Thursday, September 08, 2011

UPDATE - Gadafi about Flight into Niger

After yesterday's news on Gadafi convoys crossing the border to Niger, Gadafi himself feels obliged to renounce all speculations on his whereabouts in an audio message, broadcast by a Syrian TV station. Now, there are some who might say: He is lying whenever he opens his mouth. At least, there seem to be people in Chad, Niger or even Mauritania who are possibly waiting for Libya's former ruling class.

Latest News:

Today, Gadafi confidant Mohamed Abdul Quasim Al-Zwai was detained by Libyan rebel fighters. Al-Zwai was the secretary general of the General People's Congress during Gadafi's rule. He is reported for having said Gadafi would flee Libya heading for Niger. From there, he might possibly reach his final destination in Kenya or South Africa.

Who Cares for Gadafi's Whereabouts ?

When checking the visitor statistics for this blog of mine, I really found some recent entries from the region. As my statistics only record those address entries connected with a country identifier and which only make up to one third of all actual entries (with visitors from the U.S. it's even less), the observed visitor entries from Libya, Niger, Chad, Kenia, Mauritania and South Africa are highly significant.

Unfortunately, only the top ten visitor countries are recorded by my provider. Therefore single, double or triple requests from Central African countries like Niger and Chad could only be recorded on a daily basis or as "live visits" at any chosen moment. It should be noted that, due to poor infrastructure, visitors from Central Africa can be regarded as extremely rare even today. Being acquainted to fully documented visitor counts of more than 20.000 a month for another website of mine, I can assure you that I know exactly what I am speaking about.

Above: Daily visitor statistics for this blog on September 7, 2011. Visitors from Libya and Tunisia are accompanied by some very rare guests from Mauritania and even Central Asian Georgia.
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Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Gadafi has chosen the "Hitler way" for himself to leave the political stage. Maybe he is still hiding in Sirt or even Bani Waliid. Let's hope he will not be able to vaporize his ugly figure with the help of a mininuke he might have bought years ago from some sinister merchant on the black market. According to Al-Qaeda's Ayman Sawahiri, former deputy of Bin Laden, such "toys" of Soviet origin had been available in Central Asia for the ridiculous sum of about 1 million U.S. $. September 11, 2011, might be a decent opportunity for Gadafi to try if it still works and would ensure him an adequate place in the history books of future generations. Such are my thoughts when hearing that Libyan rebel fighters should be "closing on Gadafi" near Bani Waliid and Sirt, an information quite different from everything mentioned above on Gadafi's plans of fleeing the country.

U.S. made Mininuke

Wherever Gadafi might actually be, when it comes to his family and personal staff, there will still be life in the desert !

Anti-Gadafi Graffiti : Gadafi woman (wife or daughter) fleeing her country.

Gadafi Family Camping in the Desert (2005).

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