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North Korea Will Stick To Its Nukes

News Update on August 10/11, 2017

Guam mayor warns North Korea after threats of attack

An attack on Guam will be considered an attack on the United States, Guam's governor warned in response to a North Korean threat saying that North Korea would create an "enveloping fire" around the US territory using four Hwasong-12 missiles that should detonate 30-40 km off the island.

The US military on Guam consists of two bases home to 7,000 troops - Andersen Air Force Base in the north and Naval Base Guam in the south.

Some US expert comment is estimating that a North Korean announcement of medium-range missile tests, wrapped into the expression of "enveloping fire", might just be North Korea's way to prevent an immediate US counter-attack and therefore the beginning of a war.

[Al-Jazeera, Qatar, and The Guardian, UK, on August 10, 2017]

Retired US General Jack Keane on the probability of a Guam attack.



China's Central TV - CCTV: Does North Korea really want to
launch a missile attack against the United States at Guam?


Equality in dialogue is the opening key to
the knotted crux of the [Korean] peninsula.


The antagonism between America and North Korea is lasting for many years. The harder they run into each other, how could it be less painstaking to reach a result. Both sides are knowing each other too well.


At the core of the [Korean] peninsula item is the question of security. With both sides mutually proceeding in an equal dialogue, they should be able to figure out as soon as possible what can be mutually and rationally solved in a basic plan as far as security is concerned.

[Source: SINA 新浪新闻中心, China based news center on August 10, 2017]


China TV - CCTV 13 on August 10, 2017


Why is North Korea aiming at Guam for hitting targets ?
How do Guam people cope with North Korean threats ?
[Global Network 环球网 on August 10, 2017]

Update added on August 9, 2017.


North Korea vows to give up by no means its nuclear weapons.

对于联合国通过的史上最严厉经济制裁,朝鲜表示,这是美国孤立和扼杀朝鲜 的阴谋,而朝鲜不会被迫就核武器进行谈判。

Facing the most severe economic sanctions from the United Nations in their history, North Korea expresses that this is a US plot to isolate and strangle North Korea. North Korea, however, is unlikely to enter into talks on nuclear weapons by force.

[FT 中文网 on August 8, 2017]

朝鲜称朝核责任在美 不会对美以外国家用核武器

North Korea says the US are to be blamed for North Korean nukes as
there is no country other than the US known to use nuclear weapons.


A statement from North Korea's delegation says that for the appearance of a nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula and its development up to the current situation America is all over to be blamed.

朝鲜代表团7日在菲律宾首都马尼拉向媒体散发了署名为朝鲜外务相李勇浩的声明。声明称,朝核问题完全是美国的责任, 朝鲜拥有核力量是为了应对美国威胁,但不会对除美国以外的任何国家使用核武器或以核武器相威胁。

On [August] 7, the North Korean delegation to the Philippine capital of Manila issued a statement to the media and which was signed by North Korea's foreign minister [Ri Yong-ho]. The statement says the North Korean nuclear issue is completely America's responsibility, and North Korea's possession of nuclear power is in order to answer America's threatening. Yet no other country except the USA is known to apply nuclear weapons or is threatening [others] with nuclear arms.

[SINA 新浪新闻中心 on August 8, 2017]


North Korea condemns South Korea for carrying out
naval drills with live ammunition in the Western Sea.

The Chinese article mentions as well that US "nuclear blow drills 核打击演习" could take place at any time and names three US units that would be involved in the proceedings.

[XinHua 新华网 on August 8, 2017]

Talks were held between Kim Yong Nam, president of the DPRK Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly on a visit to Iran, and Hassan Rouhani, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on Sunday.

Hassan Rouhani said the Iran-DPRK relations have developed on a very high stage, expressing the belief that the friendly relations between the two countries which have jointly struggled against the U.S. will boost in broad fields in the future, too.

Earlier, Kim Yong Nam respectively met Speaker of Majlis (i.e. Parliamentary President) Ali Larijani and First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri of Iran.

[Rodong Sinmun, North Korea, on August 9, 2017]


Reminder of World War II

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