Monday, August 28, 2017

North Korea - War of Video Games

Today, August 28, Chinese networks (i.e. SINA and Global Network) report on a new video game launched by North Korea.

朝鲜公司发布3D射击游戏 美国士兵成“猎杀”对象

North Korean company informed about 3D shooting game.
U.S. soldiers become targets for "hunting and killing".

"Chase and Kill the U.S. Guys" “猎杀美国佬” is the title of that video game. The player will be able to interfere "by using a sniper's gun to kill and thus hit back at [local] U.S. troops after a potential invasion by the enemy" “潜入敌后用狙击枪射杀击倒美国士兵”.

[Source: SINA 新浪新闻中心 on August 28, 2017]

On the opposite side, there is another video game related to life in North Korea and which I found in some Chinese network. It seems to be of western origin and intended as propaganda, even though it can be downloaded from different regional Chinese servers as the description page is suggesting. Technical requirements are rather basic (Windows XP upwards, 500 MB).

The company behind that game says it is creating "offensive visual novels".

The plot of that game is being told in English and is dealing with a U.S visitor to Pyongyang who is expecting to meet there with his two North Korean penpals. It turns out that both are female soldiers, one working for North Korea's Intelligence and the other serving in the Military Police. The game is now about his chances to survive that visit. Therefore the game has been named:

Stay ! Stay ! Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

My first (and only) Trip to North Korea.

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