Sunday, August 06, 2017

China Gets Tough on North Korea

Update added on August 7, 2017


The situation of Northeast Asia: China urges North Korea to solve problems through dialog,
saying that sanctions are not the only way to.

路透马尼拉8月6日 - 中国外交部长王毅周日表示,联合国安理会针对朝鲜(北韩)出台的新制裁决议是对朝鲜进行一系列导弹试射的正确回应,但在目前的“关键时刻”,对话对于解决这一复杂而敏感的问题至关重要。

Reuters from Manila on August 6 - On Sunday, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that a new resolution of sanctions declared by the United Nations Security Council against the DPRK (North Korea) regarding North Korea's series of missile trial launches are a proper response.

However, at the current "crucial moment" the dialog for finding a solution to this complex and sensitive matter is of vital importance.

[Reuters 中文 on August 6, 2017]

China's Foreign Minister is quoted from a speech he held at the ASEAN summit in Manila where high-ranking politicians from Northeast Asian nations have just assembled. Among those who blame North Korea at this meeting is the president of the Philippines, Duterte.

On Saturday, August 5, the United Nations Security Council unanimously decided on the country new sanctions that might make their annual 30 billion US dollars of export revenues plunged one third.


China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi: We expect North Korea and the
South to establish contact between each other as soon as possible.

[FX168 财经网, a HongKong based network for finance and economics on August 7, 2017]

韩国朝鲜外长会面 朝鲜批评对话提议缺诚意

On a meeting of South and North Korean foreign ministers:
The North criticizes the proposal of talks as lacking sincerity.

[Sing Tao World Wide Web 星岛环球网, a Canada based Chinese newspaper, on August 7, 2017]

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