Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tunisian Elections - First Official Results

نتائج اولية في 5 دوائر: النهضة 15 مقعدا من 39 و المؤتمر من اجل الجمهورية 6 و العريضة الشعبية 5
First results from 15 departments : Al-Nahda [Movement of Renewal] holds 15 seats of 39
[i.e. 38.5% of all seats in parliament]. The Conference for the Republic 6 [seats] and the [Platform] of the People 5 [seats].
[Source: Al-Jazeera, October 25, 20:00 GMT]

Both minor parties might be known under a more popular name like Annahda or Al-Nahda which is in fact a popular abbreviation for the Movement of Renewal. Furthermore, there are about 60 parties registered for this election. Some of them might be prevailing in Tunis, others in rural areas. In addition, the Modern Axis of Democracy seems to be a union of at least four independent parties or movements. Final results might be necessary to present a clearer view of tendencies within such second-ranking parties and possible coalitions for a new Tunisian government.

Above: Parties and movements composing the Modern Axis of Democracy.

For further information on the General Elections in Tunisia, please, refer to a previous blogspot of mine and which was updated until yesterday.


لماذا انتخب التونسيون النهضة ؟
Why did the Tunisians vote for Al-Nahda ?

عوامل مساعدة
Helpful Factors

الشرعية النضالية من العوامل التي ساعدت على فوز النهضة التي استفادت أيضا من فشل النماذج القومية و اليسارية التي أتت بعد الاستقلال و أنتجت أنظمة مستبدة
The [constitutional] legitimacy of Al-Nahda is one of the factors that helped to the victory of Al-Nahda [and] which took profit as well from the defeat of national models and the leftists who came after the independence and [founded] autocratic organizations.

[Source: Al-Jazeera, Arabic website, October 26, 2011]

A Remarkable Week

Past days were characterized by remarkable events, beginning with the death of Muammar Gadafi and the final defeat of his regime. One might be annoyed by the circumstances of Gadafi's death, and a closer look at the proceedings of his capture should be taken. For the time being it might be sufficient to say that he had found the fate he deserved. Imagine Gadafi as the principal actor starring in an international courtroom where he could give his final performance as the well-meaning but misunderstood statesman.

Furthermore, first democratic elections in Tunisia after the beginning of the Arab Spring marked another event that should be kept in memory, even more as the Tunisians achieved a 90% participation which is breaking all records in free and democratic elections anywhere in the world.

In addition, the stunning victory of Christina Kirchner in her reelection as President of Argentine should be mentioned as she harvested more than 50% of all votes which makes up for another record figure in the democratic reelection of a political leader in a country, not so long ago shaken by economic problems.

I can't help comparing the results in Tunisia and Argentine to recent elections in Germany where local participation is steadily declining, sometimes even reaching the 50% margin, because people are fed up with the hypocrisy of leading politicians whatever party they might present.

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