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LIBYA - Chinese Weapons for Gadafi ?

During the last 24 hours, CNN reported about China having delivered weapons to the Gadafi regime, at a time when the revolution was already on its way. The Chinese government in Beijing affirmed that talks between Gadafi's envoys and representatives of the Chinese armament industry had taken place, even though without substantial result. Libyan rebels, on the other hand, declared that Chinese weapons had already been stored in Algeria and were ready for transportation to Libya. Algerian authorities were not expected to hamper that deal because of a silent agreement between Gadafi and the Algerian government. Here is now what different Chinese sources are saying on that subject of foreign arms being delivered to Libya.

Gadafi meeting with the Algerian president at the
40th anniversary of Gadafi's takeover of power.


2011年09月05日 21:50 - CAIXUN.COM
Did Chinese arms dealer [really] sell weapons to Gadafi ?
Libyan rebels are dealing with double standards.

2011年3月30日 15:18 - CHNMILITARY.COM
The West feels extremely uneasy: Are China's mysterious
weapons [really] frightening present Libya ?

The article deals with highly sophisticated weaponry reaching troops loyal to Gadafi. In fact, it's not Chinese arms that are worrying the West but rather Russian technology of the late 1990ies like two handheld missile systems named SA-24 and SA-18 which are referred to as very efficient.

The following text in Chinese is followed by a summary in English:



Another chapter of the Chinese article deals with F-111 fighters of U.S. origin used for many years in their battles against different countries. Libya downed one of them during an air raid, and it seems something like suicide for an F-111 pilot to approach an antiaircraft gun position at low altitude.

Here now comes a remark about the ZPU-4 antiaircraft gun as used by the Libyan army and which is, in fact, a KPV 14.5 gun generally used by the former Soviet Union after World War II. A "cheap Chinese imitation of that gun" (Chinese military source quoted!) has been delivered to East Asian and even Arabic countries.

Everything included in this article could lead the reader to an estimation like this: The West delivered the real big stuff to Libya in exchange to decent behaviour of Libyan rebels ("Democracy Yes - Islamic Terrorism No") while China delivered just the usual "firecrackers" at a low price.

美国担心利比亚武器流失 化学武器可能流入敌手
发布时间: 2011-08-24 11:49:31 - CHINACOURT.ORG
U.S. worried about drain of Libyan weapons - Chemical
weapons possibly leaking into the hands of the enemy

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