Saturday, September 10, 2011

EGYPT - Anti-Israeli Protest

This time, the Israeli ambassador to Egypt has been chasen away by the Egyptian people. He fled to his country while masses stormed his embassy in Kairo, tearing down a security wall and, finally, the Israeli flag. Even though, never being in favour of any breach of international law, there is much understanding on my side. After 30 years of diplomatic relations between both countries, a frosty peace has been broken after the killing of Egyptian soldiers by Israeli guards at their common border. Yet, it is not the fact of the (probably accidental) killings alone that made people take to the streets. In fact, the border incident can be taken as a symbol of how Israel is dealing with anybody not in favour of their politics or just standing in the way when Israel is just punishing somebody else. Extensive shellings of all regions inhabited by Palestinians can be taken as a proof.

By the way, it's only some days ago that Turkish prime minister Erdogan demanded the Israeli ambassador to leave the country, following disagreement in the "boating affair" that had been incited by citizens from different countries to express their support for suffering Palestinians in Gaza. This might be just a diplomatic problem both sides are eager to solve behind the stage. Nevertheless, it shows how "political hurricans" in the Middle East are only beginning to turn against Israel.

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