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Iranian Leadership behind Assassination Plot ?

UPDATE merged into original text on October 13/14:

The assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassador to Washington has triggered off strong U.S. protest towards Tehran as the Iranian leadership is being seen behind that unusual crime. One of the culprits has already been captured while another is still at large.

Here are the news headlines from AL-ARABIYA, Dubai, October 12 :

الرئيس الإيرانى أعد فريقا للاغتيالات بالتعاون مع فيلق القدس
The Iranian president prepared an assassination squad with the help of an "army corps of the saints" (*).

(*) = Probably meant are the "religious guardians" of Ayatollah Khamenei. Such interpretation would fit a political analysis transmitted by CNN and that is seeing the Ayatollah in charge of the assassination attempt together with the Iranian president.

أحمدى نجاد .. العقل المدبر لمحاولة اغتيال السفير السعودى في واشنطن
Ahmadi Nejad .. the brain of those who staged the assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

أكدت معلومات خاصة بقناة "العربية" أن الرئيس الإيرانى محمود أحمدى نجاد كان قد أعد فريقا للاغتيالات بالتعاون مع وحدة خاصة في فيلق القدس التابعة للحرس الثورى مهمتها تنفيذ اغتيالات
Special sources of Al-Arabiya Channel confirmed that Iranian president Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad has already prepared an assassination squad with the help of a special unit from the "army corps of the saints" which belongs to the revolutionary guard, their task being the realisation of assassinations.


Official opinion from Al-Wasat الوسط [The Center], Manama / Bahrain, published the following day [October 13].

البحرين تدين استهداف اغتيال السفير السعودي في واشنطن
Headline: Bahrain's condemnation of the assassination of Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Washington.

أدانت مملكة البحرين واستنكرت بشدة المؤامرة التي استهدفت اغتيال سفير خادم الحرمين الشريفين في واشنطن، موضحة أنها تتعارض مع القيم والأخلاق الإسلامية
The kingdom of Bahrain condemns and critisizes the violence of the conspiration that intended the assassination of ambassador Khadam Al-Harmin Al-Sharifin in Washington, clarifying this to be in contradiction with the values and moral of Islam ...


Al-Jazeera background information on October 14:

صحف إيران تندد بالاتهام الأميركى
Headline: The Iranian press make a stand against America's accusation.

أجمعت الصحف الإيرانية الصادرة أمس الخميس على رفض الاتهام الأميركى الموجه إلى البلاد بمحاولة اغتيال السفير السعودى في واشنطن ,معتبرة أنه اتهام يفتقر إلى الأدلة و يسعى لإثارة البلبلة بين الرياض و طهران
Yesterday, Thursday [October 13], the Iranian press stood united in [publishing] a rejection of the American accusation, directed against [their] country, of an assassination attempt against the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington, taking into consideration that the accusation needs to be proved and is intended to incite confusion between Riadh and Tehran.

المتهم بتولى تنفيذ خطة اغتيال السفير السعودى
Above: Person accused of being responsible for the execution of the assassination plot [directed against] the ambassador of Saudi Arabia.

Latest News from Al-Qaeda

الظواهرى يهدد و يدعوا - "ثورة" بالجزائر
Al-Zawahiri threatening and conjuring up - an Algerian "revolution"

The above photo is showing Al-Zawahiri while recording his last emission in June 2011.

حث زعيم تنظيم القاعدة أيمن الظواهرى في شريط مصور جديد اتباعه على استهداف الولايات المتحدة, و دعا إلى "ثورة" في الجزائر
The leader of Al-Qaeda organization, Aiman Al-Zawahiri, is insisting on his devotion regarding [his attitude towards] the United States on a new video tape, and he calls for a "revolution" in Algeria.

Source: AL-JAZEERA, Qatar.

Libya - Gadafi Son under Siege in Sirte

Exclusive news of the day by People's Daily, Beijing, online edition:

"Libya's [de facto] ruling authorities are saying that Gadafi's fifth son is under siege in Sirte."

"According to British media reports that cited yesterday's [NTC] military statement, Motassim Gadafi is already encircled in Gadafi's hometown of Sirte ..."


Today's daily report from Al-Jazeera cited a military bulletin of the revolutionary army saying that 90% of Sirte are already under their control. Nevertheless, intense fighting is going on as Gadafi loyalists are still well equipped with weapons and ammunition and are seemingly decided to fight till the very end.

To demonstrate normalization of life in the capital of Libya, Tripolis airport has been reopened today by the transitional authorities.

Above: "Libya lowers the curtain over 42 years of Gadafi rule." Source:, Arabic service.

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