计划曝光 首次公开人民军军备

Exposing North Korea's plannings to hit U.S. territory.
Armament of the People's Army made known for the first time.

[提要]  朝鲜官方媒体29日就军方当天紧急会议配发两张图片,图片中的背景似乎包括打击美国本土的作战计划图等图纸,图纸内标注一些具体军备数据。这些图纸引起韩国方面关注。一些韩国军事官员推测,朝方媒体疏忽致泄密。而另一些人认为,朝方有意为之,目的是警示美国。

On [March] 29 North Korea's official media jointly released two photos from that day's military emergency meeting. The background of these photos includes what seems to be the blueprint of a map for warfare plannings to hit U.S. territory. That blueprint contains a tag noting some specific military arms data and has aroused interest on the part of South Korea. Some South Korean military officials are guessing, North Korean media carelessly caused the leakage of a secret. However, other people consider the North acted deliberately with the intention of warning America.

[Source: on March 31, 2013]

However, one of the photos allegedly showing Kim Jong Un's "warfare plannings" has been interpreted in a different way by China's XinHua Network on March 31. According to their report, such warfare planning scenario should be regarded as a simple computer game with rather private than political background:

被朝鲜导弹“瞄准” 得州民众纳闷

North Korea's guided missiles "taking aim"
at the doomed masses of Texas.


The [related] picture displays Kim Jong Un after having used an iMac computer made by Apple. As a local resident indicates, Kim Jong Un is a " top level Guofen " (i.e. fan of Apple products) and was planning to carry out a nuclear attack on ([Apple's] competitor), the computer tycoon Dell, a company located in Texas.

[Source: XinHua Network, Beijing, on March 31, 2013]

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North Korea's nuclear weapons are unlikely to be used in exchange for U.S. Dollars.


On March 31, the Central Committee of North Korea's Workers' Party held its plenary meeting where it decided the [new political] line of carrying out economic construction and building up "power of nuclear arms" side by side. The plenary meeting's news bulletin says: North Korea's "nuclear weapons" will not be subject to exchange for U.S.$ goods. As long as imperialism and nuclear threat exist on earth, North Korea will under no circumstances abandon [its] nuclear power.

[Source: XinHua Network on 1st April, 2013]

Arirang TV, Seoul, in their press review on 1st April quoted Kim Jong Un telling his people: "Don't give South Korea and U.S. reason to retaliate." Another report from Seoul comments on the South Korean government placing new diplomats in Beijing and Tokyo which might help to strengthen relations between all countries directly involved in the actual crisis triggered off by North Korea. [Source: Arirang TV, Seoul, on 1st April, 2013]

Even Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe, a decided nationalist politician and who was only recently fuelling the island dispute between Japan and China, is now considering China as an essential partner in finding a suitable solution for the North Korean issue. His comment that favoured a summary response towards Pyongyang rather than a series of single reactions on subsequent North Korean provocations was published the day before on March 31.


North Korea - Politics of the Kim Family

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