Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Korea - At the Edge of War ?

Breaking News - Morning Update for March 13, 2013

From XinHua News Agency:

North Korea declares:

War on the peninsula "cannot be avoided".

The above headline was found on top of an article that summarizes latest developments by quoting international media from North Korea and China, South Korea, Japan, U.S.A., Britain and France under the following aspects:

Kim Jong Un once again at the front line urging war preparedness.

America warning of full-scale retaliation for [any] nuclear attack.

South Korea worries about a North Korean "surprise attack".


North Korea's leadership in a frenzy after recent military exercises of South Korean and U.S. troops (picture above).
After nullifying the 1953 armistice agreement that ended a three year's war between North and South Korea and cutting an important telephone line connecting both countries, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un is driving his escalation of the situation even further:


North Korea threatening to make one of South Korea's islands get caught in a sea of flames.


On Tuesday [March 12], North Korean official media reported that Kim Jong Un ordered frontline troops of the border defence to engage in preparation of a combat targeting the smashing of enemies on White Feather Island. In 2010, more than 40 people lost their lives when a South Korean navy ship was sent to the bottom in the neighbourhood of White Feather Island.

[Source: Voice of America, Chinese website, on March 12, 2013]


On the same day [March 12], People's Network in Beijing delivered a rather harmless view on the current conflict by using the following headline:

Military exercises on the Korean peninsula: The possibility of starting a war is rather small, some " accidental discharge while cleaning the gun " being important to promote vigilance.

The Chinese article is quoting Jin Can Rong, deputy director at the Institute for International Relations of the People's University of China:

Jin Can Rong: If America is determined to use a [tough language] towards North Korea, North Korea cannot help getting in the way. Therefore, U.S.-South Korean military exercises are endangering talks with North Korea while this is of no significance to China.

When asked about the deterrent effect of North Korea's selfdeclaration as a nuclear power, Jin Can Rong said:

Jin Can Rong: [What is said to] South Korea is definitely deterrent, however not deterrent for America.

Firstly: As North Korea's nuclear power is not mature, it isn't certain that each of their nuclear weapons will produce an explosion sound.
Secondly: North Korea's nuclear weapons are quite bulky. They cannot be launched with a guided missile. It needs a ship to transport them to the U.S.A.. But [in case of delivery] by ship, this would be early enough [sent to the bottom] by the Americans. However, telling this to the Americans would have no effect.

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