Thursday, October 20, 2011

LIBYA - End of War النهاية الحرب

قتل القذافي

Gadafi Killed

لحق به نجلاه سيف الإسلام و المعتصم
Together with him his son Saif Al-Islam [in] a hiding-place.

صور متتالية تعرض لحظات سقوط القذافي حيا و ميتا و غارقا في دمائه
A picture after being exposed in the moments of defeat :
Gadafi living, [gesticulating] and smeared with his blood.
[Source: Al-Arabiya on October 20, 2011. Text referring to below photo]

Above photo: The corpse of Gadafi after being shot some time after his capture.

As to former leader Muamar Gadafi, reports of his death are already confirmed. There is a video showing him alive when being captured in Sirte where he was hiding in a sewer tunnel. Later he was shot in what the rebels named a crossfire. Gadafi died before reaching a hospital in Misrata. His remainings are kept there in a mosque. Gadafi's eldest son Saif Al-Islam was captured with him and seems to be hurt.

Above photo: U.S. foreign secretary Hillary Clinton getting the news of Gadafi's death.

The Day After: CNN visiting remains of Gadafi's last convoy that ended in a hell of flames.

The Day After: CNN visiting the drain pipe where Gadafi tried to hide after succeeding to escape from the annihilation of his convoy.

النهاية الحرب
The End of the War

المدينة سرت تقعت على الثوار
The Town of Sirte has Fallen to the Rebels

This morning, an ultimate attack of the rebel army and that was lasting not longer than 90 minutes freed Gadafi's hometown of Sirte from its last pro-Gadafi fighters. Bani Walid, another Gadafi stronghold was already freed some days ago.

According to a goal the National Transitional Council NTC of Libya has set, the war should now be declared as being over and preparations for general elections in order to form a regular government could be considered as the next steps for the NTC.

مراسل الجزيرة: اشتباكات عنيفة تدور في مدينة سرت الليبية بعد تجدد هجوم الثوار عليها
Subtitle of the above picture: "According to a correspondent of Al-Jazeera, violent fighting is taking place in the Libyan town of Sirte after a renewed attack of the rebels there."
The picture was included in Al-Jazeera's Arabic website. As the fighting lasted only 90 minutes, it seems they could not change the subtitle before the result of that fighting could be verified and which must have taken some time.

Opinion in the aftermath of Gadafi's death:

According to Telesur TV, Caracas, Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez named the killing of Gadafi an "outrage" and said the former Libyan leader "would be remembered as a fighter and martyr". Furthermore, Telesur cited Gadafi's spokesman Moussa Ibrahim that "Saif Al-Islam Gadafi had escaped" and should be considered free to take over political business from his father. [Telesur TV subtitles on October 21, 2011]

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