Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CUBA 2011 - Fidel's Resignation as Party Leader

Official resignation of Cuba's leader Fidel Castro. His brother Raul
taking over the charge of a secretary-general of Cuba's Communist
Party. The video is showing scenes from the actual 6th party congress,
the first after many years and that introduced new members of the
central committee. Most recent "Reflections of Fidel" on the political
development of Cuba are read by a speaker of Cubavision TV.

In his reflections, dated from April 18, 2011, Fidel remembered those many attempts to eliminate him. He considered that a most dangerous period of time had ended after the North-American Bush administration left place to a new government. At that time, he said, "mercenaries were already sitting on their luggage" ready to overthrow Communist rule in Cuba. As to the formation of a new central committee of the Communist Party, he said that two ideas were prevailing: The increase of feminine participation and the representation of members with an Afro-American background i.e. a background dating back to former times of slavery. Fidel also stressed the "revolutionary potential of Latin America" hinting at his friend and ally, the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. And he pointed out that "rule of capitalism" should not become an option for Cuba which his brother Raul had stated as well on the actual party congress. Fidel Castro, while referring to his retreat from daily politics, remembered that he has still preserved his ability of analyzing and writing. Nevertheless, he is now convinced that a leader's time of office should be restricted.

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